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Getting an Eternity Warriors 4 Hack was no easy job, there are almost no working generators at the moment, that’s why Team RAZ0R1 created one and gave us full and exclusive access to it. Now, after being available to only a limited amount of people, we decided to make it public as a lot of our users requested it.

Even though the game is relatively new, it has potential and a lot to offer, that is why some people will choose to use the Eternity Warriors 4 generator instead of spending tremendous amounts of money on a simple game. I invite you to read our short review of it. If you’re already playing it then just make use of the download buttons to use the tool. It works on both iOS and Android platforms and can be used straight from your mobile device.


Eternity Warriors 4 Hack

Eternity Warriors 4, an RPG right in your fingertips

Short introduction

If you have conquered the depths of hell, destroyed the Black Soulstone and played countless hours slaying witches and demons on your desktop, then Eternity Warriors 4 is for you. EW4 by Glu Mobile is the latest iteration of its hack-and-slash role-playing game for iOS and Android. Gamers who have enjoyed the first Diablo, its 2 sequels, and expansion packs will find this game familiar, except that this game does not require a PC to work.

EW4 is the latest installment of the free-to-play franchise, with the previous version of the game making the Top 15 list of the best Android MMORPGs and the 11 best hack-and-slash games for Android. The outstanding graphics that this game has can make it toe-to-toe with the latest gaming consoles in the market due to its beautiful environment, flashy effects, and realistic animations.

Gamers have the option to choose a warrior, a mage, or an assassin. However, if you are looking to fully customize your character just because you don’t want that magician to look a lot like Gandalf, you are out of luck. Character customizations are not available for this game.

Eternity Warriors 4 Cheats

The Gameplay


In Eternity Warriors 4, all character classes are already accessible at the start of the game. The warrior, assassin, and the magician can be chosen by the player outright. This is the major difference from the previous game of the series. Upgrades for the characters, such as the passive and active abilities, are still available. There is also a new Rage mode which gamers can use to obliterate opponents in their path with their character’s deadly techniques.

Each character varies in combat, abilities, and play style, though the warrior and assassin are quite similar. The magician is more of a ranged character that can shoot energy balls or summon spells against its enemies.

Weapons and controls

Gamers can equip their characters with hundreds of weapons, armors, and accessories. These items can be enhanced to improve their character’s experience points to help them level up. Team-up option is also available with another player’s character to help you fight the hordes of monsters in each level. There are also guilds that players can join to either socialize or gain bonuses. Guilds are also good to get tips and tactics from other players aside from earning rewards.

The setup of the controls for Eternity Warriors 4 is pretty neat. All the combat abilities are stacked up on the right side of your screen. This makes it easy for you to familiarize with the controls. Much like any other Android or iOS RPG game out there, basic attacks are always present. Special abilities require a cooldown timer before being usable again.

Levels and PvP

There are hundreds of stages in Eternity Warriors 4’s solo player mode, with different environments and stage bosses. If gamers are bored with the storyline, it’s dull AI (artificial intelligence), and are looking for a bit of challenge; then the PvP online battles are a way to go. See if your character is strong enough against the millions of players worldwide.

Internet speed is a factor, though, just like any MMORPGs out there. Slow internet connection can reasonably decide the outcome of PvP battles.

Leveling up is quite easy for the first few levels but as the game progresses, earning EXP can be dull and long. There are times when you need to repeat a couple of levels just to gain weapons and EXP. Once you reach this certain threshold of the game, it can be a bit annoying. Gamers can opt for the easy way out by purchasing upgrades for more easy level ups using real money.

Dumb AI

The only drawback in Eternal Warrior 4’s gameplay is how stupid the artificial intelligence is. Most of the enemies are just standing around like zombies, wandering off endlessly unless the player instigates the fight. There are enemies also that come right in front of you but then suddenly turn back and go walking again.

Help from other online players is virtually useless, as they only provide a bit of a nuisance by drawing circles during the game.

Monster bosses, on the other hand, get stuck in some regions of the game and are just as easy as their minions. Players can do the shoot-and-run strategy on them while charging their unique abilities to go for the kill. Gamers who have countless hours of experience playing other RPG games will find level bosses in Eternity Warriors 4 relatively easy to defeat with the shoot-and-run strategy. Those who are looking for some challenge can choose the warrior or assassin and then go toe-to-toe with the level bosses to keep things interesting.

The storyline campaign could have been better if the artificial intelligence had been a bit harder to play. They could have made bosses a little harder to kill, or maybe they could have given level bosses bigger health and faster maneuverability. Boss movements are akin to bosses of old games of the Nintendo Family Computer era: big, slow, and easy to hit despite their high health.

Eternity Warriors 4 Free Gems


In summary, Eternity Warriors 4 by far ranks as one of the best MMORPGs game in the mobile console department. Its state of the art graphics, highly detailed environment, and hundreds of hours of Diablo-esque gameplay regarding graphics and similar dungeon-like stages coupled with skeletons and monsters. Gamers will be quick to notice how somewhat similar some of the stages are. Although what makes this one stand out from the group is that it takes smartphones or handheld iOS and Android gadgets to a whole new level due to its graphics, which are almost on par with gaming consoles.

The game is playable on both tablets and smartphones, which is a great thing. Even without playing or not finishing the solo player campaign mode, the game is still fantastic to play with its PvP battles. It gives players a break from the monotonous monster-grinding to level up their characters.

Glu Mobile certainly made Eternity Warriors 4 with the intent to capture the RPG genre in mobile gaming. By far, there are no games available for iOS and Android that can match the game’s graphics minus its solo campaign gameplay and AI. Of course, that is not to say that EW4 is a perfect game; there is still lots of room for improvement. Perhaps the next updates will give gamers what they wish for: harder enemy AIs and big bad bosses.

Eternity Warriors 4 Hack

Eternity Warriors 4 Hack is safe and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, RAZ0R1 boys did a great job. You’ll be able to get all the gems and coins that you need. You will never have to worry that you have to spend money to keep up with the others. You’ll be able to enjoy the game without paying anything, what can be better than that?

The team will always keep the generator updated, if it ever happens for it to stop working, just be patient. We doubt something like this will happen because it seems that this team is always ahead of the developers. That pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this game and the hack.

Eternity Warriors 4 Hacked Coins


  • Access the generator;
  • Select your mobile operating system;
  • Choose the amount of gems you want to add to your account;
  • Press the generate button and restart your game in 5 or more minutes;
  • Enjoy the resources you got without spending a penny!

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