Mafia III Full Review: A game fueled by revenge and mayhem

Mafia at its best

When Mafia III was released in October, gamers were ecstatic. At last, the third installment is here. The action-adventure video game developed by 2K Games and Hangar 13 has finally arrived to give players more depth into the Mafia plot released a couple of years ago. The game is still set in New Orleans, albeit a fictional one, in the saxophone and gun-toting year of 1968. The protagonist, Lincoln Clay is on to a new adventure to build a criminal gang and face his enemies – the Italian mob.

As the game is set in the third person, players assume the role of Lincoln and play the game through his eyes. The war veteran Clay is plagued by vengeance springing from the murder of his friends, and the story revolves around his attempts to build a group to do the job. The fictional New Orleans features new districts, Bayou Fantom, Barclay Hills, Frisco Fields, Delray Hollow, Pointe Verdun, French Ward, Southdown, Downtown, Tickfaw Harbour, and River Row. Gamers see the vivid images as if the setting were real.

Mafia 3

Old school weapons

The players may also use weapons and complete their goals via so many strategies and perspectives. They gamers are provided with revolvers and shotguns so they could kill off their enemies, and they could even call for help. Players need to brush up on their stealth strategies to get around the game. They can hide from their enemies, and perform moves to engage in combat. Players can hide behind objects during the gunfire.

And if the covering isn’t enough, the players also have the freedom to ask characters (those whom they have defeated) for more details and achieve their objectives, so Mafia III is very much like sleuth-crime busting movies as well. Ergo, Mafia III isn’t just about stealth, but it’s also about smarts.

The gamers, on the other hand, can be attacked and do the attack themselves in various locations. It is important for players to assign lieutenants to assist them and cover the area. Players may also drive cars, complete with vintage vehicles. The sound effects are impeccable.

The Story

Main character

Lincoln Clay is a black orphan with a dual racial identity in the 60s but was adopted by a leader of the mob. Years later, Clay served as a special forces soldier in the Vietnam War. After the war, he comes back to his hometown and spends time with his adoptive father, Sammy Robinson and Clay’s friends from the mob.

However, there has already been an ongoing war between Sammy’s group and a Haitian gang led by Sal Marcano. Clay encounters Sal, who then tells him that the former should replace Sammy as leader of the black mob. When Clay refuses, he was forced to perform a heist with Giorgi, Sal’s son. Despite the success of the heist, Sal dupes the group, eventually ordering the murder of Sammy and Clay’s friends.

Mafia III Gameplay

Here’s a bit of the mystical that makes the game more exciting: Clay himself was shot and was believed to be dead. Miraculously, he was still alive, thanks to the nursing and rescue of Father James. When Clay recovers, you know exactly what he’s planning to do: work for revenge. This is the trope of most Mafia and crime gang movies, and Mafia III is no different. As expected, Clay calls some friends to assist him. John Donovan, Clay’s friend and CIA handler back in Vietnam agrees to help him and thus becomes a spy to Sal and the rest of the Marcano’s. Clay becomes the protagonist you’ll want to root for: he makes his plans.

Making allies

He first looks for allies then recruits the following: Scaletta, a former lieutenant of Sal; Thomas Burke from Ireland; and Cassandra, the leader of a Haitian gang. That’s four bosses you got there, and you know it’s just a matter of time before the band takes on New Bordeaux.

Now there are also underbosses who hold the districts under Clay’s orders. Together they help Clay disintegrate the Marcano organization. The biggest problem faced by the characters here is that who betrays whom.

Mafia 3 Trailer


The meat of the plot includes Clay killing Sal’s family members as well as some politicians. Giorgi is also killed by Clay. The dramatic element is evident in this scene, as Clay corners Sal and murders Sal. As Clay leaves the casino, Leo Galante confronts him. Leo lets Clay live but tells him to keep New Bordeaux in order. He becomes his benefactor, as the elderly Galante gives Clay 20 percent of his earnings. Another dramatic element is seen in the tension, as to whether Clay would leave his life of crime. Father James pleads him to leave and start anew, but Donovan advises otherwise. Naturally, Clay chooses the latter, and that is where the action and adventure start.

Interesting to note is a scene after the credits, in which Donovan is being tried for the conspiracy theory. In the legal war, he reveals a significant piece of information: that Sal is one of the masterminds in the killing of former USA President John F. Kennedy. This gives a lot of intrigue and life to the otherwise fictional world of New Bordeaux.

Game Development

When the official trailer was released in 2015, gamers were astounded by the cinematography. It looked like a real Hollywood movie, and naturally, players got excited to try it. The game is compatible with, Xbox, MacOS, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows

Staying faithful to the previous Mafia installments, the game developers used the software Simplygon to create the realistic state of New Orleans. To make the game look like it was set in the sixties, the developers made use of vintage photos as a backdrop.  Alterations were made for a better storyline, such as the removal of Superdome Stadium and the city and the bayou being near each other. The setting made it possible for players to ride cards and go on an adrenaline-pumping car chase. The guys at Hangar 13 and 2K Games also moved away from the traditional Mafia scene (think of the Godfather movies) to show viewers a fresh perspective on what happens in other powerful mobs.

Mafia III strong points

Regarding the graphics, it is nothing short of splendid. The game is indeed better with all the exciting action. Despite the very emotional-laden plot, gamers will like representing Clay as he chases and kills his enemies.

However, for you to appreciate the graphics and the traditional design of New Orleans, you have to repeat some activities. In short, after chasing away Mafia mobs, nothing else is new, and gamers will have to do the chase again to enjoy the feel of the game, which to say, might be a tad tedious.

In the previous paragraphs, the Mafia trope was mentioned. While the action and the gore could be exciting for some players, the plot could make use of the traditional exposition-conflict-climax-denouement structure. The post credits scene with Donovans helped sow intrigue, but if you are a history junkie, you know that the JFK assassination wasn’t so much of a trick. Perhaps in the succeeding installments, writers could invent other interesting plots and not just the usual killing and vow for a revenge story.

Mafia III Review

Lots of weapons and repetitive missions

What is also generally liked about Mafia III is the documentary-style narrative of Clay’s life. This style adds authenticity, and a vintage feels to the video game. Gamers who love a lot of action will agree that Mafia III’s best deals are its high setting and characters, the excellent sound effects, and the weapons. There are so many weapons to choose from to shoot down your opponent. Anyone who dreams of target shooting but couldn’t get around to it so may be satisfied with the gun-filled activity and chases in Mafia III.

However, what players have to watch out for, and this can’t be said enough, is the dull plot and repetitive scenes. Hardcore gamers may not appreciate going to New Orleans for hours. The game is also a bit suffering from technical issues. Sometimes, the scenes would lag. It could probably be your Internet connection, but still, it shouldn’t disrupt your gaming experience. There are also tooltips that may be irritating for experienced players.

Mafia 3 Download

Gangs vs Clay

You may also feel a little sad that you only get to play from Clay’s perspective. Mafia III could have been better as an MMORRPG, than as a single-character game. It would have been fun to play tactics with other gamers whose moves you may not be aware of. The sounds are amazing, but the racial slurs may tick some people off. Because Mafia III features a black mob, you get two severe categories there: gangs and blacks.

There really shouldn’t be any issues with regards the racial angle. But you will, however, hear the racially-charged language, and you might get shocked that developers approved of it. If you think you won’t be affected then perhaps you can just let it pass.


All in all, the game is good because it also merges what you already know about mobs. It would be surreal to play as a Mafia leader in a game and lose yourself in a world of guns, revenge, and violence. Children and teens, however, aren’t advised to play Mafia III because of strong violence content.

Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry, I watch movies, lots of them.

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