Things You Missed in the Trailer of Dishonored 2

We all know that Dishonored 2 is coming in November 11, 2016. This is the sequel to the video game Dishonored, which was developed by Arkane Studios back in 2012. If you’re one of those gamers who are extremely excited right now, here’s what you need to know if you haven’t seen the trailer yet.

First things first

We know a lot that times has passed because if we look at the mask of Corvo (at the beginning of the trailer), it is not in good shape. Has he even used it for a long time? We have no idea. Corvo is no longer dishonored but actually been honored since the end of the previous game so we know this is ways down the line. We do know for certain that he is living on account of some things that the guys from Arkane Studios have said while on the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) stage presenting the trailer.

The game will start in Dunwall. You’ll be reclaiming what is yours as the game’s tag line goes , “Take Back What’s Yours.” This means reclaiming everything on the island, especially Karnaca.

The setting

The main setting of Dishonored 2 is Karnaca, the capital city of Serkonos. It is apparently a very large and highly developed city. This place is located south of Dunwall and it’s hotter here. Being the southernmost city on the island one can see the heat’s influence over everything. Arcane Studios has actually said that the government in this place is oppressive.

When you look at this place you can tell by one of 3 things:

  1. Wind power works better than whale oil
  2. Whale oil is outlawed and
  3. All the whales on the planet are dead

It could be some combination of these, but the city is certainly not powered on whale oil. It’s far from a Utopia though because if you look over on the shores of the island you can see what looks like a militarized version of the arc pylons from the first game.

Time has passed and one will notice that technology in the island has progressed a lot. The “wall of light”, which is basically an “electric fence without the fence”, is making a return but is now powered by wind energy, which is a much cleaner and more humane way to power the devices that burn people to sizzling ash.

The other cool stuff here is the ornate version of technology that you’ll see everywhere in this game. They’re definitely ahead of their time in their implementation of solar power. Arcane Studios didn’t address the insects a whole lot which was pretty intentional, an account that is rather present in all of the footage that we’ve seen in the game from today back to last year.

There is something else Arcane Studios just happened to let slip, “the action starts here, but also ends here.” That implies an incredibly far-reaching plot because if it stays true to its namesake, you will be Dishonored at the start of the game and exiled perhaps to Karnaca.

Who will you play with?

Moving on with the trailer, we are now looking through the eyes of our protagonist as he or she is progressing to an assassination attempt. Based on the attire and frame of the person, it’s likely that the protagonist being pictured here is not Corvo. Rest assured you will be able to play as Corvo. However, the power he/she is using is clearly not Bink, but it does function in a similar way.

dishonored 2 corvo

If you recall playing as Daud in Dishonored, remember that Daud has a slightly different set of powers. When the Outsider gives people powers, does he give them different powers or does he give them all the same gift? On the other hand, do their bodies react differently to it? One way or the other…this is not Corvo.

The target

The next scene is about a guy that is likely the Duke. He’s rich, he’s got a painting of Sokolov, which is a tie-in to the previous government, he is certainly living comfortably in present day, implying that when the government switched over they didn’t take him out. However, if he is tied to the previous government, he’s probably not the nicest fellow on the planet because that was the whole point in the first game. The previous government was super corrupt and the thing that was holding it together was the empress, who they eventually killed to take her power and sent the country into chaos.

dishonored 2 duke

In this scene, the fellow was doing some kind of machine experiments on his desk, which was likely a run in at that time and therefore it’s likely to be a remnant of that kind of thinking and likewise a kind of problem for us.

And here comes the payoff to all that buildup. Our protagonist is now entering a room. Based on how the room is designed, the technology that they have here is obviously on a different level than it was in the first Dishonored. It is clear that this is an assassination in progress and that our possible Duke is clearly the target. It seems that both Emily and Corvo are in this place to take back this area for the people.

In Dishonored 2, you can play as either Corvo or Emily Kaldwin. One would totally agree about this because Emily is the logical continuation of the most exciting part of the previous story; she’s young, she became the empress, she has everything to lose, and from the looks of it–she has lost it already.

Our next revelation are terrifying cycloptic smiling robots. These things look like something straight out of Bayonetta or a Guillermo del Toro movie. Either way, it’s what you’re probably going to be facing off with the entirety of the game. This thing is very deep inside into the previous malicious government so what this guy’s making is likely getting shared everywhere.

Abilities and powers

Corvo will retain his powers from the first game albeit upgraded. You will also have the ability to upgrade all of those by an asymmetric tree that will allow a large degree of customization.

Emily, on the other hand, has some completely new powers. For instance, one called Domino can link the outcomes of your actions towards one person to several other people of your choosing. Her equivalent of Blink is also somewhat of a crane or large tentacle arm that pulls you towards things as opposed to simply teleportation. The cool thing about that is you can actually bring other objects towards you.

dishonored 2 abilities

Perhaps the most terrifying of Emily’s powers is Shadow Walk. It reminds us of that early Game of Thrones scene for one of the 90 kings was slain by some smoke or a shadow or something, except you get to control it.

Cool new features

Over the 15 years between the two games, the Overseers became seriously overpowered. They went from being spooky-terrifying to being imposingly terrifying. It’s as if they were all given super soldier serum with matching new uniforms. The overseers are at war with a gang called the Howlers that in itself isn’t new information, but you will learn that you’ll be able to choose one of the two to align within certain ways to progress the story. The overseers are a totalitarian-esque military organization. The Howler’s, on the other hand, are ruthless and don’t really care what happens to the innocent. Fortunately, you are given the option to not align with either of them.

Probably one of the more interesting developments that wasn’t announced on the E3 stage is the Flesh and Steel mode. You’re literally going to be able to say no to the Outsider as in “I’ve had enough of your gifts.”

dh2 enemies

Something that gamers will also like is the void. The Outsider don’t just affect you, there are areas of the game where they will specifically affect the environment. The Mansion for instance, if it will be affected by a supernatural event, your powers will not work there.

Time is affected in such a way that you can go back in the past or forward in the future, which is even mentioned in both the vibrant and a dilapidated of version of itself. It looks really neat on account that it’s going to have you solve environmental puzzles related to things that have changed over the period of time as well as giving you different options and handling the enemies roaming the area. The effects used here are really cool and the developers credited the id Tech 5 engine they built specifically for Dishonored.


We know that the protagonist from Dishonor was Corvo. On Dishonored 2, gamers will have the option to between Corvo and Emily. The level of technology in this game is one big leap from the previous game. The protagonists have new powers and abilities to make each mission successful. And like any good sequel, this new game allows you to continue to experience the fun and excitement you had in the first game.

Written by: Biggie S. Hope

I love to write articles about games. Besides being an avid gamer I also watch lots of movies and read all about technology. If you have any interesting conversation topic, hit me up!

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