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Check out all the features of Lords Mobile in our review

Do you enjoy a battle? Making war wherever your feet could take you? Do you love incredible teamwork and a lot of armies? Do you want to command an excellent line of courageous knights, brilliant mages, and sharp-eyed archers? Well if you found yourself saying ‘HELL YES!’ to at least

Destiny the Game: What’s in Store for Gaming Fans

Exciting FPS from Bungie After they packed it in with one of the most critically acclaimed FPS games called the Halo series, Bungie is bringing another exciting FPS game that will give a different gaming experience to a lot of gamers. Together with their partner distributor and publisher Activision, Bungie’s

A Basics Guide to Gladiator Heroes

Bold, strategic, and story-driven. Gladiator Heroes, an upcoming strategy game where training gladiators and expanding territories is your job as a lanista, is surging through the app market with its promise to bring back the unique spark of tactical games. What is Gladiator Heroes? From the start of the game,

Fallout 4 Review – Vault 111 awaits you

Introduction to Fallout 4 If there’s something this RPG assures you, then that is mystery and adventure. Set up in an alluring wretched wasteland, as you proceed you don’t know what awaits you in the next bend. In its dark world, Fallout 4 offers gripping stories accompanied by combat. As

Dark Souls 3 – Set Out to conquer the world

Weapons of the game Like all its previous versions Dark Souls 3 is an action game. The release of Dark Soul 3 series in itself defines the success of its previous series. The gameplay design for the game is just similar to the Dark Souls 2. The variety of weapons that


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