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Since its release, Need for Speed: No Limits has been keeping fans and gamers excited. It has decent graphics but its free-to-play availability is what made its mark as one of the best racing games on mobile today. Still, there are a few drawbacks to it as well. Let’s see what makes and breaks this popular mobile racing game.

No Offline Mode

Need for Speed: No Limits is a regular mobile racing game in most respects. There two major chunks in the gameplay: racing and upgrading your cars. Unlike most titles, the races here are short and quick. This can be promising if only you can play it offline. Unfortunately, you need to be connected online in order to play. Here comes one of its pitfalls – it can be common to experience a lot of slow-loading screens, which can take longer than the actual races. It’s also usual to be disconnected every now and then, which can be disappointing whenever you lose entry tickets and fail your race.

Players report more glitches as you level higher up. The tried-and-tested restarting the device and the game may be done often at certain points just to get the racing game to work properly. So it’s wise to check for proper Need for Speed: No Limits system requirements ahead of time. Although this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, having to be online all the time can be limiting to many gamers.

Control Options

Generally, there are three basic control options for this mobile game: touch, tilt, and swipe. It’s all a matter of finding the right footing that works for you. Majority of players claim that the default (touch) control is the best one. It does not show buttons on your screen, but this platform can operate seamlessly after a few minutes of practice: basically, to turn, tap left or right, to use a nitro boost, swipe up, and to drift, swipe down.

nfs no limits control options

Ease of Gameplay

At all times, your car is on constantly and would therefore be ready to accelerate. This means that all you are left to control are turning, drifting, overtaking others, and boosting with nitro. This makes NFS: No Limits gameplay easier than most racing titles. And to top this off, there’s even an “Easy Mode” available, which can make for good practice. Most of the races will let you choose your car from your garage. You can pick from the vehicles that you’ve already unlocked. As with most racing games, you can upgrade your cars — the better they are upgraded, the better the performance, and the more likely you are to win races.

Alternatively, you can opt for the “Medium” and “Hard” modes to get more of a challenge. Note that certain races are exclusively available to specific levels only.

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There is always something to do with Need for Speed: No Limits. The developers really meant it when it claimed that there are “no limits”. You can choose from a wide variety of races, for instance. Because the races are really short, too, you can easily try many types of races in one sitting. You can enter races as often as you’d like, although, take note of the “timers” (a common feature in mobile games), which simply mean that every race you participate in utilizes “fuel tanks”. Over time, these regenerate and you can race again.

need for speed no limits racing underground

Levels and Storyline

There are many series in NFS: No Limits that you need to finish, and each one includes different challenges, characters, and chapters. Every chapter includes about ten levels, which will require you to go through the story and race against either AI characters or other players. Whenever you finish a level, you receive some money, blueprints, and spare parts. Finishing a chapter gives you fuel refill and gold.

Device Performance

Again, one unfortunate aspect of NFS is that you can only continue the story if you are online. You may get disappointed (to say the least) if you’re in the middle of a challenging race, or are about to win a race, and you’re suddenly thrown out because of disconnection errors. The biggest downfall of Need for Speed: No Limits Android, however, might have to do with its visuals. There is a scarcity in visual points and any offers available in the Mod Shop can be quite pricey. But even more than that, the lack of visual options can be disappointing.

iOS gamers, though, can consider themselves fortunate. For iOS devices, only high-tier graphics are available. This isn’t the situation for Android devices, though – which is getting Android gamers frustrated, since there is a lack of visual settings. It is possible to play the game without it being able to recognize that your device is high-end. So you’re stuck with lots of pixelated scenarios.

Need for Speed: No Limits Conclusion

A Need for Speed: No Limits download can be a lot of fun, especially if you consider yourself a “casual gamer”. You can go forward quickly, gain more reputation, and unlock more features if you’ve got a lot of free time to play. It can take a maximum of three days to unlock the Tournament feature. There is a huge variety of races available, and you can unlock vehicles if you collect the blueprints that match.

Again, it can be boring to wait for loading times and upgrades. The races are rather short, which some might find good, while others might find as a hindrance. Even with this, however, the full gameplay session can still be long, thanks to the loading times. In fact, you may spend half of your time upgrading and going through added features (Mod Shop, Loading Docks spinning wheel). Having no visual options for Android players can be a source of frustration, too.

All in all, Need for Speed: No Limits is a great mobile racing game for beginners and casual players, and can help you kill time when you need it. However, more hardcore gamers can find it as a bore and lacking challenge in some parts. You may need to have lots of patience because you need to collect all corresponding blueprints before you get a new car — you cannot simply buy or build one. Even paying players will have to rely on luck, especially with premium crates which are very random as well.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

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