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Popular new game: Castle Clash

The Castle Clash mobile game app is one of I Got Games’ more popular games available on both the Android and iOS platforms. It is a fun and exciting game that is great for those who are on the lookout for a great game to play in their spare time.

Players get to pick a hero and use a plethora of different mythical beasts to defend their base in this grand game of base building and management. Below you can read a short review and a few highlights of some of the Castle Clash game features.

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Castle Clash Hack

Castle Clash: A Review

Graphics and design

The game has not bad graphics that is sure to impress those new to the mobile game genre, but probably won’t raise any eyebrows among the more seasoned players of base-building strategy games. In fact, long-time players will find difficulty in finding anything in the game, graphics-wise, that would make it stand out from other games just like it.

As expected from a game of this genre, the overall character design has this cartoonish design. This is meant to appeal to kids and inner children of adults. The overall tone for character design is cute but tough. Characters possess this childlike proportions and look that are sure to make it appealing for those who like their games to look funny and adorable.

Overall, the Castle Clash graphics design gets IGG a thumbs up for the effort and refinement that they have put into making their mobile game app as good as it does.


Not much can be said about the game’s sound. The game has that catchy and delightful soundtrack that’s very similar to a lot of other mobile games out there on the market. It has a pleasant tune that, while repetitive, can still satisfy a person’s earbuds despite playing the game for hours on end.


Those who have played base-building strategy games in the past will know how this game works. They would quickly pick up its controls too. For those who haven’t, the game’s system and controls are easy enough to understand and get the hang of. The tutorial system does well in teaching neophytes the ropes and how to play the game. The user interface is simple in design and should not be difficult to understand even for casual gamers.

Castle Clash also offers unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the pack. Hero progression, hero arena, quick building progression, and base defense challenges make this game fun to play. It may not seem like much, especially to those who have been playing this kind of game for a long time. The unique features all add up to give the Castle Clash gaming experience a sense of familiarity and novelty. It can be comfortable for those who have played similar games, while fresh enough to keep things interesting.

People who like fast-paced games should stay away from Castle Clash. The game relies on a turn-based system to manage the base and for engagements. This sort of gameplay will seem like a chore or a bore for those who prefer a more active form of gameplay.

The game is most likely going to appeal to those who love to make calculated decisions. Complexity is what makes this game so addictive. It can be an enormous time sink for those who love this sort of gameplay.

IGG has certainly left a good impression. The excellent gameplay reflects the amount of polish and work they spent into refining this game.

Paying for progress

Castle Clash is, like most mobile games today, free to download and play. Mobile users can simply download the game off of Google Play or the iTunes. There are no strings attached to playing the game.

The game relies on an in-game marketplace to generate IGG revenue. This is to be expected since most games nowadays depend on this sort of scheme to generate income. The Castle Clash microtransaction system may be a turn-off for some players. That said, the great thing about the game is that it gives just enough resources to players to be able to stand toe to toe against people who churn out money for the game.

Castle Clash Hack

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Castle Clash Hack

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The overall verdict

Castle Clash may seem like just another run of the mill base-building strategy game. Players get to build and manage their base. With enough time and effort, they can establish just how better they are at playing the system than everyone else. However, the features that are unique to the game itself lends so much to its quality that it is capable of making it stand out from the rest of the copycats.

While hardly novel, it can be quite difficult to criticize Castle Clash from more or less following a formula or recipe laid down by its predecessors. The reason why it stands out is in the execution. While there might be other games out there like it that have come before, and no doubt more just like it is going to come out on the market, later on, few can have enough features and game refinement to be a well-executed and developed game.

Those who are on the lookout for other games in the base building strategy genre would do well to give Castle Clash a try. It may seem vanilla at first, but the Castle Clash game system will certainly leave a good impression.


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