Fallout 4 Review – Vault 111 awaits you

Introduction to Fallout 4

If there’s something this RPG assures you, then that is mystery and adventure. Set up in an alluring wretched wasteland, as you proceed you don’t know what awaits you in the next bend. In its dark world, Fallout 4 offers gripping stories accompanied by combat. As you go ahead into the post-nuclear apocalypse version of Boston, you have to defend yourself from killer scavengers.

They’re enticing detours in Fallout 4 like Fenway Park, a crumbling institution with heads on pikes outside, dead forests, an isolated area full of radioactive activity and crumbling urban centers. Bethesda made this game with enormous efforts invested in detail of all sceneries. This makes the game highly enjoyable while playing.

You can visit the official Fallout 4 website here, and you can check out Fallout 4 Wiki over here and the Fallout 4 Wikia here, you can find pretty much everything you need to know about Fallout 4 by following these links.

Fallout 4 Intro

Story Line

Beginning in a bright, serene morning at home with your family, there’s a call of distress on a television broadcast. Your family is rushed underground for safety purposes. After 200 years of being frozen in cryogenic stasis, you wake up in the year 2277 in Vault 111. The first thing you realize is that your son isn’t there. He has been kidnapped. You also discover that the world is still reeling from the effects of the nuclear bomb that was dropped centuries ago. Boston, once a great city and your home, now lays in ruin. Across, two-headed deer drinks from an irradiated stream, and this makes you realize the effects of the nuclear bomb.

The ruin is all over. The once famous Freedom Trail is damaged and untraceable. This time around, any path taken is likely to take you to a mutant rather than the center of the city. The game starts with you frantically searching for your son back, and you are ready to go through this hell to get him. What starts as searching for your son ends up being a rather complicated journey since you end up being a major player in the social and political matters of this city.

It comes to a point where the decisions you make have an impact not only on you but the people of Boston. With the responsibility at hand, this makes you make compromises many times and consider the steps you take before doing anything. The post-nuclear era has made things difficult since people want to survive solely and aren’t working together at all.

Synths or Humans?

However, there is hope. Lives can be saved through the Institute. It has the power to make life better and control life. The Institute is the source of bioengineered androids referred to as Synths. The Synths look like people, and the people of Boston are concerned with their presence. This game challenges you to choose between the Synths and the humans. It seeks to question your moral standing. You are to define what life means during this post-nuclear period, and the decision you make is what will shape Boston.

What is more is that your decisions not only influence the survival of the two competing groups, Synths, and humans but also affects smaller groups that are present. What twists the plot even further is that you are looking for your son. Your son is human as you left him. Choosing the Synths doesn’t favor your child’s chances of survival, but at times, you are forced to choose the Synths over humans in order to survive. In every decision you make, you aren’t necessarily choosing between the right and wrong thing but there’s something to be sacrificed, and this makes the game harder as you go.

Fallout 4 Gameplay


Combat system

There are several combats as you go through the quests. It includes shooting in real-time. Through an RPG rooted command system called VATS, you can select your targets and kill them. The interesting bit of this RPG rooted command system is that it allows you to target a particular body part. That’s not all. You can see how much damage you will inflict on your target once you hit them. This command system also allows you to see the likelihood of hitting your target.

The combat is thrilling and dynamic. The downside of the VATS is that it is slower and isn’t as fast and as spontaneous as straight shooting. However, it helps you to be more efficient and accurate in your shooting skills. This command system is an improvement from what was in Fallout 3. The great thing about the VATS in Fallout 4 is that it doesn’t pause the game as it was in previous versions but it slows it down instead so that you can focus on your target. While using the VATS, you should remember to position yourself in a safe position to avoid being shot at directly since once it slows down, you’re vulnerable.

Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System

The VATS makes the game engaging and more fun since you move forward with the confidence of your warrior skills and the thought that you can finish your enemies faster with less fire exchange. It also puts the gaming action is a cinematic perspective, and this is what has made this game beat many other RPG shooter games, even going beyond its predecessor Fallout 3.
The radiation that was caused by the nuclear bomb doesn’t also spare you.

At times you have to struggle with radiation poisoning or wounded limbs, and the combats become tougher since you are more vulnerable. Lack of ammo is another challenge when facing your enemies. When things are this dicey, you can run away, but you will miss the chance of picking valuable items that could have saved you and made you go much further in your quest. You don’t have to flee. You can take stimulants that will give you the strength and courage to face your enemies. This is what Fallout 4 offers. At each point, you’re weighing the pros and cons of the decisions you make and trying to see whether they will assist in advancing you survival chances and being successful in what you are looking for.


In Fallout 4, there are different attributes that you can add to your profile to increase your chances of succeeding in each level. The seven characteristics include charisma, endurance, intelligence, communication, perception, strength and lack. Each time you level up, you can invest in one of these attributes. These characteristics help you in the way you deal with others, either during combat or when communicating to a person or when selecting a weapon to use. Depending on the attributes you have invested in, perks will be available for you to get that improve your abilities.

Fallout 4 Walkthrough

While gaming, you acquire points and these points are the ones you spend on perks and attributes. Increasing your power and abilities is, therefore, a balancing act. Depending on the gameplay you prefer. To increase your chances of defeating your enemies and moving forward to the next level, you can choose to enhance your abilities as either a combatant or a charmer. You aren’t limited to upgrade your skills in a specific way. This allows you to try out a wide range of skills. There is no level cap, and there’s an entire chart of perks at your discretion to use.
Acquire new gear to improve your abilities too.

The loot and items

Throughout the game, you will be required to look for loot to the grants that come with the loot. Collecting ordinary items also have a plus. They can be broken down and their main parts used to build equipment. Scrap gathered in the game can also be traded in through the use of workbenches. This will extend the resourcefulness your essential items. However, this becomes only available once you have leveled up and reached the required options for it to come in handy.

This is an RPG shooter game and to stay alive and glued to your mission, it is evident that all the way, you need health and more importantly ammunition. As you go, you can collect this in the pockets of corpses you kill. You can also open secret rooms using computers and go for hidden ammunition. Some locks that are located along the way also have riches you can collect and find out your luck.

Building homes

Fallout 4 also comes with a new feature where you can build homes to protect people you have saved. Other things that can be erected include vegetable gardens that will support those people and also defense systems. It is easy to build, but you will only enjoy this feature if you are creative and innovative. At times you may find it time-consuming and you want to focus on the main mission. Erecting structures is optional, and you are required to do it a few times.

You can make your journey of finding your son more interesting by tagging a person along in your adventure. In your journey, you will meet many people and share information and exchange services, and you will bond with some. Having a partner who has been in the wasteland for a long time will be crucial and may help you in your journey. They can offer a broad range of services like find enemies for you, locate the loot or provide cover during combat. This will go a long way in boosting your life, and the adventure will be more fun.



However, this game comes with its challenges too. When you have a partner, they may slow you down because of the difficulty in controls. You are supposed to command your partner, and it’s an involving process that takes lots of time to learn. To command your partner, you have to move the camera to where they are and navigate a menu. When you are in the middle of a fight, this turns out to be time wasting and can make you vulnerable. Sometimes, you may be stuck in a game-scenery, and this may be time wasting too. Having a partner is essential and what you can do is give them something heavy to carry that slows you down.

Fast travel

The wasteland is huge. You can travel quickly through the parts you have been through Fast Travel. However, using the world map is challenging and at times you have to pause the game to be able to use it. The compass at the bottom of the screen will show you distant locations but to get a clear view of the location, you have to use the map and scrolling through it is slow. The local maps are also vague and aren’t as useful.


The inventory for choosing ammunition is also quite manual. Many times, you have to rely on your memory to find the best ammunition to use at the time. When selecting a particular weapon that has uses a type of ammo, you have to go manually through a list and remember the details and draw comparisons. This can cause a lot of frustrations to many, but with time you will have to adjust and recall.

Other cons to the game are that animations and graphics at times may have glitches and during dialogue, sometimes the conversations stop in the middle. However, a plus is that there are subtitles and you can turn them on to assist you. As compared to Far Cry 4, Fallout 3 is lower in graphics. Far Cry 4 represents the fictional country of Kyrat in an excellent visual representation and thriving culture. There are vast forests, beautiful white capped mountains and giant statues near Buddhist temples. In Far Cry 4, there are also alternative activities like wandering in dirt roads, going hiking, hunting and collecting plants. You can even go on an acid trip unlike in Fallout 4 where you mainly stick to the main mission.

Fallout 4 Release


The few glitches don’t overshadow the greatness of this game. It is an intoxicating and worthwhile experience playing this game. You will bond with your character and hours will fly as you go through the wasteland. You are the decision maker in this game, and you determine actions and events that take place.

Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry, I watch movies, lots of them.

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