Knife Hit – gameplay, challenges review

Let me tell you one thing – Ketchapp makes fantastic games. When I discovered their newest release Knife Hit, I immediately knew that I would get hooked. I still downloaded it and used every second of free time since playing it. This developer is known for making games that are incredibly simple to play, but so addictive that you can’t drop your phone once you start.

Many Knives – One Target!

What is the goal of Knife Hit? You correctly assumed if you think that it has something to do with hitting knives. There are lots of them at your disposal, and you need to stick them into a target that is circling around. You throw a knife by merely tapping the screen. The trick is, however, that you can’t hit a knife that’s already on the target. If you do that – it’s game over, and you have to start from the beginning.

The levels are dynamic which avoids repetition and keeps things interesting. However, the ones, in the beginning, are easier than later on in the game. For the first level, I had five knives at my disposal and a constant, but slowly rolling circle target. The second level brought an apple into the game. You are supposed to hit and collect apples as they can be useful.

Is It Moving Slow? No, It Is Superfast!

After a couple of levels that you can use to find your rhythm, Knife Hit gets challenging. The game will start serving you a set of 12 knives and a target that changes pace. It will start in a regular rhythm, but then it will speed up. Just when you thought you got ahold of things, it will slow down again. It will become tricky to keep your precision, especially since a single mistake means that it’s game over.

You can also expect Boss Fights every several levels. When that happens, the target will change into something far more creative. I won’t reveal much, but let’s say that “Cheese” and “Soda Can” were one of my first opponents. In a very short future, the developer will also deliver Challenges. These should be unique levels that will bring even more dynamic and replayability to the game.

Find the Knife for You

As I mentioned before, you will collect apples while you play. There are also gift boxes that you can open occasionally, and they also reward you with this fruit. You can spend apples in the knife shop. Over a hundred blades are available in this store. However, you can only buy a portion of them in exchange for apples. For some of them, you will need to watch videos, while others will require you to defeat bosses. It will be incredibly challenging to complete the entire collection!

If you want, you can spend real money and buy knife packs with some truly special blades, but they won’t affect your regular Knife Hit collection. Of course, each of these knives can be used during play, but they only change the aesthetics and not the performance.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

I love to write articles about games. Besides being an avid gamer I also watch lots of movies and read all about technology. If you have any interesting conversation topic, hit me up!

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