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Clean Avzar of all evil with this new diamonds generator

The second Taichi Panda installment is out and so is the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack. The team behind the brand new generator is very experienced and has done an excellent job with this one, and we are going to take a look at both the hack and the game in the following article.

Developed by team B4NE, the new tool is even better than used with the old Taichi Panda game. This one comes in an online format as a generator, so it ca be accessed and used anywhere, at any time, very easily. It is entirely safe to use and generates the requested coins and diamonds in just a few minutes, so you can start enjoying all those premium features fast. With that being said, we’ll get back on this a bit later, after talking about the game itself.


Taichi Panda Heroes Hack

The proof

Above is a screenshot of the generator and below is a screenshot of a Taichi Panda: Heroes hacked, you can see the player has filled up his account with both coins and diamonds, your account can look the same by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Your game’s experience improves after gaining access to the premium features, which can be done by either spending money or using this tool, and that’s something crucial because at the end of the day we play games for entertainment, not to struggle, get mad, or anything like that.

We shall discuss the rest of the Taichi Panda: Heroes features at the end of the article. If you don’t want to read anymore, I have already told you everything you need to know to use them, so you’re ready to go!

Hack Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda: Heroes first look


Taichi Panda: Heroes is a mobile action game published by Snail Games, the same publishers of the action Taichi Panda. The difference between these exciting games is that this one offers 19 playable characters with the ability to swap between them.  The game is set in a fantasy land, Avzar, which has been protected by the great prophet, Vallar, and his disciple Aria. Recently, Vallar has been captured by the dark prince who also left Aria with no powers at all. The land will be plagued by evil magic, goblins, bandits, and monsters. Aria will uncover the mystery, save Vallar and defeat the evil in order to restore the balance with the help of three adventurers.

About Taichi Panda: Heroes

The key point of this game is to fight against an army of skeletons and giant demons with a team of warriors. The game follows the adventure of three heroes – a Daoist martial artist, Pan Da, a valiant knight, Lulandore and a nimble treasure hunter, Lauren Catcher. They venture into the wilderness to face untold dangers in their mission of saving the world from an evil prince and his army. The kingdom is on the verge of collapse, and many brave heroes step forth to face the challenge. There will be only one successful hero at the end of the battle. The road ahead will not be smooth, but every player will be able to command his band of heroes, collect and upgrade War Pets, form alliances, and expand his wealth.


Players are advised to engage in as many Activities as possible to earn Activity Points. Different Activities, such as upgrading the Equipment, completing Missions or requirements in the Fortitude menu, will give different rewards and different amounts of Activity Points. These Activity Points is that they are related to the Activity Bar, which is filled up with every newly completed mission. When filled at different levels, the Daily Activity Bar will allow you to unlock exclusive Daily rewards. Hacking Taichi Panda: Heroes makes activities way easier to complete.

Taichi Panda Heroes Gameplay

Playable Characters

In the game there are six different playable characters:

  1. Warrior who is good in melee fighting;
  2. Fox mage with an effective evasion skill and range attacks;
  3. Panda Priest who can be nearly indestructible when played properly;
  4. Taichi Panda that uses melee attacks and can produce serious damage to the opponents;
  5. Treasure Hunter that has a highly efficient evasion skill;
  6. Gunslinger who can buff its normal attack with one of the three weapon attributes (Electric, Freeze, Fire);

Game Play

Players are supposed to finish a given level before they can move on to the real game. Their score is calculated on the grounds of their rapidity of completing a level. Each level type has its standard of achievement. For example, if you complete a Basic Level in more than three minutes, you will receive only one star. But if you finish it in less than two minutes, you will be given three stars, which is considered the best reward. The timer starts once you begin the game and includes both the loading time and the last five seconds of the run. Getting three stars may prove difficult at times without having unlimited Taichi Panda: Heroes diamonds.

Taichi Panda Heroes Boss Fight


In the level, description players can get an idea of the loot they could get. That is not the only loot available. While fighting through the level, players must pick up the loot dropped by the defeated enemies, to acquire a high reward. Moreover, at the end of level players are allowed to choose between three cards that are lying face-down so as to boost their loot. Loot, gold, and experience gained from a level are dependent on the difficulty of the level.

If players complete a level with a 3-stars performance, they have the option to auto-run the level so as to gather special rewards. This allows players to acquire certain materials, such as Soulstones or Breakthrough Pills faster. You don’t have to abuse the Taichi Panda: Heroes cheats and get you an overpowered account, you can use it only to gain some free diamonds, and from there on, just play the game normally.

Level types

The game provides players with four types of levels – basic, boss, challenge and elite. Basic levels are represented on the map with a small red flag and are of an average difficulty. To unlock the next basic level, the previous one must have been completed. These levels can be attempted five times a day and involve exploring a series of paths, fighting enemies and defeating a boss at the end. Although along the way players might find loot, it does not reflect the gamers’ performance. What differentiates players are the ways they defeat the boss at the end of a Basic Level. Once killed, the boss will drop a collection of loot corresponding to the player’s performance.

Boss Levels are represented on the map by a picture of the boss and sometimes require players to defeat the boss to progress. These levels might be unique challenges that offer unique rewards to the player who defeats them. Usually, the boss is assisted by other enemies, mostly by the bosses from previous levels.

The map

On the map, Elite levels are represented by a small golden icon of a skull with wings behind it. These levels are similar to Boss levels because they all start with a boss fight. In the Elite levels, the boss and his team have special abilities, such as freezing, regeneration or have powerful area attacks, which make the level more challenging. Elite levels cannot be auto-run, yet they can be accessed two times a day.

Challenge levels are represented by a treasure chest. These levels are unique because they have special missions, other than killing enemies. Usually, players are required to accomplish a mission within a minute. These levels can be attempted only once a day and cannot be auto-run. Moreover, they have only one reward.

Taichi Panda: Heroes hack

First of all, note that you don’t have to download anything to use this tool. The Taichi Panda: Heroes hack runs only online and require an internet connection. Running it online is the safest, fastest and easiest way, that is why there’s no downloadable version of this tool.

The operating systems supported by the generator are Android and iOS. The amount of coins and diamonds that you can generate is unlimited, but try not to abuse that. Besides that, there’s not much left to be said, just access the generator, follow the instructions, and you’re all set.

Taichi Panda Heroes Cheats


To sum up, Taichi Panda: Heroes is one of the most entertaining and downloaded action mobile games. It is addictive, and once you start playing it, you will not be able to give it up.


  • Access the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert your username or e-mail of the account you want to hack;
  • Select the mobile operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Choose the amount of diamonds and coins that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free diamonds and coins!

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