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shadow fight 2 hack

Shadow Fight 2 in-depth review

The Game

In a world where paying to win has become the norm on the console, PC, and even mobile gaming, it’s a miracle you can still find freemium games on the App Store.

And these are not just your typical, garden-variety tapping franchises. These are quality games with impressive graphics, quirky designs, and fun but challenging mechanics. One of which is the Shadow Fight franchise created by NEKKI.

If you are a big fan of the first one, you will surely be happy to discover that its sequel has arrived in the app store. And that’s not just the only good news — it is FREE to download and play, just like the Shadow Fight 2 Hack.

Sure, some critics have mentioned the need to use real money for buying weapons, but that will not stop you from enjoying its Mortal Kombat-ish setup.

This short review will give you a rundown of what to expect from the second installment: Shadow Fight 2. Ready your thumbs because it’s about to get intense!

Shadow Fight 2 Hacked

The Plot

Upon opening the game, you will be introduced to the main character of the story, who is Shadow. He was once a legendary fighter who frequently travels the globe in search for another combatant worthy of his skills.

During his journey, he stumbles upon the Gate of Shadows and opens it. Based on the gate’s name, you can already tell that opening it will only result in horrible things. He accidentally releases the demons trapped in another realm, loses his flesh, and turned himself into nothing but a shadow.

To revert to his original body, he must fight the demons roaming the land, seal the Gate of Shadows, and possibly learn more about humility along the way.

Players will be introduced to the plot via the animated presentation, with narration courtesy of the character of Shadow himself. You can already tell how good the game is based on the first few frames. The effects are pretty decent so watching it will provide a few minutes of entertainment.

Even though the strong points of the game are in the gameplay and not the story, the developers still made an effort to present the story in an enticing manner. If first impressions last, you will get hooked with the franchise for its animated presentation.

Overall Visuals

Instead of seeing characters with intricate designs, you will get characters drawn in silhouettes. Considering that the main character of the story is reduced to a shadow, it seems all right just to present the other characters with just their silhouettes. However, the experience would have been way better if the characters had some color.

But to compensate with the flat designs of the avatars, the backdrop of each level is just stunning. The backdrops have vibrant colors that offer a stunning contrast to the silhouettes. The background art also gives that ninja film vibe with the beautiful bamboo designs, ancient scrolls, and mountain silhouettes.

To help you enjoy the visuals, the user interface only contains the minimum amount of controls and icons as possible. The Shadow Fight 2 Cheats interface was kept just as simple as the game’s interface.

shadow fight 2 gameplay

On the upper left and right corners are pictures of you and your opponent’s avatars. Beside them is the health point gauge so you can easily see if you can still take one more punch.

For the control system, you have a virtual directional joystick found on the bottom left. The buttons for punching and kicking can be found on the other side. The controls are easy to use, but you need to train your digits to memorize some sequences to dish out powerful attacks.

Just like any role-playing battle game, you need to be knowledgeable with these combinations so you can defeat the powerful monsters in the higher levels.

Smooth Animation

Aside from the art, another commendable thing about this franchise is the physics. It is one of the very few fighting games on mobile that have smooth animation. The way the characters move as you tap the buttons is so fluid and smooth; they almost seem too real. If you punch your foe, it will flip in a realistic manner. You can also feel the impact of each attack.

The additional sound effects like electric guitar riffs, “thwacks,” and “things” (the sound made when a steel blade clashes with another blade) also add a dramatic flair to the fight scenes.


Since the game is a mobile platformer, you can’t expect complex gameplay. To proceed to the next round, you simply need to defeat the enemy that appears on your screen. You need to secure two wins to move to the next opponent.

When fighting your virtual foes, massive amounts of patience are required as the pacing of each fight is methodical and quite slow. To win each round, you need to have the perfect timing to land your critical strikes. By using the Shadow Fight 2 Hack, you can make this task easier, as you’ll have access to the best items. The latest items will equip your character with a higher critical chance.

Button mashing is not recommended in this franchise as doing so makes your moves sloppy and prevents you from dishing out severe damage.

The hit detection works most of the time, so the points you get from each hit is entirely accurate. But in continuous close quarters combat, the hit detection does not work that efficiently. There are times wherein you thought that your punch would connect, but the system does not recognize it, so your opponent will not get any damage.

Upgrade your weapons, gear, and fight moves

As you beat up more enemies, you will have more chances to win virtual gold, which, in turn, can be used for sweet upgrades.

Despite being a freemium game, it offers a lot of weapons to choose from. Also, each weapon offers a different fighting technique, so there’s a high replay value.

You can also use your gold coins to upgrade the weapons stats and make them more powerful.

shadow fight 2 hack tool

Shadow Fight 2 Hack

So, how does it work? It is pretty simple as a front-end user. You have to introduce your game username and choose the amount of coins and gems to add to your account. From this point, the generator will do the rest on its own. Once the process in the background is complete, you will be asked to confirm your resources as a part of the verification process of the Shadow Fight 2 Hack.

By quickly navigating through our post you can see there are multiple buttons to access the tool. You can generate unlimited coins and gems for you and your friends. Right now there are over 3000 people that used the hack, and many of them left us a kind review. So, make sure to restart your game client before coming back here and comment that it didn’t work for you. The Shadow Fight 2 cheats have been tested on different 100 accounts before its release. But then again since this is a free tool to generate unlimited gems and coins you should have nothing to complain about.

shadow fight 2 cheats

The Wrap-Up

Overall, the game offers a lot of exciting action to players. The character design may be too bland, but the developers focused on elegant background art and smooth animation.

Since it’s a freemium franchise, expect that you only have a limited amount of time to play the game. You can either wait for your energy meter to recharge, or just pay real money to keep playing. The only other alternative is to make use of the Shadow Fight 2 Hack, as having unlimited gems at your disposal can go a long way into making this game more enjoyable.

However, don’t let that discourage you from trying it out. Even if you do not shell out cash, you can still enjoy tons of free virtual weapons and gear to defeat your foes.


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