Nitro Heads Review: Crazy Racing Fun for iOS and Android

With the holiday season coming, it’s only expected that people have a simmering speed demon inside of them waiting to break out and push the pedal to the metal. Imagine if you were in control of a big, hulking monster truck, more than capable of crushing the obstacles in your path. Well maybe you can’t do that in real life, unless you want to spend Christmas in prison with various manslaughter and traffic violation charges – but that’s what games are for, right?

Enter Nitro Heads. It’s a crazy, multiplayer racing simulator with a twist: you get to drive monster trucks and other hefty machines, but you get to test their speed and heft through a route that looks more like a merciless roller coaster track than a rigid asphalt loop. Coupled with the game’s quirky balancing mechanic, it’s not just a mindless button-masher; yes, a measure of skill is required to master your vehicle after all.

Of course, you don’t have to be driving alone; you can invite up to four of your friends along for the ride and see who gets left in the dust. And if you’re stuck bickering over how iOS and Android players can enter the race together, well good news for you—Nitro Heads is compatible with both, which means nobody’s got an excuse to turn down a racing challenge from you.

High-octane Multiplayer Fun

Being a racing game, Nitro Heads is real-time head-to-head, or rather, bumper-to-bumper contest against your friends. But it’s not just about finishing first; there are a lot of physics-defying tricks you can pull in this game to rack up your points as you get some sick airtime with your massive monster truck. Taking the lead and winning the races will net you credits and of course, some major bragging rights on the game’s leaderboard. After all, who doesn’t want to be crowned the Nitro King, especially if you’ve won a bet? Nitro Heads could be a great alternative to flipping coins or pulling the short stick when it comes to footing the bill.

nitro heads racing

And not to worry if your friends are all busy when you feel like taking Nitro Heads out for a spin; you can be matched up with the game’s community of thousands of players worldwide.

Pimp Your Ride

Remember those coins you won from dominating the competition with your mean racing machine? Well, you can make your monster truck faster and meaner by spending those credits on upgrades. The game rewards those who win, but if you’ve got a hankering for a few more new parts and you’re more than a few coins short, then there are some in-app coin purchases you can make to satisfy that craving quickly. Yet unlike other freemium games, Nitro Heads is never skewed against those who invest their time instead of their money; the finish line is impartial, after all.

nitro heads customisation

As you progress, sure, a few engine, handling, and speed improvements are exciting, but make sure you fill up on the good old NO2, because it’s not a race until you see fire blazing from your exhaust pipes. And of course, to match the merciless performance of your truck, you’re going to want to customize the way it looks to intimidate the competition, or maybe to show that you’ve got damn good taste in badass aesthetics. If pimping your ride on the outside is more your thing, then Nitro Heads offers you a lot of opportunities to redesign and buy new truck models, so you can make sure you’re not just leaving your rivals in the dust. You’re giving them whiplash because you’re doing it in style.

Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Let Go

The point of Nitro Heads is simple enough for everyone to understand—finish first. There’s no pretention there, and if you’re looking for more, then maybe you’re playing the wrong game. But if you’re looking for a quick, addictive fix to pacify your inner speed demons, then you’re in luck: Nitro Heads is right up your alley. The aesthetics of the game is an entertaining balance of cool and cute, which easily appeals to younger players, while still being amusing enough that even leather-wearing motor heads wouldn’t mind being caught playing it on their grease-stained devices. After all, who wouldn’t want to try driving a monster Beetle car at least once? And even better, if you drive it and manage to win against some humongous hulked-up truck, you’ve got some serious bragging rights right there already.

The animation in Nitro Heads is smooth and the game controls are both easy to use and quick to respond, a major plus in this age of bloated games that make your machine sluggish to the point that you can no longer enjoy the experience. One major feature that adds serious but challenging fun to this game is the balancing mechanic that controls your landing after airtime; a little mistake can go a long way towards adding unwanted seconds to your time, and if you manage to master the controls while your opponents are still struggling, then victory’s already yours.

The tracks you race in aren’t just dark asphalt rings that make you go cross-eyed with boredom. In line with the game’s quirky graphics, the tracks are designed to fit fifteen different worlds, each having its own unique theme. You could be speeding through a sharp loop of dangerous ruins, balance off of a spiky platform made out of oversized Arctic icicles, or slinging your way through a massive prehistoric spinal column, or even flying through a ring of fire like some souped- up mechanical circus beast.

Wrapping it up…

Nitro Heads is a game you can pick up and play for a few minutes to kill time in the dentist’s office, or if you’ve really gotten into the rhythm of the race, an hour will quickly pass you by without you noticing, or regretting it. That’s the essence of a game after all, isn’t it, having fun? Well, best to strap yourself in, because Nitro Heads is one hell of a ride.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

I love to write articles about games. Besides being an avid gamer I also watch lots of movies and read all about technology. If you have any interesting conversation topic, hit me up!

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