For Honor hack and cheats – Generate steel and experience

Steel wins battles, gold wins wars

Get enough steel (to buy the best gear) and experience (to equip it) through the For Honor hack. You will be immediately granted as much steel and xp you need to do so. This will finally help you become one of the top players in For Honor.

The game relies on a peer-to-peer type of connection to create the games lobby. This “feature” allowed the hackers to easily access user data and modify it. Since you need steel in everything this game has to offer you can get as much as you want. The hack also allows you to gain experience per character. This means that every character can be leveled up to its maximum by this online generator. Using this you will get in the leaderboard in no time as mentioned earlier.


Important things you need to know about this game

The For Honor action fighting game is set for release on the 14th of February on PC, XBOX One, and PlayStation 4. It was developed and published by Ubisoft and features the 2v2, 4v4, and 1v1 modes as well as a progression system that allows you to unlock better equipment for each of the individual characters. Many people have been anticipating the release of this game and finally, the long wait is about to end. For those who haven’t played the beta version or haven’t seen the trailer, here are some important points you need to know about this game.

The Factions

For Honor has 3 fractions that you can play as the Knights, the Samurai, and the Vikings. Each faction has 4 heroes with more coming in the post-launch.  While each faction does have a similar class of heroes (a heavy, a medium, and a light hero), each one plays a little different and they all have their own play styles. The 4th hero in each faction is more of a wild card.

There are different play styles to choose from and that they are specific when it comes to all the technical details.  You will really have to figure out which one best suits your play style before you can even think of getting more gear and weapons.  You also have to figure out which stats go along best with whatever play style you choose. The For Honor cheats can help you with this issue as with unlimited steel, you’ll be able to customise your characters any way you want.


In the For Honor action fighting game, you can customize your hero in different ways.  This does not just affect him cosmetically but it affects his stats, thus making him a bit more combat-effective. You get different gear from loot drops that you acquire from playing the game or you can purchase using a currency that’s earned in-game. This currency in For Honor is called Steel.

You can also upgrade pieces of your armor and weapons using Steel.  By doing so, you also upgrade the stats in each piece. You can change the look of your gear, so you can keep the stats but take on the look of the other helmet if you have a helmet that has better stats but does not look quite as good as your last helmet.

For Honor Free Steel

Weapons and armors are not the only things that you can customise. There are also different colours, patterns, emblems, helmet ornaments, armor engravings, and material and outfits that you can unlock through loot drops and by leveling up your hero. That’s why having access to For Honor free steel can give you access to a lot of things.

Different editions of the game

Video games nowadays come in so many editions that can sometimes get a little confusing for gamers to know what’s going on in what edition.  In the For Honor action fighting game, it’s no different.  There is a handful of various editions out there, each with different physical and digital content.

There’s the Standard Edition, which is just the game itself and nothing else. The Deluxe Edition has the game, 3 unique helmet crests, a special execution effect, and a special emblem. Also included is the 7-day champion status. The Gold Edition has everything in the Deluxe Edition plus the season pass. Although, by using the For Honor hack, you can have all of these extra features for free.

There’s a Gold Collector Edition that is available through the Ubisoft Store. This one has everything the Gold Edition has plus the soundtrack, an exclusive lithograph, and a set of cool helmets.  There’s also the Apollyon Collector’s Edition that is available only through GameStop. It comes with everything the standard Gold Edition has plus a lithograph and a 14-inch statue of Aplloyon, who is the main antagonist of the game. Also included in this edition is the origins note, which gives you a bit of the story on Apollyon.

Multiplayer Modes

For Honor shifts with 5 different multiplayer modes and maybe there will be more in future DLCs (downloadable content).  For now, players can just focus on these 5 modes.

There’s Dominion mode which is a 4v4 battle. This is where you will be scoring points by capturing different zones and controlling them for as long as you can and by killing NPCs (non-player character) and heroes. Now, once you hit a thousand points, the losing team is no longer able to spawn unless they kill enemies or recapture areas.  Take note that once the losing team is wiped out, that’s the end for them.  This goes for the other team as well.  If both teams hit a thousand points at the same time, then both teams are not going to be able to respawn and at that point.  It’s going to be a fight until the last man is standing.

For Honor Gameplay

The Duel mode is where you will go up against another player in a 1V1 battle.  There are no perks involved here.  The one thing that is going to get you through this is your skill in melee combat.

Next stop is Brawl, which is the 2V2 version of Duel but with no team respawns.  Then there’s Skirmish and the only way you score points here is by taking out other players.   And finally, there’s the Elimination mode which is the 4V4 variant of Duel. Just like in Brawl, there are also no respawns here. There are different ways to approach this mode: you can either all work together and storm each enemy one by one and take them out, gang up on them, or you can split up and you can each try to take on one enemy at a time.

The Combat

Now, there are 2 different types of combat in the For Honor action fighting game. The first one is when you are taking out NPCs where the combat becomes more generic like any other hack-and-slash video games do.

But the combat does change a bit when you face off against another player. Ubisoft is using a combat mechanic that they are calling “the art of battle.” The way this works requires you to really know what you are doing and also have good reaction time. Below you can see a screenshot of the For Honor cheats that were compiled in the online generator.

For Honor Hack

When you are squaring off with an opponent, you will notice 3 different reticles that appear on the right, left, and top portions of the screen. You use the right stick to position your weapon in one of those 3 directions and you will use that to decide which way you attack. You also have to use it to defend as well. When your enemy attacks, you will see a red reticle pops up on the screen indicating that’s the direction they are attacking you from.  This way, you will have the chance to move your weapon in that same direction in order to block that attack. Your attack and your defense are tied into one analog stick.

For Honor hack

All the For Honor steel you get is permanently stored in your account. This generator does not jeopardise your game experience. There is no way to get banned or lose the steel you just gained. Since it is made for the large public this hack is extremely easy to use. An intuitive UI with great features and only 2 buttons away from getting what you came for.

For Honor Cheats

The For Honor hack was developed by the same guys that develop the most triple A game hacks. The “DARKZONE” Team as they call themselves promised to update the hack as often as required if Ubisoft every patches any of the loopholes. The tool is completely free to use but there is an anti-spam survey right before adding the resources. You can see more, detailed instructions at the end of this article.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy a great game with the latest gear equipped. Show your dominance in the battlefield warrior!


The animation in the For Honor action fighting game, especially when it comes to the movement of the characters, is excellent. The way heroes move, attack, and execute combos to finish an enemy is very satisfying, quite different from what players have experienced from other hack-and-slash fighting games. Visually, this game is really good, it’s nothing less from what you would expect from a full-priced AAA game. For Honor is one of those games that improve over time and maybe even has the potential to be an e-sport game in the future.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of cash and coins that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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