Asemble your dream team with the Marvel Contest of Champions hack and cheats

Everyone is looking for units and gold

Getting good heroes can be a difficult task, especially when you are unable to put money into the game. That is why there are a lot of players that quit after a few weeks when they realize that in order to get their favorite heroes they have to do exactly that, pour money into the game. The ones who neither quit or open their wallets are the players who start searching for alternatives, tips, tricks or a working Marvel Contest of Champions hack. And that is what we are bringing you today, a way of generating resources.

There are plenty of tools around the internet, but most of them do not work. Though that shouldn’t be the case with these Marvel Contest of Champions cheats, as these have just been released and are probably not patched, and won’t be for a long time.

Delving into the Marvel Contest of Champions hack

The generator is very easy to understand and use. But even so, it still comes with instructions, if anyone ever gets stuck. The entire process is completely cloaked, so it can’t be traced and it your account can’t get in any trouble. Hacking Marvel Contest of Champions with this tool only takes five minutes, after that, you’re free to enjoy all the gold and units you’ve got. You can see below how a maxed account looks like, with every hero unlocked and a ton of units. If you want your account to look the same way, then use the button below.


All champions unlocked

You can also see here a screenshot of the Marvel Contest of Champions hack interface. It only runs online in a browser and supports both Android and iOS. The browser in which you open it has no importance, as works in any of them. The only thing that matters is that you input the right email. Make sure you double check before you start the process so that you don’t have to do it all over again.

Marvel Contest of Champions hack

The developers of this tool also worked in collaboration with another team on the Clash Royale hack, of which we talked some months ago.

Haven’t heard of this game?

Are you a big fan of MARVEL comics? Do you enjoy watching them fight – hero and villain brawling for the fate of the world? Do you wish to see all your favorite Marvel characters in one place?

Nodding your head in complete agreement? Then get your phone and download MARVEL Contest of Champions now! It’s an action-packed adventure game that lets you wander into a futuristic Marvel universe, commanding the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, and then putting them off against each other in a never-ending battle against good and evil. This game’s lets you collect these heroes and even level them up as you go, allowing you have a wide arsenal of powerful combatants for the CONTEST­ – the battle you partake in to seize all of these heroes and villains. Collecting is the right word only when you have used the Marvel Contest of Champions hack, otherwise, “grinding” would be the right word. That’s because it takes a lot of time to acquire all the heroes if you’re not willing to spend money.

Something new, but not so different

Employing a different game control, Marvel Contest of Champions throws you into the fight without controls visible on the screen that allows you to see the action unfold before you. Even though there are no visible commands, they are relatively easy to remember; all you need to do is tap, slide, or hold down your finger on the screen to apply the commands. It takes some time to get used to them, but after a few battles, you’ll be a pro in no time. Make no mistake, the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats can’t help you when it comes to this, skills are skills and are obtained throughout practice.

To be a pro, it doesn’t take just memorizing these commands; you need to apply some tactics too. All muscle and no brain will get you nowhere and fast; the game is easy to play, but the AI is smart; it makes you think that you’re winning, but sometimes it gets your hopes up too much that it counters at just the right moment to finish you off. But don’t fret, it all depends on timing and maneuvering; the game allows you to block and dodge to let you recover for just the right amount of time before you can fight the enemy again.


The fight itself is simple and uses both light and heavy attacks, nothing too fancy but amazing to watch; what I often use though is the running attacks that are executed when you slide your finger to the right. Although it takes some getting used to, when you perform it at just the right time, you can deal massive damage to your opponent and prevent their attack from being unleashed. After executing successful light or heavy attacks, your power meter at the bottom left fills up, allowing you to unleash your hero/villain’s power attack.

Once built up, power attacks deal massive damage to your opponent and could even cripple, stun, or let them bleed – these effects doesn’t necessarily come from power strikes, but can also be dealt with light and heavy attacks. These attacks are leveled – starting at one and the highest at three – that require you to raise your hero/villain’s rank. The higher the rank, the more powerful your heroes become but don’t forget about your equipment too.

To unlock more features in the game, your level as a player as to go up as well; with each fight, you tackle in the story mode, the more player experience you get. With each level, you are given tickets, more inventory capacity, and at times more hero/villains available to go on missions with you. What was more important to me was the energy – the more energy, the more you can continue your battle and progress further into the story. It also takes a lot of gold and units in order to progress and unlock everything, which can be easily acquired throughout the Marvel Contest of Champions hack.

Not so easy to collect, but worth it

Beginning your journey as the Summoner, you are given two random heroes to start your fierce battle with Kang – the main antagonist of the story. Traversing the futuristic arena of the Collector, you are faced off with familiar faces of heroes and villains who are sent off against their will to fight you. If that wasn’t obvious enough from the overwhelmingly long and unneeded dialogue – in particular for people who just want to get into the game – then you have to stop skipping each dialogue.

Max level

Heroes are not easy gained, but can be acquired through the collection of tickets that lets you randomly get heroes from the shop at the cost of 50 tickets or more depending on how badly you want them; these tickets are easy to collect and can be obtained per story mission, at the same time, if you complete the map of each story quest, you get extra tickets from the exploration bonus. Tickets are one of the few ways to get more heroes. Another way is the crystals you get from getting into the game on a daily basis; you can get a random one or two-star hero/villain this way. But the best way is by using the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats.

Hero Classes

Collecting a hero always starts at level one, but just to have that hero in your arsenal of combatants is enough. Why? Because each hero has their class and each class of hero is dominant to another class; there are six types of heroes, each of them have their own unique abilities. Before each match, you are allowed to select your team of heroes and upgrade them as you see fit before embarking on the quest. The system is pretty similar to the one found in Legacy of Discord, where you also have to equip and upgrade a team of heroes.

Once you’re in a quest, you cannot change your team; you can view what enemies you’ll be up against before you embark on the journey though. At the character selection screen, there is a meter in the middle where the needle may veer from the center to the left or the right. If it’s on the left then the odds are in your favor, giving you many boosts against your opponents; and if the needle is on the right, then it’s an advantage to your opponent.

Always take a look at this needle because it will give you an advantage in every battle.

Smack and Pow!

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game based on making a good team and tactics. Facing off with other players to either show off or just try to see what they have to offer. Sometimes, fighting with other players you can even see what a maxed out hero or villain can provide. You can also figure out different types of combos and techniques from other players that the AI can’t show you, making the game even more exciting when wanting to try the same tactic against other players.

Overall, Marvel Contest of Champions is a great game if you’re looking for some smacking action and also a nice way to collect all your favorite heroes in one place.

Using Marvel Contest of Champions cheats properly

You should keep in mind that there is no download required for the Marvel Contest of Champions hack tool. There’s also no apk modding involved in this, everything happens online and all the gold and units are forever. That would be all, you have the instructions for everything else. Now that you know how to hack Marvel Contest of Champions all that is left for you is to actually do it.

Marvel Contest of Champions cheats


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Choose the number of gold and units that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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