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Any gamer that played Fire Emblem at least once is going to enjoy this new one. The “Heroes” addition of the game and an adaptation of it to mobile brings exciting news. The most important are that you can now build a team of heroes from your previous Fire Emblem games. This means you are going to need orbs more than ever. The simplest solution is to use the Fire Emblem Heroes hack.

You can generate unlimited orbs for your account. The game heroes use a system where you can get anything with orbs. They even give you more extra EXP points if you have lots of them. Now that you will get as many orbs as you need, hit the arena! Beat every other rival in the arena and get bigger rewards from the game!


Fire Emblem Heroes orbs

Join on a new adventure with Fire Emblem Heroes

Intelligent Systems’ epic franchise finally made it into the mobile gaming platform. Together with Nintendo, they released another exciting addition to this well-received video game franchise. It has a variety of game systems since the 90’s, and it is called Fire Emblem Heroes.

Since its worldwide release in February 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes has already succeeded. The game won the hearts of old fans and new ones alike. Although there were a lot of mixed reactions from the veteran fans, the majority still expressed their genuine support. It allowed them to experience a story that puts together all the previous characters in one great adventure. Following most of the original game mechanics, this version boasts of strategies. The player must learn those to finish the main story and its additional features.

The main storyline

The game’s main story revolves around the quest of a summoner. He has to defend the Kingdom of Askr from the Emblian Empire. In order to survive this epic adventure, he is given the ability to summon legendary heroes from the previous worlds.

Although influenced by the gameplay of other Fire Emblem classics, the mobile version has toned down its difficulty level. The perma-death feature is no longer available here. This gives the player more freedom to experiment with a variety of characters. He doesn’t have to worry about whether or not a particular Hero will be lost forever after dying in battle. This also affects the pace of battles since the player can now make use of any character he likes. For the previous games, there was no Fire Emblem hack because it wasn’t really required. But now it is, as getting orbs can be pretty expensive.

Fire Emblem Heroes gameplay

Plot-wise, the expected role and story development of a particular character are different from the original. The characters from the classics are much more limited in the Heroes version. Older players should not have high expectations from this mobile adaptation of the game. They will be extremely unpleased to find out that this one has a short story.

Game characters

Fire Emblem knowledge is a must for them to fully indulge in it. Heroes that the players can summon hail from previous core titles such as Fire Emblem: Archanea Series, Genealogy of the Holy War, The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Tellius Series, Awakening and Fates.

Although there are a lot of cameo appearances for Fire Emblem Heroes, it still manages to showcase the new original characters created for this spin-off title’s warring kingdoms. These characters were designed by Yusuke Kozaki, the main artist for Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates. Unlocking all of the characters is going to take you a lot of time if you don’t use the Fire Emblem Heroes hack.

Gameplay and battleground

The series is also known for its turn-based gameplay on battleground grids. For Heroes, it establishes an 8 x 6 grid map where the player and the opposing force exchange turns, battling and trying to overpower each other. The game also grants the players access to a full party. Four heroes of their choice can join the group party. They can use this to run through the main story maps or other map modes. The game also has exclusive modes such as the Training Tower, online Arena and Hero Battles.

Instead of the usual introductory tutorial of any Fire Emblem game, Heroes offers the main story via chapter maps. Also, players are also given access to the Training Tower where they can grind levels. They can gain rewards and experience on their favourite heroes there. It is an engaging feature where the player can adjust the difficulty level of the game. While the terrain, and enemies offer unlimited challenges. For the Arena duels, the players can utilise their main party and compete with other players online. A ranking system is established for this mode. It determines the items to be rewarded to the strongest summoner in the world. These rewards may then be used to increase the player’s Heroes skills and abilities.

Finally, Hero Battles are similar to the usual games of this series. There are special chapter maps where the players can participate in new battles. Those are only made available within a limited timeframe. For this feature, after they have defeated a featured Hero, the players can then try to convince him/her to join their party.

In-game purchases

The players deal with in-game expenses through Orbs, which serve as the game’s currency. Completion of in-game battles will award you with orbs. For those wanting to spend real cash to boost their gaming experience, there is always an alternative (in-game shop). You can use the Fire Emblem Heroes hack to get orbs by completing a survey. To unlock heroes from previous Fire Emblem games, you’ll have to use Orbs. Randomly it can also allow the player to cast the ‘Light’s Blessing’ skill which heals all of the player units and can even let the player continue a battle after a bitter defeat. Moreover, orbs can permanently increase any gained experience points or even replenish lost stamina.

Fire Emblem Heroes hack

For the players to continue with in-game quests and missions, they must spend between 1 to 23 stamina points. This is quite common for any mobile game. If the player decides not to spend orbs to regain stamina points, they could wait for it to regenerate. The rate is 1 stamina per five minutes with a maximum of 50. However, some critics of the game were not impressed with this particular time constraint.

Players, especially the newbies, may find it taxing as they continue with a cycle of battles and earning Orbs, unlocking new characters and battling again to level up their favourite characters. To fix that, the mobile version guarantees free future updates as well as events to add new characters and content to keep the adventure going. In fact, Nintendo created online campaign after the game’s announcement, promoting their ‘choose your legend’ event. The fans can vote for a variety of character line-ups. Developers said they would include these characters in the game in a later update.

Fire Emblem Heroes hack

The hack only comes in the online version, you can not download it and it requires an internet connection in order to be used. It is completely safe, which means chances of getting your account banned by using it are null. Even though these Fire Emblem Heroes cheats are available online in different places, not everyone knows about them. So this will still remain a premium tool, as it is not being shared around too much. The developers are permanently updating it as the game evolves and new security measures are put in place, so it will keep working for a long time.

Fire Emblem Heroes cheats


Fire Emblem Heroes may appear like the typical mobile game we’re all familiar with, but it has a lot of potential for growth. It may not offer the classic features that the core titles possessed, but Heroes does have its own charm and can provide unlimited gaming time not bound by definite story missions.It is a free-to-play mobile RPG full of tactics and strategies, a spin-off from Nintendo’s hit Fire Emblem series. Just like Nintendo’s recent mobile game Super Mario Run, this game requires an internet connection for continuous play. It is now available in 39 countries worldwide for both Android and iOS users.


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