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Seven Knights Hack

Seven Knights review with tips

About the game

The land of Ladenberg is in need of brave warriors who can face the God of Destruction and preserve peace. It is up to you to join Evan and Karin, to put together a band of warriors to achieve victory! Developed by South Korea’s game developer Netmarble Games, this game has become a hit. It is more than a game. It is an adventure. This game features hundreds of heroes and engages the player from the start since it provides an easy battle system. Seven Knights come with a limitless number of 3D battles. Hundreds of heroes can be combined for powerful combinations in the battles by enlisting teams. The game is brought to life by the dynamic effects and the diverse skill animations. You can have a peek at the Seven Knights hack below.

Seven Knights Rubies

The Gameplay

Once you form your team, you can make several moves to prepare them for their quest. The final quest requires your team to have improved on their skills and have increased power for battles. You can also gear up for the quest and rank them up against other teams. The great part of this game is that you can combine heroes. You can customize them to your preferences to build a formidable team.

Game modes

Unlike other games where you are unable to customize the team’s skills, in Seven Knights, this is possible and much better is that you can customize your team’s formation to strategize and prepare for battles. The game has different modes that a player can choose depending on his or her preferences. In Adventure Mode, you go through various continents. Once you conquer a continent, you move to the other. As you move ahead, you can train your heroes and improve the skills and formation of your team. Once you conquer the continents and you become a pro, then you head to Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, you contest against other players who are skilled to prove your worth. The equipment of your heroes matters a lot when it comes to this, that’s why so many are looking for Seven Knights free rubies.

Coop play

If you enjoy cooperating with others, under the Celestial Tower, you can cooperate with others to earn the honor of being the best guild. The Daily Dungeon is a daily challenge where you can gain hero supplements and increase the power of your hero once you display your strength. In Celestial Tower mode, you can test your limit as you battle levels that have increasing difficulty. In your adventure, you can collect over 200 heroes as you improve on their strengths and create an unstoppable army. The game has hundreds of stages which you fight through with simple automated combat and active skills available that you can use.


The game offers hundreds of quick stages based on making the progression from one stage to the next. Similar to many RPG games, it offers three difficulty levels; easy, normal and hard. The different difficulty levels have different features such as locations, bosses, and maps. Once you complete the easy level, you unlock the normal, and once you are done with this level, you progress to hard. The great bit is that you can travel with your heroes from the moment you start through the different stages. The thing is later stages can only be reached by either buying rubies or using the Seven Knights cheats.

In each stage, there are enemies that the player must defeat to advance to the next stage. The enemies depending on the stage may be a wave of one to three. Some of the rewards that come with completing a stage include hero and player experience, gold that you can use to purchase weaponry and upgrade your heroes gear. In some stages, you are awarded monsters who can join the party and make your team formidable. Stages are short and can take minutes to finish. This game offers an ‘auto skill’ and ‘2x speed’ feature and once activated, it speeds things up. The game keeps you engaged by the storyline through the side dialogue and new characters who can join the team.

Play with friends, challenge them

You can collect up to 5 and an extra 1 if you use a friend’s hero. Through semi-automated combat, the player can sit back and watch as his team of heroes fights against monsters in each stage. The player can only set the manual skills. Each hero has two skills, and it is, therefore, wise to put different skills among the heroes so that the team can have more power and win battles. Watching through the combats without directly playing can turn out to be boring. Also, not having enough rubies is just as boring, that’s why we recommend this Seven Knights hack.

The developers of the game had this in mind, and they added the 2x speed feature that speeds up the battles. The game has great graphics and animations, and the skills are a must watch. The first battles are worth watching too. The heroes collected include the monsters you can defeat. Heroes can be summoned too through the Gacha system, the game interface provides. There are different categories of heroes including Mage, Striker, Tank, Priest and All-Round.

The game shares many similarities with Crusaders Quest. They both have adventures allowing the player to collect more than 200 heroes. There are also monsters to fight and different levels across continents. They also both offer PvP battles. However, the game goes a notch higher to have the automate feature and 2x speed. It has better graphics, and the gameplay is more engaging with the character dialogue and the side dialogue box. However, Crusaders Quest has more modes, and the player can transverse over many more locations from the thick forest, across the blazing desert, under the waves of the ocean, through the heart of a volcano, and traverse the tundra as compared to Seven Knights.

Seven Knights Hack

So that’s it, you now have the latest Seven Knights Cheats at your disposal. If you have been searching for tricks and tips for this game, then search no more. As I’ve said it before, it can give you unlimited, free rubies and gold and all you have to do are follow the instructions bellow. This tool is completely safe to use and cannot get your account banned. All the rubies generated are added to the account in a few minutes, and they are permanent.

Seven Knights Cheats


Seven Knights is a sophisticated game. That cannot be questioned. It has a great story line. Great graphics and animations. It keeps the player glued to it by following up on the heroes. However, the automated combat also takes away the joy from the player since they cannot be engaged as the player would desire. The game may also turn out to be a bore due to repetition and predictability. However, it’s worth checking out.


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