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Unlimited gold for one of the hottest games at the moment

The game just had his worldwide release recently, but alpha and beta players already know how the progression curve tends to get the user towards spending money. And the worse thing is that the average player can’t keep up with those who spend money in games like this. So the team behind the Gear Club hack worked pretty hard in order to release it so early. So that now, anyone is able to generate unlimited cash and gold, rather than grind for them.

Gear Club Hacked

Gear Club Review

Point of view

Gear Club, stylized as Gear.Club, is a free driving simulator and a racing game. It was created by Eden Games, and is available on iOS devices and later next month on Android as well.

Reviewing car racing games can be difficult. Almost every feature of driving simulation is already present in every game for the last decade. However, the common difference between each game is the bells and whistles attached to them.

About the Developer

Eden Games (Eden Studios before) is popularly known as the developer of the popular car game series V-Rally. The company was sold to Infogrames (now Atari, SA). Atari then shut it down in 2013.

With the help of multiple financiers, the former employees of Eden Games reopened the company in 2014. The developers focused on making mobile games. Its notable game release since the reopening was GT Spirit, which is basically the old Gear Club.

The Game

First of all, the game is free to download. There are in-game items that you can purchase using real money, which makes this game a freemium driving simulator. Also, this is a heavyweight game — but more about that later.

At the beginning, you are simply tasked to pick a car. After that, you will be playing tutorial test drives. Once you are through with them, you can now “officially” race.

Gear Club Astuces

To make way to the next levels, you need to win and earn funds. Once you earn funds, you can buy a high-tiered car, which will allow you to join higher tiered races.


Of course, aside from having driving skills, you need to have technical skills to win. That is when customization of your car comes in. In addition to improving the performance of your car, you can customize its look. The problem with customizing the looks of the cars is that it always costs gold and it sucks that you have to slow down your progression in order to customize your car the way you want. So in order to both progress and customize the looks of the cars the way you want, you’ll have to either pay or use this Gear Club hack.

By the way, the garage, which the game refers to as the Performance Shop, will have limited capacity at the beginning. In order to have more cars that you can customize, you will need to improve your garage, which is another goal you can work on. This is another thing that the online generator can help you with, as it will take gold in order to reach the maximum levels for the Performance Shop.

Car Collection

As usual, newer car-related games have a distinct advantage of having a wide assortment of cars. And this game is no exception, as it does not lack in this department. And the good thing is that if you get it now, you might receive a Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition (in the game, of course). This goes for both the iOS and Android versions, but you may be able to get it later as well with a Gear Club apk mod.


This one is exclusively one of the high-end games in the mobile gaming market in terms of graphics. Just installing it on your phone will take a huge chunk of your memory. So be sure that you do not use your bulk data plan when downloading the game to save your precious “MBs.”

Also, do note that not all devices are supported by the game. Low-end smartphones and tablets cannot run this game. For Apple devices, you must have iOS 8 or above — just make sure to clear some space. For Android devices, you must have Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or above to run this game.

Speaking of graphics, you can also see a screenshot of the Gear Club hack below. The interface is simple, clean and very user friendly, so that anyone is able to use it. But this may change in the future, it may become even more easier to use as the developers are constantly updating the tool.

Gear Club Hack

All the cars in the game are shown in high quality textures. It is kind of funny when you look at the cars and the background of the game. The cars are really polished while the other elements in the game are rendered shoddily — but that is not that much of a deal breaker.

The tracks are nicely designed, and their backdrops are relaxing to look at. However, they are not as neatly rendered as your car. Despite that, the game’s lighting is okay, and you will see some beautiful lens flare every so often.

The graphics of this game are worth eight stars. The cars are polished and beautiful, but still not perfect (it is a mobile game after all). The 2D art for the characters is okay. The GUI is rather simple. However, other than that, everything else is rendered or displayed poorly. In some of the cases, the interface used to compile the Gear Club cheats looks better than the game’s GUI.


During the tutorials, you will be mostly playing with ghosts. When you are in a real race, you can expect collisions. And that is when the game will suck you in.

The physics of the game is laudable. Collide into a car, and you will have a hard time recovering. The cornering and braking are refined. And the specs of your car will heavily affect your race performance.

Aerodynamics, suspensions, and powertrains are emphasized in this game. You can even test your car’s aero in the Performance Shop.

With your mobile device as your steering wheel, and with only two ways to control the car, you cannot really feel their effects. You will just know that they are there when your speed goes up or down in certain situations, like being behind a car.

Also, your car accumulates damage points whenever you hit something. You can repair your car, but it takes a bit of time in the early game and an eternity later, that is why the Gear Club cheats are so precious.

AI players are just okay. You can safely say that they are just there to “accompany” you. They just race and follow that path that was given to them. And they will not take advantage of every opportunity to slow you down. To add more spark to your races, it will be best to play multiplayer races.

This game’s mechanics is worth nine stars. Technically, this is the best you can have for a mobile device racing game. Even if the “feel” is not really there, you can still take advantage of these mechanics in order to win races, which is something that happens in real life.


You cannot really notice the background music when you are not using headphones. When you try to listen to the tracks, they are relaxing. However, most people would definitely listen to their music player instead of the music in the game.

The sound effects are okay. You drive a car, and it sounds like a car. The menu sounds are not that irritating.

Sound-wise, the tracks are not that memorable, but they are not forgettable and irritating either. So, on this department, it receives seven stars.

Gear Club Hack

As I said before, the program is very easy to use and has a user friendly interface, which means that besides filling your e-mail and selecting the amount of  gold and cash that you need, all you have to do is press some buttons. Gear Club hack works on pretty much any OS and browser as the generator runs online and connects to a server that does the job.

The algorithm is constantly being updated, so the chances for it not to work are very minimal. With all these updates it’s security is also assured, you won’t ever get banned by using this trick. Other than that, you should know that even though you are able to generate unlimited Gear Club gold, you shouldn’t abuse the generator as there are many others who would like to use it and the servers can get overloaded.

Gear Club Triche

So if you’ve been looking for tips and tricks for this game, then you should look no further as we’ve got everything covered here. The same goes for germans and deutsch speakers who are big fans of the game, you should rest assured as the tool works in all countries.

In the end, I would like to mention that there is no download required, the entire process of hacking Gear Club takes place online.

Gear Club Cheats

Final thoughts

All in all, this mobile racing game is pretty good and it came at a right time, as this genre is lacking good games. Casual gamers will enjoy spending time with this. For car racing fanatics, this game is good enough for you to devote a few hours on a weekly basis.


  • Access the Gear Club hack using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your device;
  • Select the operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of  cash and gold that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free gold and cash!

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Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry, I watch movies, lots of them.

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