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Ubisoft Entertainment SA, the creator of Battle Realms and Assassin’s Creed, presents a new game called For Honor. It is a fighting game in the 3rd person perspective and with a medieval period setting. Furthermore, the setting also has a touch of fantasy. The game was released worldwide last February 14, 2017 and available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


For Honor has three historical characters namely the knights, samurai, and vikings.  These three warriors played a part in history and had shaped and influenced modern day warriors and soldiers. So in respect and as tribute to them, Ubisoft created this game. Now, gamers have the chance to play the role one of those feared medieval warriors and play their campaign stories.


The story of For Honor revolves around the conflict between the three warriors of the game. The conflict was artificially created by the warlord Apollyon. It started after a natural disaster that resulted in competition and rivalry among the knights, samurai, and vikings in search and acquisition for territory and resources. In response to these circumstances, Apollyon manipulated each group thus creating a conflict. As a result, wars happened, agendas built, and alliances formed.

Factions and Classes

The characters of For Honor consist of three factions from which a gamer could choose. Factions are The Legion or the knights, The Chosen or the samurai, and The Warborn or the Vikings.  Every faction has four classes with each class possessing unique skills and strengths.

for honor characters

The Vanguard

The vanguard is considered the well-balanced warrior that possesses good offense and defense skills. Another class is the assassin who is very effective in fighting in a duel with enemies. The assassin is also considered the warrior that moves swift and fast. The only weakness of the assassin is that it only damages the enemy minimally.

The Heavies and The Hybrids

The heavies are the warriors who are effective in holding and guarding captured points. Although they are slow attackers, they could resist damages made by enemies.

Last class is the hybrids. They are the warriors that possess the abilities of the first three classes. Furthermore, the hybrids possess uncommon skills.

In addition to the characters in For Honor, Ubisoft has promised gamers that more characters will be added soon as downloadable content.


For Honor could be played either by single player or multiple player mode. In this game, the player fights against his opponents using the hand weapons specifically for their class. When a player, continuously and consecutively kills enemies, he gains additional features and perks. The perks could be additional points, power and strength, catapult attack, or healing power. And also in most mission settings, the character is accompanied by AI minions who act like a support for the main character.

The features of For Honor present both in the single player and multiplayer mode are perks, AI minions, and Art of Battle. The Art of Battle is a tactical combat system that begins when a player faces other players or AI players in the game. When the characters engage in a brawl or a face to face fight, a player can direct his weapon to his target or his opponent in order to make an attack.  Moreover, the players could also place their weapons in three different angles in attacking their enemies.

And also with regard to an attack, a player could also hit or attack his opponent at his weakest spot. A player could know an enemy’s weak spot by observing the hints that are flashed on the screen and at the same time observing the movements of his enemy. On the contrary in terms of defense, picking the best position could deter and counter enemy attack.


Other features of the game For Honor are special abilities and the friendly fire mode. Some special abilities of players are spearing into the enemies using shoulders, and back step sweep.  Meanwhile, the friendly fire mode is a mode wherein the players can cause or inflict damage to their teammates if they hit their teammates accidentally or intentionally. With these features, the game somehow becomes realistic. To add more realistic touch, the game is letting the characters feel the weight of their weapons which means that the movement and mobility of the characters could depend on the weapon that they carry.

Multiplayer modes

The multiplayer mode consists of five modes namely dominion, brawl, duel, skirmish, and elimination.  The dominion is a four on four game wherein each team’s goal is to capture and maintain areas or zones in the battlefield. As the team captures and occupies different zones, more points are earned by the team. And when the team has gathered enough points, another goal is to eliminate all the players of the opposing team for them to win the match.

The brawl is a two on two game with the simple rule of totally eliminating the entire team of your opponent in order to win the match.  In this battle, the players are not really forced to capture zones in order to win the match.

The duel mode is a one on one battle with another player. Whoever survives the said duel automatically wins the match.

Skirmish is another four on four multiplayer mode wherein the players gain more points by eliminating enemy forces. When the players have accumulated enough points, they must eliminate the entire players of the opposing team. In this game, players are not forced to capture zones.

The last mode in the multiplayer setting is the elimination. It is a four on four battle wherein the players are not forced to capture zones. The team is not also forced to earn points. The main goal of the team is to eliminate the entire team of the opponent to win the match.


Like any other online multiplayer game, For Honor also rewards the players based on their performance. War assets are given to players with superb performance during the game. These war assets are then deployed in the Faction War and could either be used to defend the territory of an ally or to conquer a territory occupied and controlled by enemy forces. The territories under control are updated every six hours with rounds lasting for two weeks and the season lasting for ten weeks.

For more gameplay, I’ll let theRadBrad show us how it’s done:

You can check out more videos from theRadBrad on his YouTube Channel.


For Honor has acquired a favorable review according to a website that gathers and sums up reviews of media products.  Furthermore, a gaming magazine has graded For Honor 74 out of 100.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

I love to write articles about games. Besides being an avid gamer I also watch lots of movies and read all about technology. If you have any interesting conversation topic, hit me up!

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