Dragon City Hack & Cheats – Easy way to get gems, gold, and food

Build your own floating city and be a Dragon Master. Dragon City is a fun and exciting game that allows you to breed your own dragons. This social simulation game allows you to create a magical, floating city full of dragons.

In this game, you will feed, train and grow your dragons to prepare them for combat. You can compete with online players and show them how powerful your dragons are. Crossbreed your dragons and create a more powerful dragon that you can train and grow. Battle out hundreds of online players and unleash the power of your dragon.

Currently, there are 160 goals to complete, but these can increase as the game is updated weekly. In order for you to advance to the next level, you have to earn experience points (XP) by building farms and structures, collecting gold, feeding and fighting other dragons.

You can speed up this completion process. How? Just access the Dragon City hack and get the resources you need. You can get unlimited gems, gold, and food. Remember that you can access this tool online from your smart phone or from your PC. You are good to go either way.


Dragon City Hack

Brief explanation of the game

How to get more dragons

Aside from breeding your own dragon in your magical floating city, you can also get more dragons by joining event battles and tournament matches. You have to win a number of battles and you will get a free dragon for every match that you complete.

You can also join league battles that progress with each level. There are usually 8 battles in a league but you are only allowed 3 at a time. When you win the battle, you can get food, gems, and gold. You can use these resources to level up your dragons and win more battles to get more dragons for free.

When you have collected enough dragons, you can crossbreed them and you will get another type of dragon. There are 581 dragons in all, and you can combine up to 10 dragons and come up with an exciting new breed of dragon.

You can level up your dragon by feeding it with the right amount of food. As your dragon levels up, it will generate more gold as its revenue.

Dragon City Facebook game allows you to battle with your friends. You can also visit your friend’s Dragon City and help them out. When you invite your Facebook friends, you also send them gifts. Since it is connected to Facebook, you can feed, train and join battles anytime, anywhere. This fun Dragon City social game is a hit not only with kids but with adults too.

Types of dragons

There are 10 types of dragons in this game, namely: Dark, Electric, Flame, Ice, Legend, Metal, Nature, Pure, Sea, and Terra. When you combine these dragons, you can hatch a hybrid dragon. The elements identify the attacks of the dragon. The Viking is a common Ice-Sea hybrid which means it has Sea and Ice attacks with Ice as its primary element. The Aztec Emperor is a Light-Electric-Nature hybrid so it has a Pure Light attack and the Lava Balls of the Flame element.

Currently, five attacks are available in each element and each element has a different base power. But there are some exceptions. Ancient element only has 4 attacks and same base power while Pure only has 3 attacks and all of them have similar base power.

When your current element attacks are not strong enough, you can also engage in physical attacks. Each dragon has a total of 8 attacks, four of which are by default and the other 4 are trainable. There are some dragons that can slay a legendary dragon when they reach level 40.

In Dragon City, the dragons are divided into rarities such as Heroic, Legendary, Epic, Very Rare, Rare and Common. You will see your dragon’s rarity level in its rarity medal. Also, the strength and health of your dragon are determined by the category where it belongs. There are 10 categories as of this time but it may increase in the future.

The Dragon Islands

You can unlock 6 major islands in this Facebook social game. Once you unlock the needed amount of islands, you can unlock 3 more. You can buy these islands using your gold or your gems. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you can buy these islands for a cheaper price. You can unlock the other islands by engaging in missions. You will gain power when the countdown starts.

The dragon in each island gives you different bonuses. In island 1, the dragon gives you a 4-hour gold bonus. You will get a gem every 24 hours in Island 2. The dragon in island 3 offers a skip in food production for 8 hours. You will gain 20% battle boost in Island 4. The dragon in island 5 allows you to skip breeding while in island 6 you can skip 8 hours of training attacks. And lastly, island 7 dragon lets you collect resources in an instant.

There is also another island in Dragon City where you can breed exclusive or special dragons. What’s even more interesting is the portal that allows you to go to a different realm so you can breed and evolve dragons. You can also find new, rare and powerful dragons and let them live in new habitats without affecting your main game. You can also buy dragons, habitats, buildings and decorations from the market. Any object is movable once you have placed them on your island.

Dragon City Facebook game allows you to take control of your game as you can clear rocks, trees, and plants and choose how your floating city of dragons would look like. You can buy these items using gold or gems. Once you clear these items, you can no longer retrieve them back.

Dragon City events

Dragon City usually offers events where you can participate and win items that are not usually given in league battles, customized battles, collecting gold or feeding dragons. When you have accomplished all the tasks needed for the event, you will usually get a special or rare dragon. These events are usually held once to three times each month.

You can also get a free dragon by completing tournament matches. You have to succeed a specified amount of battles before you can claim your free dragon. The hardest are the league battles as they progress through each level. You can only do 3 battles at a time, but there are 8 battles available. Once you have succeeded with the required battles, you will get gems, gold, and food. There are also small events that last for a day. In these events, you can collect enough food to feed your dragon and earn more gems and gold.

Did you know?

The names of the dragons in Dragon City are based on famous celebrities, You Tubers, mythology and life events.

Dragon Idol Island Dragons (Music Celebrities)

  • Umbrella Dragon – based on Rihanna
  • Believer Dragon – based on Justin Bieber
  • Wrecking Dragon – based on Miley Cyrus
  • Lady Dragon – based on Lady Gaga

Throne Island Dragons (Game of Thrones Characters)

  • Bastark Dragon – based on Jon Snow
  • Mother Dragon – based on Daenerys Targaryen
  • Golden Hand Dragon – based on Jaime Lannister
  • Cruel Dragon – based on Joffrey Baratheon

Olympus Island Dragons (Mythology)

  • Hades Dragon
  • Poseidon Dragon
  • Atlas Dragon

Dungeon Island Dragons (Mythology)

  • Cerberus Dragon
  • Hydra Dragon

Dragons based from life events:

  • Columbus Dragon
  • Independence Day Dragon
  • Patriot Dragon
  • Mother’s Day Dragon
  • Motherly Dragon
  • Father’s Day Dragon

Dragons from You Tubers:

  • Vanoss Gaming – Evan Fong
  • H2ODelirious

Start creating your own floating island and breed your dragons. This exciting social game can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Play Store.

With 580+ dragons to choose from, you will surely have a lot of fun hatching eggs!

Dragon City Hack

This Dragon City Hack will help you get past the struggle and the time wasted in order to acquire gems, food or gold cause even though there are a lot of ways to acquire them. In the end, they get you to spend money if you want to get further. This application is the best hack application available for Dragon City and the best thing is that it is totally safe. It won’t get you banned and is updated on a daily basis so it keeps up with the constant game patching.

Start playing smarter than all the 10,000,000+ players that play Dragon City right now, stay on the top without even spending a penny, get unlimited food, gold or gems with just a few clicks, and stop wasting time trying to get ahead and and start spending time actually enjoying the game without getting mad and such things because of all the big money spenders that stay ahead of you.

Dragon City Hack


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  • Choose the amount of resources you need
  • Click the “Activate” button then wait for the hack to do its job.

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