MU Origin Review: Cult MMO Game Never Gets Old

From movies, television shows, and even gaming franchises, reboots and revivals are the popular trend in entertainment these days. Despite having a strong following on desktop, games like MapleStory and Ragnarok Online are attempting to reach a wider target market with their mobile versions. Now, the game developers from Webszen have joined the bandwagon by unleashing the MU Origin on Android and iOS.

This mobile MMORPG app further expands the MU Universe, thanks to new maps, character classes, quests, and monsters. The rhythm of the gameplay is fairly similar with other MMO titles on the market, so players who enjoy this genre will certainly feel at home.

If you are planning to conquer this vast, online universe, read the MU Origin for mobile review first!

Choose Your Character

Upon opening the game for the first time, you will be asked to choose a job class. You have three options.

You can be a Dark Knight that’s efficient in melee combat, a Dark Wizard who can cast devastating spells, and an Elf that’s skilled at sniping enemies from afar and healing allies.

mu origin characters

Both the Dark Knight and Wizard are male, while the Elf is female. Each class can use up to seven skills. Although their attacks are limited, you have numerous options for weapon and armor customization.

User interface

As an online MMORPG title, expect that the user interface of MU Origin for smartphone will be filled with a lot of icons. To navigate your character around, you can use the virtual control pad found at the bottom left side of the screen.

On the lower right, there are buttons for skills and normal attacks. The game modes, meanwhile, can easily be accessed on the upper right. Other screen icons include a mini map, your avatar, and your HP and MP meters. If you tap the picture of your character, you will be redirected to a page that reveals your current stats, skill sets, and points.

The user interface is easy to follow. Even first-time players of MU can easily navigate their way around. The icons are also evenly spaced out, so you can still enjoy the detailed artwork. However, it’s recommended that you play the game on a tablet or smartphone with a larger screen because the attack buttons are too cramped on one side. If you are not careful with what you tap, you might accidentally use a powerful attack on a low-level minion.


Just like a regular MMORPG, the gameplay of MU Origin for iOS revolves around defeating monsters, collecting raw items, making your own equipment, exploring dungeons, and joining a party.

Most of the quests require you to talk to NPCs, run around the map, and defeat a monster. You can also do several daily quests and auctions. There are moments wherein the gameplay can be monotonous, especially if you are level grinding.

Thankfully, the pace and leveling of this game is fast. You can quickly gain experience points by joining a party and farming for minions. Enemies also respawn quickly, which greatly contributes to a speedy progression of your level. Despite being an RPG, MU is fast-paced and it will not make your life that difficult.

No energy system but still repetitive

Another good thing about MU is that they don’t have the common mobile energy system popularized by Candy Crush. You can play as long as you want without worrying about not being able to complete a quest on time.

However, MU is still prone to the repetitive qualities of an RPG, so playing for too long can be tedious. In order to prevent burn out, the developers limited the number of times that a player can enter a dungeon or participate in an event. Don’t worry though because you can still farm experience points, even when the dungeon doors are closed.

Newbie and veteran mechanics alike

In addition, you can also tweak the settings so your character can automatically take healing potions when needed. You have the freedom to determine the amount of HP or Mana that you must have before the auto potions feature kick in. That way, you will not be wasting potions.

Newbie players will appreciate the automatic battle and travelling feature in this game. With just a tap, you can teleport your character across town, fight monsters, and receive loot from quests. The MU mobile version captured the essential of the original PC franchise, from a time when quest diversity was still not a trend.

Veteran gamers might find this feature to be annoying because it makes things easy, but you have to remember that is a mobile version of the original. The common questing methods for the desktop may not work on smaller devices; hence, the developers have to automate the battle and travel systems.

More gameplay can be seen here:

Video coutesy of PROAPK – More videos on his channel here: Android/iOS/Nintendo Switch Gameplay – PROAPK


The MU Origin mobile RPG also retained the dated look of the original game, giving fans a nostalgic feel. The low resolution graphics helped in keeping the game smooth. The retro design also looks cool. The character designs are not overly sexualized and the fight sequences are exciting to watch.

mu origin graphics

Fighting the World Boss + Fun Events

There are times wherein Webzen would unleash a freakishly strong monster known as the World Boss. Players can band together online and attempt to defeat it. But be warned: the World Boss can survive attacks from strong parties.

For low-level players, they can take down lower-leveled World Bosses. They are great auto-play hotspots because it takes a while to defeat them on your own.

In addition, you can also participate in online events that will test your mettle. You need to turn off your auto-questing to participate in events. It’s difficult to resist participating because the rewards that you will receive are enormous. Thankfully, there are a lot of events to participate in.

Conclusion for MU Origin

Overall, MU Origin for smartphone and tablet is an exciting RPG that captures the magic of its predecessor. The gameplay is simple, but the events and World Boss adds challenge to it. The automatic travelling and battle system is also useful if you want to level up your character, but you have other real world quests to accomplish. This game is suited for fans of the old MU and newbies who want to get hooked on the RPG genre.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

I love to write articles about games. Besides being an avid gamer I also watch lots of movies and read all about technology. If you have any interesting conversation topic, hit me up!

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