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A new trend: School of Dragons

School of Dragons Hack was not a thing people would be looking for a few months ago. Recently School of Dragons has become a very popular game after being regularly updated by the developers, so today we are bringing you a fully functional hack.

The How to Train Your Dragon saga has extended its successful franchise in movies and is becoming a lot more ‘interactive’ with its fans. The HTTYD makers partnered with popular educational game makers JumpStart to create a fun, vibrant and highly-interactive and surprisingly entertaining online game called “School of Dragons“.

Probably everyone heard at least about the movie How to Train Your Dragon. But not many know about the games made after the movies. If it happens for you to be between those who didn’t know about the game, then you should give it a try as it is a pretty neat game. You can get it on Android, iOS, and play it on Facebook gaming platform as well. Just search for “School of Dragons“, and you are ready to go.

The School of Dragons Hack works on both Android and iOS devices and can be run straight from your mobile phone. If you have troubles using it then just follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the page.


School of Dragons Hack Cheats

School of Dragons Hack

Game Review – Train Your Fire-Breathing Reptiles!

How to Train Your Dragon was a surprisingly good franchise. The “awkward boy turned hero” plot is a bit cliché, but the presentation of characters and the Viking culture won the people’s hearts.

After watching the first two films and the spin-off series, you probably wish that you have your very own dragon to train and befriend. No fire-breathing lizards have been spotted yet in the real world, but you can make your dreams come true (partially) by playing the School of Dragons!

This free to play mobile game combines excellent graphics, adorable characters and challenging mechanics to create a fun experience for every player. You can surely enjoy this, even if you haven’t seen the Dreamworks movies or the series.

Check out this School of Dragons mobile game review and become the next great Viking dragon trainer!

Welcome to Berk!

The game is set in Berk – the fictional Viking town where humans and dragons learn how to coexist. In this app, the Vikings got the hang of befriending the fire-breathing lizards, but their lives are still filled with challenges.

You will play as a little Viking who owns a dragon. Your avatar is not of the existing characters from How to Play Your Dragon, which is a good thing because you have a lot of room to develop your virtual persona.

The town of Berk isn’t as large as what you might expect. People who love exploring the nooks and crannies of every RPG world may find this disappointing. But those who prefer quick access to vital infrastructures will find this convenient.

The town is surrounded by thick trees and a beach. Inside the town, you will find the actual dragon school and your home. In the early levels, most of your quests will require you to run around town and deliver items or gather information about dragon history.

Fans of the franchise will enjoy working on the quests as they will see more of their favorite main characters, followed by their dragons. The Viking power couple Hiccup and Astrid have the most number of dialogues and screen time. And with the School of Dragons cheats, fans will be able to fully discover Berk.

Accurate visuals

The art style of the mobile game is similar to its source material. Thanks to the finely rendered 3D graphics, riding your dragons or performing quests are exciting to do. The sceneries are also picturesque and will make you want to live there for real.

However, don’t expect a Skyrim type of visuals wherein there is a lot of blood and gore. This is a kid-friendly game, so expect that everything is bright and colorful.


The game has some of the staple elements of MMORPG-like quests, flying, level grinding, item crafting, and more. The primary objective is to learn more about dragons and nurture your pet as it grows. And when it comes to this, the School of Dragons cheats can help you the most.

Since the title has a kid-friendly tone, the developers removed two vital elements to an MMORPG – Player versus Player and Player versus Enemy AI. This means that you will not be burning any towns in this game.

However, there is still a lot of fun things to do like learning about different dragon classes and doing quests.

Dragon school

The school offers various subjects to help you understand your pet. You will learn how to feed your dragons, hunt for food, and how to ride them. Hiccup will personally train you on how to ride these lizards since he is the first one to do it. There are also real-world subjects like Botany to mold young minds and reinforce what they learn in their school.

If you’ve followed the How to Train Your Dragons franchise, you understand that Hiccup is a man of science. That’s why the developers added a laboratory in the Dragon School where kids can learn more about the scientific method of solving problems.

In the lab, players can also craft items from the raw materials they found in the woods. And whenever they get stuck, they can use the School of Dragons hack to continue without having to spend money.

Choose your dragon

You can find various dragon classes in the hatchery. Some options include the Deadly Nadder, Zippleback, and Gronckle. Sadly, there are no Night Furies available as of the moment. Each dragon has unique statistics, and you can customize their color scheme and gender.

Throughout the game, you will be doing a lot of quests together with your dragon. This will help your pet level up and build a stronger bond with you. The mobile app also added a few pet system mechanics like feeding and playing.

Each dragon has three phases to undergo. As your pet levels up, it will “shed its skin” and learn new skills that were not available during the early stages. But in order to unlock the best dragons and items, you’ll need to either pay or use the School of Dragons cheats.

Mini-games galore!

The School of Dragons tablet app is replete with various mini-games. There’s the fishing simulator wherein you have to patiently wait for the exact moment to reel in your prey.

The second is the FamVille-ish mode wherein you need to plant crops and tend to farm animals to gain money.

Fireball Frenzy is an exciting mini-game wherein you ride your dragon and shoot non-living targets with fireballs. Flying races are also something to try.

School of Dragons Hack & Cheats

If the game is already fun to play in itself, one would think how much of the games ‘playability’ will be destroyed by cheating on the game. It may be that it depends on the player, but for this game, it is raising the fun bar even higher. So how does the fun bar go higher?

You have to understand first that the way to get through the levels of this game is through the use of gems and coins. You collect or earn these in every quest that is played with a dragon. It also needs to be understood that it takes quite some time (not just 2 hours or so) to complete a level. So if you are one of those boys and girls who want to get rid of both of these seeming “inconveniences,” then the School Of Dragons Hack is the right tool for you! Again, this all depends on the player, whether to cheat or not. So if you are not willing to do so, please stop reading this article now.

Unlimited gems and coins are what you are going to get with this tool! This was developed using the latest hacking techniques, so you will not be caught cheating! It runs as an online generator and it requires no apk modding.

We’ll guess that finding this tool was an adventure in itself so far, you probably stumbled upon other tools and tried lots of different things, but none of them worked. We are here to tell you that your search is over. You can generate gems and coins as many as you need!

School of Dragons Hack

School of Dragons Cheats

You now have a way of acquiring unlimited gems and coins using this School of Dragons Hack. A way that implies no risks, all that is left for you to do is to download the hack and follow the instructions bellow.

Excellent game for kids

Overall, the School of Dragons MMORPG is a good title that is specially meant for the younger players. The game features a lot of lessons about friendship, pet ownership, and science that can be somehow applied in the real world. The visuals and characters are in-sync with the movies and series.

The game can stand on its own as a single-player RPG. However, the lack of PVP and PVE elements limits its target market and other possible exciting dragon-related activities. Still, it’s one of the most exciting games to try if you’re an MMORPG player.


  • Access the School of Dragons hack using the button bellow;
  • Insert your username/e-mail;
  • Select your mobile operating system;
  • Choose the amount of resources that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “hack” button;
  • Restart the game after the generator has finished;
  • Enjoy the free resources you got without spending a dollar & have a happy training!

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