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Lords Mobile is one of the recent releases of IGG, a developer of web-based, PC and mobile games. It combines the beauty and excitement of SLG and RPG. In this RPG, you take on the role of a lord with your own kingdom to develop and defend against attacks. This MMORTS game joins the ranks of Castle Clash, Clash of Lords 2, Galaxy Online 2 and Angels Online as among the popular games of IGG. Months after the Lords Mobile release, which was on March 31, 2016, it has remained well-received by fans all over the world for its exciting, innovative and strategic gameplay.

If you are a new player, you don’t have to guess every now and then how to beat other players. With this Lords Mobile hack, you can get resources to develop your own kingdom, strengthen your heroes, make the most out of your guild membership and defeat your enemies in kingdom wars.


Lords Mobile gems

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Developing your kingdom

Just like in any other MMORTS game, your resources play a vital role in improving your kingdom and gameplay all in all. Your resources include food and gems. With these, you can improve your heroes and kingdom, buy equipment and structures, speed up upgrades and hero training, and more.

Strengthening your heroes

Your heroes are essential in winning battles on and beyond your turf. You need to finish HeroStages to unlock and upgrade your own heroes. You and your heroes also gain experience points from completed stages. With these points, your overall level and your heroes’ level improve. HeroStages are part of the single-player mode of the game.

Once you earn enough experience points for each hero level, your hero achieves a higher rank. The same thing happens when you gain a certain number of trophies.

Providing your heroes with the best equipment is one way to make them eligible for promotion. For each hero, there are 6 recommended kinds of equipment that you have to provide.

lords mobile heroes

To accelerate the upgrade of your troops, make sure you don’t stop training them. You should alternately train weak and strong heroes. Doing so ensures that you have small-time heroes for single-player challenges and big-time heroes for multi-player battles.

Aside from equipment, your troops need food as well. You will get this from your own farms in your kingdom. You should acquire extra kingdom tiles to set up more farms. This is the only means to guarantee food supply for all your troops.

Most of the time, to succeed in an attack or win a battle, you need to sacrifice some of your troops. Nonetheless, it’s a total waste of resources if most of your heroes end up getting killed. To lessen the casualties, you need to construct an infirmary.

Making the most out of your guild membership

To pick a guild, you can search for it in-game or ask for an invitation from your friends. If you join a powerful guild, you should know that your membership is likely to be temporary. The members may be just trying to lower their rank. By doing so, they can find potentially powerful guilds to defeat and gain resources from. Even though your membership may not last that long, joining powerful guilds help you learn strategies from experienced players, whether they allow you to participate in battles or not.

On the other hand, if you join a relatively new guild, you end up with fellow inexperienced players who also have small turfs, lesser resources, and fewer heroes. On the bright side, going to battles with your inexperienced allies enables you to bond and formulate your individual and group strategies. This makes it easier to ensure long-lasting membership.

You should join a guild as soon as possible but use your novice relocator wisely. With this feature, you can transfer your turf right next to your allies’ turfs. This is advantageous for newbies because they can get help in defending their kingdoms, especially during kingdom wars. Some experienced players don’t like this, though. For them, newbies are the only ones who gain something from the transfer.

Before you use your novice relocator, make sure you choose a guild that isn’t going to kick you out soon. If you get kicked out, it might feel awkward to have your turf near your old allies’ turfs.

Defeating your enemies

Before each battle, you can spy your enemies’ turfs to get an idea about the heroes they have and the possible flaws in their kingdom layouts. Plan your attack by focusing on the flaws and thinking about the possible traps.

You can attack other players’ kingdoms even when there are no on-going wars. This helps you learn attacking strategies. While killing their heroes, you also get their resources. You end up weakening the other players’ kingdoms. This slows down their level improvements as well.

Lords Mobile hack and cheats

When you encounter some problems that made it impossible for you to use your game account, you can try to restart all over again using a new account. You can level up faster if you use the Lords Mobile hack like for unlimited gems. Your playing experience from your previous account may not be reflected in your new one, but at least, you already know what strategies worked and what didn’t. You can choose to create your own guild as well.

Lords Mobile cheats

Lords Mobile is best enjoyed with reliable allies and well-thought strategies. It is designed for smartphones and tablets, but with an Android or iOS emulator, you can play Lords Mobile on PC too. Make sure you register with a valid email account so you can try the game on different devices. You can also create multiple accounts and log in to them in the same device alternately. All accounts can benefit from the gems you acquire through the Lords Mobile hack.


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