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Do you enjoy a battle? Making war wherever your feet could take you? Do you love incredible teamwork and a lot of armies? Do you want to command an excellent line of courageous knights, brilliant mages, and sharp-eyed archers?

Well if you found yourself saying ‘HELL YES!’ to at least one of those, then you’re in luck. We have a game that’s just for you! Lords Mobile is a real-time, multiplayer strategy game made by It gives you an army of heroes of your choice to march them into battle, fighting other armies within your borderlands and finally seizing the lands to increase your turf.

Gameplay: classy but never classic

Lords Mobile employs real-time strategy without sacrificing much of its charms; its clean interface and eye-catching tutorial make it feel like you’re playing the other games in its genre. Lords Mobile is different from the other games because you do not have to do anything when the actual battle starts. It lets you watch as the fight unfolds, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax just yet.

A single siege is not often enough to capture the land you want to lord over. Sometimes it depends on the might of your army before you can truly claim the land and rid it of its dictators. If you successfully finished the other army in one go, then you surely have a fierce army in your pockets, ready to decimate anything that would dare stand in your way!

Other than an army, you also have heroes to lead them in the upcoming battles. These heroes bolster morale that would keep your army fighting. During the siege, you will see the number of your army on the bottom left while the bottom right shows the opponent’s army capacity. The red and blue meters respectively indicates the percentage of morale your troops have.

The higher the morale, the longer they will stay in the fight. To keep morale high, another interesting, yet unexpected mechanic is put into place. Lords Mobiles gives you heroes to raise morale. You are allowed to customize your heroes according to your preference and even forge their weapons – whether they’re swords, bows, or staves – to make them even more fearsome that they already are.

Features: heroes here, constructions there, materials everywhere!


To be quite honest, Lords Mobile already has it all. No extreme button mashing, a pause button during active play, and even a big gold statue just outside your castle walls to tell your enemies that they won’t win. What took the cake for me was the fact that the game has more than meets the eye.

lords mobile troops

When you’re tired of sending your armies to fight, you can send your heroes to do quests. This is a much more hands on type of gaming where you have to use your heroes and their skills to win the battle. These battles are more concentrated on the heroes and rely on your heroes level. You can level them up as you go on these quests and at the same time. You can also pick up new heroes along the way.

In each quest, you have three frames of combat and are only allowed to use five heroes for the whole trip. Each trip consists of a boss at the end of the quest, but the boss isn’t the only one that drops loot. Any of the smaller mobs may randomly drop items that could prove essential to your quest and sieges.

For example, you will be able to loot trinkets and power-ups that can be used for construction. The power-ups are self-explanatory as it lessens the time for almost anything – be it training troops, healing them, researching, or crafting. On the other hand, the trinkets you obtain strengthens your heroes and allow them to level up and gain new skills with each level up. The more trinkets you equip them with, the faster they will be able to gain new skills.


Lords Mobile gives you the freedom to construct your base and boost your advantage in both single and multiplayer. They incorporated a guild system that benefits not just you, but the rest of the guild. It has a little twist, no commander (meaning you) get everything without doing something. You have to do something for yourself to benefit almost everyone.

Base construction is quite simple. You can place the building you need on a tile that is set on the land you own. Although it does not let you rotate the building or move it so close to another building, it still looks aesthetically pleasing. Most games would leave your buildings to just one level or, none at all. You need another building to get what you need, but Lords Mobile allows you to level your buildings as high as level 25. Which takes a lot of time, resources, and even money, if you’re not willing to wait. That is why you should check our article on the Lords Mobile hack, where we discuss how you can speed things up.

lords mobile buildings

Each building has its role to add to the game, but the building I love the most is the infirmary. This building allows you to heal injured soldiers at a much cheaper cost of materials rather than training more troops. Unlike other games, you still have to purchase more soldiers just to regain your strength. The infirmary has its own time, but I can’t argue that it’s much longer than the training time at the barracks. Both of them are useful in getting your army strength back, but I would recommend the infirmary if you are cautious of your resources.


Like most games, materials are essential to keep the game rolling; but for Lords Mobile, materials are not that much of a problem. Materials are constantly being produced by the minute in much larger quantities, unlike other games that are unreasonable. They even collect materials even when you’re offline, so that’s a real win for you.

You get a lot of material resources at the start. You will begin with at least 10k of resources for each resource. And, you won’t even see a dent on the figures when you start wasting them. Even if you do feel like there is a dent in your resources, there is a mystery box that you can claim 20 times per day. That gives you a random resource at a defined amount.

If you still feel unsatisfied, achievements allow you to gain more resources when you accomplish them as much as when you level up. Each level up and achievement gives you a decent amount of resources. These will help you in your war against dictators. It gives you significant boosts to your army to create more soldiers for your next conquest.

Final words: Commander, lead your army!

I would say that Lords Mobile has earned it’s four and a half star in the app store. It certainly has polished its stars to shine brightly. It offers more than an average game would ever offer and more. So much that you may be playing this game for days or even weeks.

Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry, I watch movies, lots of them.

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