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If you like to rule and destroy your enemies then you will definitely love Dawn of Titans! Besides the beautiful graphics and the real-time mechanics, this game has other things to offer too. Most of the gameplay can be played with friends and this is a great thing nowadays. Having a smooth gameplay while doing a co-op mission is incredibly hard to achieve. It seems that NaturalMotionGames did a great job this time.

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Hacking Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans: The new game on the block

When you’re itching to play a new game where you test your skills and wits, you don’t have to look further. Dawn of Titans will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

It is very easy to play, just tap your finger, and you can already create so many soldiers for your army. These soldiers can wield their weapons, catapult bombs, and shoot hundreds of arrows. You play the commander in this game, and these soldiers will do anything you say. This is the perfect strategy game for newbies, especially those still struggling with the controls. As with most games on the market, it can be played on your mobile phone. The Dawn of Titans cheats can also be used straight from your phone.

The game in brief

The game was developed by Zynga and NaturalMotion for a hefty amount. The developers thought of a game that could be played while you are lining up for coffee – the so-called Starbucks line test – and found Dawn of Titans mobile game a fun and interesting game to beat boredom.

As the title suggests, the game is set in a remote fantastical universe with Titans as the main characters. This game uses a loose interpretation of Titans – mythical giants but who appear as physically strong men in the game. As expected, the game also contains a bit of lore, though the game focuses on the battle and claiming victories.

Why you shouldn’t miss it

Because most young players now have short attention spans, they will be drawn to Dawn of Titans as the games are also short. The mechanics are fairly easy and intuitive. When you tap the controls, you control the armies as well. There are no complicated hacks that make video games confusing.

The narrative of the game is also pretty easy to follow and understand. There is a go signal for the battle to begin. Once it commences, the Titans will attack, leaving you to become more focused on devising your own attacks. You can target the deadly foes and even be creative with your weapons. You utilize every bit of your strategic skills as you conjure your spells to kill your enemies. The game requires you to be a multitasker — you have to use your hands and eyes simultaneously as you rethink plans and attacks. The game may be played with multiple players, or you may go solo. Playing with others has its advantages, though, as it allows you to form alliances, which you will need as the game progresses. The Dawn of Titans hack is no good when it comes to strategy, as it can’t help you with that.

Dawn of Titans gameplay

The battleground is impressive and visually satisfying, as with the other aspects of the setting. The Titans really look powerful and strong, and the actions are spectacular even if you zoom into the details. For example, get ready for that booming explosion that you’ll hear when you crush your enemies with a spell. It might be a little unnerving but not to the extent that it becomes a nuisance.

The game developers have done a good job with this one. Aside from the impressive and arresting visuals, they also figured a way on how to insert hundreds of characters running from one direction to another. It takes skill and strategy to do that.

What is NOT cool about Dawn of Titans

The lone thing that is annoying about this game is the long process of building kingdoms and setting up your barracks and your headquarters. This process slows down your pace, especially if you are looking for more action. Sadly, the action that players feel during battles is countered by the tedious element of gradual establishment of your kingdoms, and gathering of your weapons. You also have to purchase tools and game upgrades from time to time to ensure that you stay updated in the game and to ensure your quick progress, too.

Getting your Titans can be surprising as well. You just never know which kind of Titan is given to you in spite of you paying for it. You really have to be patient and strategic, not just in the actual game, but in using in-app purchases. Unless you decide to use the Dawn of Titans hack and get unlimited gems to spend however you like.

Some tips about playing Dawn of Titans

Don’t be upset about these in-app purchases. After all, it’s not the only game with these. You can, however, take advantage of the game and win more coins. Here are a few tips.

First, you have to know who or what you are dealing with. Titans are ferocious creatures. They are smart, too. Use these qualities to vanquish your enemies with just a single stroke. But even if you’re powerful, you cannot live without a castle. This stronghold is important throughout the game because it protects you from your enemies. It is in your castle and city where you cast and produce your spells, or gather your weapons and train your soldiers.

Dawn of Titans hack

Meanwhile, you also have to know your battlefield. Only then will you be able to counter the attacks from the enemy camp. You have archers whom you can position on the higher ground, or defend your kingdom with your equally skillful and competent spearmen. Or if you thought about hacking Dawn of Titans, you don’t have to worry about such things in the early game.

Starting strategies

It is then smart to choose the land where you can establish your kingdom. The game will make you think so many times before you make your moves. You should also know what to get exactly during your raid and pillage. Get your enemy’s victory points, land, food, and gold, and add these to your own kingdom.

Alliances are not new in multiplayer games. If you have player friends or befriend other players, you can forge alliances with them, and together, fight your common enemies. You are at freedom to exercise even political philosophies in this game, i.e. divide and conquer.

Lastly, use your controls well. Basic controls are good for tapping your soldiers or the enemy. Meanwhile, advanced controls are used to plan your surprise attacks.

Dawn of Titans hack

The generator is completely safe to use, your account is at no risk by using this. It can generate unlimited amounts of gold and gems as long as the server is online. The developers promised to keep this tool up to date as the game evolves. This is in no way associated with the Dawn of Titans hack apk, all of the gems generated by this tool are permanent. Interface wise, it is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

You have the instructions listed below, but as I said before, this is very straight forward and easy to use. You’ll find that the Dawn of Titans hack tool was developed to be not only effective but also accessible. For any concerns or questions about the generator, you can send an email to the developers as they usually answer pretty fast.

Dawn of Titans cheats


Dawn of Titans is fun, though it may not be the best game if you would compare it to other multiplayer and strategy games. There is room for improvement, though. Fortunately for NaturalMotion, this room is not too big for other players to notice and hate.


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