Destiny the Game: What’s in Store for Gaming Fans

Exciting FPS from Bungie After they packed it in with one of the most critically acclaimed FPS games called the Halo series, Bungie is bringing another exciting FPS game that will give a different gaming experience to a lot of gamers. Together with their partner distributor and publisher Activision, Bungie’s

Modern Combat 5 Hack and Cheats

In this age of virtual reality, everything is electronically operated and simulated – work, communication, dating, and yes, including gaming. Computer gaming has become an arena for socializing, teamwork, and a showcase for strategizing skills, we’ll be talking Modern Combat 5 Hack later, after a quick review of the game.

School of Dragons Hack & Cheats

A new trend: School of Dragons School of Dragons Hack was not a thing people would be looking for a few months ago. Recently School of Dragons has become a very popular game after being regularly updated by the developers, so today we are bringing you a fully functional hack. The How

Clash of Lords 2 Hack – Unlimited jewels, gold with these cheats

Clash of Lords 2: A Surprisingly Fun Rip-Off Game In the mobile gaming biz, imitations are the trend. If a developer stumbled upon an effective formula to reel in more players, expect that a dozen or more developers will also use the same method. Think Flappy Bird, Temple Run, or

Ace Fishing Hack – New Ace Fishing Cheats

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch became popular so fast because of it’s unique gameplay. There have been attempts of creating something similar in the past, but they have all failed. Ace Fishing comes with a lot of impressive features that no game has brought before. If you are passionate about fishing you’ll love


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