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Assemble the most powerful party and lay down all your enemies

Being an RPG with unique art style and gameplay, DragonSoul has quickly got a rather big fanbase, and so we started receiving requests for a DragonSoul hack, so today I’m going to provide you guys with exactly what you asked for.

The generator with a very user-friendly interface and easy to use controls. It works on iOS, Android but also on Windows if you’re emulating the game on your PC. Using this tool you can generate unlimited amounts of DragonSoul diamonds and gold. I know many people have been looking for this and that is why I decided to share it, the team behind the program promised that it would be kept up to date as the game progresses.

If you want to learn more about the game and the cheats, then keep on reading, otherwise, below is everything you need to hack DragonSoul.


DragonSoul Hack


DragonSoul, best action RPG? Let’s see!

Fun Fantasy RPG App For Mobile

When it comes to mobile gaming, some of the most popular titles that you can see are the ones with dull and repetitive gameplay. Usually, people steer away from the fantasy and adventure genre because they think that it is too complicated or the mechanics are too challenging.

Also, touchscreen devices do not have a lot of room for controls, so moving your characters in dungeons can be a bit hard.

Enter the DragonSoul RPG – created by the PerBlue team; this tabletop role-playing mobile game is suited for beginners who want to explore other genres.

DragonSoul Hacked

Even though it is a fantasy RPG title, the mechanics are simple. However, it offers various challenges that will test your mettle. In this game, you will explore dungeons, fight a horde of medieval monsters, and just have fun with your friends.

This short review will walk you through the in and outs of this strategy game and will give you some tips on surviving your very first quest.

Interesting Premise

No fantasy game will ever be complete without a compelling story, and this mobile franchise has one.

The setting of the game is in the medieval ages – the fantasy version, where magic, sword fights, and monsters are abundant. In this age, brave and selfless heroes roamed the land. They travel to the farthest corners of the country to help the people in need.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with what they’re doing, particularly Umlaut, a dragon. Due to his jealousy, he captured every hero that he saw and trapped them inside Soulstones.

DragonSoul gameplay 2

Evil ran wildly throughout the lands, but thankfully, there were a handful of heroes who escaped the dragon’s evil wrath. With YOUR help, you will lead this ragtag team of survivors on an epic quest to defeat the evil dragon and his minions.

As you traverse one level to the next, you will have the chance to free the heroes trapped inside the Soulstones and turn your micro-army into a powerful monster-slaying armada! Here’s where the DragonSoul hack comes in, as to avoid grinding for these soulstones, you’ll either have to pay or hack the game.

As expected, the story is a mishmash of several popular fantasy tropes that you’ve probably seen in dozens of movies or literary pieces. However, the characters are compelling and relatable. Even without a goofy voiceover, you may find yourself smiling at some of the humorous dialogues written by the game developers.

Lush 3D Visuals

Graphics-wise, DragonSoul has decent visuals that are pleasant to look at. The background art is just stunning for a mobile game. The color palettes in each level are well designed to match the current mood and setting.

The character designs are goofy to match the overall fun vibe of the game. The monsters look creepy, while the heroes have individual characteristics that make them more lovable.

However, fluid motion is something to be desired, particularly with the fight sequences. The magic spells could have looked way cooler if they added more detail to it.

The text for the dialogue is easy to read because the designers choose the correct font, size, and color.

Clean UI

Another thing that you will love about the game is the straightforward and easy-to-use interface. As a mobile game, don’t expect that it has complicated controls for choosing the spells or checking the inventory. Since it is made for beginners, the user interface is easy to follow.

At the bottom middle part of the screen, you can see the available heroes that you have at hand. Underneath their avatar pictures are their hit and magic points (HP and MP). Both points do not show any numerical value, so it can be challenging to assess the exact amount of MP and HP that you have. The UI has been kept just as clean for the DragonSoul hack.

DragonSoul Gameplay

On the upper side of the screen are small icons. On the left, you can see the messenger icon for viewing chat history. Next, to it shows the amount of gold that you earned and if you got any treasure chests after killing the enemy. There is also a timer on the top right side of the screen so you can see the remaining minutes you have in each fight.

The icons are small so that they won’t block the entire screen. Dialogues and announcements also pop up every once in a while. But similar to the icons, they are not that obtrusive.


Just like a casual game for smartphones and tablets, this fantasy franchise is surprisingly easy to play. It follows a turn-based approach, which means that you and the enemy will take turns in attacking.

If it is your turn to move, all you need to do is tap the avatar pictures of your selected character. Afterward, it will dish out any spell or physical attack that it has. The number of your available moves depends on how many heroes you have.

Once you have defeated the enemies at that level, you can earn gold coins and a treasure chest. The chest usually contains special equipment for boosting your hero’s skills, or you can also unlock one of the heroes trapped inside a Soulstone. Since the game has a goofy tone, the equipment you’ll get will usually have quirky names such as Laser Kittens or Lucky Orc’s Foot.

On the lower levels, the AI is easy to beat, but as you venture into the higher levels, things become more challenging. However, don’t worry because you can boost your hero’s abilities.

Each hero can gain up to four skills. Also, they can also be promoted to a higher job class once they achieve the right levels.

DragonSoul hack and cheats

There are only a few things left unsaid about the DragonSoul hack tool. The first one is that you can run it on any device that uses either iOS, Android or Windows. Also, hacking DragonSoul is not a problem when you have such a tool at your disposal, so don’t worry about that, all you have to do is give it some simple commands, the generator will do the rest.

Another thing, there is no download required for it, everything is inside of an online generator that runs the algorithm. With that being said, I’ll let you enjoy all those free diamonds and gold.

DragonSoul Cheats


PVP Available!

The PVP system allows you to meet with other players online and enter fight pits. You can also form your guild with other friends and join guild wars. The mechanics for the PVP matches are quite similar with the standard quests you do offline. Aside from sweet prizes, you can also gain higher rankings and bragging rights when you participate in online matches.


Overall, DragonSoul is a fun game made for beginners. It is not too complex, but it comes with a lot of challenges to make it exciting. The art is just stunning, although there is still a lot of room for improvement in the action sequences. Also, the funny dialogue, quirky character designs, and unique mechanics provide a satisfying experience. And don’t forget that these DragonSoul cheats may not be available forever.


  • Access the generator using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the username or email of the account you want to hack;
  • Select the operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Choose the amount of diamonds and gold that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free diamonds and gold!

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