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Legacy of Discord Diamonds

Legacy of Discord hack

You can check the preview of the generator below. As you can see the interface is very user-friendly and it provides the users with only what they need. There are no extra buttons, texts, and other distraction; the tool strictly sticks to its job. All the Legacy of Discord diamonds, obsidian, and gold generated are permanent and will be added to the user’s account in a couple of minutes. The method is completely safe and undetectable. Out of all the players that used it, no one has got banned yet. With the amount of servers that GTArcade has, they probably don’t even bother checking everyone. So go on, use these Legacy of Discord cheats and fully experience the game as a VIP player.

Legacy of Discord hack

Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings full review!

The Android and iOS app stores are swimming in dark fantasy RPGs that it’s not surprising to discover that most of them follow the same formula. However, a developer emerges every once in a while to release a new game that follows the familiar patterns of the genre but still adds some new twist to their creation.

One such game is Legacy of Discord. This hack and slash RPG from GTArcade will take courageous players on an epic journey to defeat a demon lord. The plot and setting are all standard dark fantasy fare, but what made the game different from other online franchises is its superb animation, balanced character classes, and easy-to-navigate user interface.

The Lore

The game is set in a fictional land that’s overruled by a demon lord named Auglu. The only remaining stronghold of humanity left is Beacon City which, unfortunately, holds power to turn the world into a demonic paradise. Of course, the Demon Lord would want to conquer this city as soon as possible.

Some Guardians maintain the peace in Beacon City, but the forces of evil are growing stronger every day. As one of the sworn protectors of the city, you will choose a particular class. You will defend the city from the onslaught of monsters, let your character grow, and even meet new friends along the way.

Legacy of Discord Beacon City

The game’s plot is quite linear. After completing a quest, you get to read snippets about this fascinating but dark fantasy world. The characters also have their charm, so you want to root for them. Sadly, the story was not fully developed. As a mobile game, it is tough to squeeze in exciting cut scenes just like what developers do on bigger consoles. But for mobile gaming standards, the story is already decent.


Despite being a mobile game, the characters and backgrounds are rendered in detailed 3D. If your phone has a large screen, you will surely enjoy the vibrant color palettes and unique designs of this game. GTArcade’s graphics team did not overly sexualize the armor of the female characters, but they still looked elegant. Also, the high-level pieces of armor evoke a great vibe so you can feel that you are one of the elite players. This is also the same with the weapons. This is one of the reasons many people search for a Legacy of Discord VIP hack, as only that status can provide you with the best looking armors.

The fight sequences are fluid and pleasant to look at, despite the storm of flashy effects. Even if you are dishing out spells and combos in a horde of monsters, everything is still easy to follow.

User Interface

As part of the dark fantasy genre, the user interface of Legacy of Discord RPG for mobile and tablet is replete with a bunch of icons.

The virtual joystick for moving your avatar is on the bottom right side, while the controls for casting spells, skills, and regular attacks are at the bottom left. For your special attacks, a timer will appear after casting them. You cannot use skills that are still on cool down.

There is a mini-map on the upper portion of the screen so you can easily spot incoming enemies. The health and HP meter are on the top left side. There is a timer in the upper middle section. The number of stars you will receive depends on how fast you clear the game.

The icons are all organized, so they won’t obstruct your view while playing. They are also evenly spaced out. Even if you are playing on a smaller screen, you can still accurately tap the buttons you need.

Character Classes

Selecting your character class is the first step you need to do before playing the game. You can be a beefy Berserker, an agile Blade Dancer, or a powerful Sorceress. Keep in mind that you can only play one character class per server.

The first two job types are melee fighters. However, the Berserker is sturdier than the Blade Dancer. The Sorceress, meanwhile, is a long-range fighter who can dish out devastating spells. However, the character is not built with strong defense. But no matter what class you choose, one thing is for sure; you’ll need a lot of diamonds, obsidian, and gold to gear it. And even though you can grind for those resources, buying them, or using the Legacy of Discord hack, is always the better option.

Dungeon Crawling

After selecting your job class, you will explore your first campaign dungeon, which is a tutorial of sorts. Fighting monsters in campaign dungeons represent the easiest way to level up. However, you will need energy to participate in a campaign, which is similar to Candy Crush Saga. Aside from surviving, your primary goal is to complete the dungeon as fast as possible to earn juicier rewards.

Legacy of Discord cheats

After clearing your second dungeon, you will unlock the Revelations – a section for organizing your skills and character attributes. RPG gamers can easily familiarize themselves with the skill tree system.


Accomplishing quests is another important task in Legacy of Discord mobile. This will help you earn a lot of experience points, gold, and rare loot. Accomplishing quests require players to visit NPCs and slay monsters. The developers have an auto play feature that allows players to locate the NPC with a tap. This prevents you from spending hours roaming around Beacon City. Sadly, the auto play feature only works on quests and not on dungeon crawls.

World Bosses

World Bosses are powerful demons that pop up during a specified date. These monsters deal massive damage and can stand on their own against a party. World bosses are difficult to deal with, but they give out handsome rewards once defeated. The thing is you’ll need a lot of power to defeat them, so the Legacy of Discord cheats can prove very useful here.


Of course, what’s an RPG franchise without PVP modes, right? If you want to brawl with other players online, you can participate in Guild Wars, Death Matches, and Plundering events. You can earn points that you can use to buy goodies from the Honor Shop. If you have the highest ranking in your class, your name will be included in the Hall of Kings. And to acquire the highest ranking, you’ll probably have to use the Legacy of Discord hack apk.


The Legacy of Discord RPG app is a game that’s challenging but fun to try. There are a lot of things to do here like dungeon crawls, quests, and fighting other players online. The graphics are detailed, and the user interface is easy to navigate. This game is recommended for professional and newbie fantasy lovers.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Choose the amount of diamonds and gold that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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