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If you are being entertained by this game as much as others you need to check the Golf Clash hack. It is a simple, yet effective method to get yourself enough gems and coins to buy anything you want within the game. Imagine you can open chests as you please, wouldn’t that be nice? This generator will boost, not only your game experience but it will also save you time and money.

Before accessing the online generator please read our review below and make an idea about the game. You will see that you kind of need these boosts in order to keep up with the best players. To access the generator just press the button below and make sure you have your username ready for input. That is all it asks for from you, the rest is a background process.


Golf Clash hack

What you need to know before playing Golf Clash

If you don’t get plenty of chances to play golf in real life, you can at least get good at playing golf on your smartphone. Mobile game developer Playdemic has just released Golf Clash mobile game for both android and iOS operating systems.

Golf Clash is a real-time multiplayer where you can play 1v1 (1 player versus another player), you can play against your friends or you can hit the Tour and find an opponent. As this game is fairly new, here’s what we know so far about this fun and addictive game of golf.

The Chests

Every time you win in this game you’ll get a chest as a prize. But what are inside of the chests?

With the Wooden Chest, you’ll get coins and you also unlock a couple of clubs. Beginners usually get to unlock the Wooden Chest, which has a Wedge (club) called the Dart. Unlocking a Silver Chest will give you coins and the Sniper. A Gold Chest will give you coins, Machetes, an extra mile, and a new club called the Grizzly. You can also bypass the waiting time of these chests by getting gems from the Golf Clash hack.

Golf Clash gems

Every time you unlock new clubs you can compare them to your regular clubs and all your other clubs. You can compare their stats to see which one is better. For example, if you have unlocked the Goliath, you can compare it with the Grizzly. You’ll see that the Grizzly is not that good because you use Long Irons in driving the golf ball for very long distances. And if you can use your Long Iron instead of Wood, that would be very useful because the amount of control the Long Iron gives you is much higher.

What’s in your golf bag?

In Golf Clash mobile game for android and iOS phones, you have a bunch of different golf clubs that you can collect. You may also upgrade them to improve your statistics.

You can upgrade your items and as you upgrade them, you become more powerful. For example, when you upgrade some of your golf clubs, they can drive the ball farther and they can be more accurate than ever before. This is what makes hacking Golf Clash so important, you’ll need lots of gems for those upgrades.

Let’s talk about the stats in the cards (of golf clubs)


Power in the clubs is measured by the distance that golf balls reach as they touch the ground. Powerful clubs allow the balls to go farther. Take note that this does not include the bounce of the balls and the effect of the wind. Golf balls bounce a couple of times and roll a little more after they touched the ground. The wind can provide resistance against the ball (while in the air) or it can push the ball to go even further.

ball power hit

Top Spin

This can increase the bounce distance in the ball and enables it to roll even farther. It does not increase the distance the ball travels on its first flight (from the tee to point where it touches the ground). Better Top Spin ratings are great when you want the ball to shoot out further and move through the Rough better.

Back Spin

This is the complete opposite of Top Spin. This is useful in long distance shots with short runways. Back Spin is great if you want to get the ball on the edge of the Fairway but not into the Rough.

On a relatively long stretch, you will try to hit the ball as much as you can and then apply lots of Back Spin to make it stop before it reaches the end of the Fairway. Because of this control, you can give to the ball, you can always be sure that it will not bounce and roll further. On the other hand, Top Spin is unreliable because you can’t always tell how far the ball is going to roll. As a side note, this generator involves no Golf Clash apk modding, so all the gems generated are forever.


This is very useful for going around corners because when you shoot, the ball won’t go straight through the corner–it will bend around with the corner. However, you can’t create Curl; it is one of the aspects that you can get only from the golf clubs.

Ball Guide

This is the amount of distance the ball can reach after the first impact. The Ball guide of every club is a diagram with the corresponding value of the distance (in yards).

Ball guide

Golf Balls

Special balls give the shot the Side Spin. With regular balls, Side Spin cannot occur, you can only add Curl. Keep in mind that you can only select balls on your drive. So if you drive with a regular ball, you have to continue the rest of the course with the regular ball. But if you use the Golf Clash hack, you can play with whatever ball you want, whenever you want.

The “KING MAKER” is the best golf ball in the game. You can add full bars of Side Spin, Top Spin, and Back Spin with this ball. It also takes off wind resistance better than the other balls. Say, the wind is blowing 6 miles per hour. It takes off 35% of that, leaving you about 4 miles per hour. So it helps if you’re up against 12 miles per hour and you’re barely missing a shot, you can add that and it’ll probably decrease the amount of wind just enough for you to make that shot.

Pot of Gold Coins

When getting into battle, you end up anteing gold coins. In Tour 3 for example, the entry fee is 800 and so both you and your opponent have to pay 800 gold coins. In this case, 1600 gold or 1.6 K gold coins go into a pot and then the winner gets all the money. You’re actually wagering money every single time you go into a match and the winner ends up taking all of it. You’ll also win 9 trophies (in Tour 3) which will be then added to the ones you already have. If you lose, 6 of your trophies will be given to your opponent.

Golf Clash hack

With the addictive new playstyle of this game, you need to watch out for the best items too. Especially if you want to perform in the game way better than your “enemies”. To do so, many players rely on the Golf Clash cheats to bring them the glory. It’s and extremely easy to use tool that does the hard work for you. After getting the gems and coins you want you can go crazy on the in-app purchases. Another generator that you can use is the one shared in this Golf Clash hack article. It has the same functions as the one shared here and it works just as good.

Golf Clash cheats

Climb the ladders by being a smart player and not a hardcore one. Wreck your 1v1 opponents with the best items in-game. Show them that you found a glitch and now you rule the game. Warning: Golf Clash matches can get pretty competitive when it is about your rank points. Just like in MOBA games, you want to win, no matter what.


Golf Clash is a refreshing take on the numerous golf games on the AppStore and PlayStore. This is one of the few games that you’ll find no problem spending on in-app purchases. And while upgrading your clubs and purchasing balls gives you a slight advantage, it still requires skill to win in games. This is what’s nice about the Golf Clash hack, it does give you a crazy advantage against players that do not want to spend too much money on the game.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your device;
  • Select the OS on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of gems and coins that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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