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Since you can do anything with gems there is no need to hack anything else in Titan Brawl. To go further and make yourself a better team, all you need are loot boxes and a little bit of luck. You are extremely lucky to get free gems. You can unlock as many boxes as you want until you get everything you need. The online generator is easy to use and takes less than 2 minutes to get you the resources you want. Note that this is no Titan Brawl hack apk modding involved, the entire process takes place online and all the resources generated will work in multiplayer.


A new style in mobile MOBA’s

One of the most popular gaming genres today is the multiplayer online battle arena, commonly called “MOBA”. It is thanks to titles such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends that this kind of gaming has become a huge hit with players from all over the world. Its gaming formula relies on streamlining the action and gameplay to the next level.

The special sauce comes from the Titan Brawl cheats which can be applied to any account.

Titan Brawl (Android, iOS) is one of the latest and most promising MOBAs. The goal is similar to that of other games in the genre: to have your team of unique heroes fight the enemies and be able to topple their giant totem, which is found at their base. The gameplay allows you to drop four characters into the battlefield and oversee them battling against opponents, as opposed to controlling just one hero. If you’ve played Clash Royale, you get the idea.

Even though it seems lacking in the teamwork aspect of typical MOBAs, Titan Brawl does make sense in the mobile gaming world. It offers real-time battles against other online players, as well as a feature that lets you join a clan. Aside from this, there are also single-player missions to tackle. This gives you a lot of things to try out and experience from one game.

Main Features

  • Fast-paced and action-packed gameplay
  • Compete with others in real-time
  • Keep playing to collect all heroes
  • Play with friends and find out who’s the strongest
  • Practice your game to become the very best
  • Find allies to play alongside you in co-op mode

About the Game

Despite certain similarities, Titan Brawl offers an experience unlike other games on the market today. It is essentially a real-time player-versus-player game that involves action-packed matches. Each match lasts four minutes, which adds up to the excitement and challenge: you need to win in just a short amount of time. This puts into play good strategy and quick thinking.

You can form a four-character team, choosing from a wide lineup of heroes. Your goal is to protect your Totem and extinguish your opponent’s. Each totem is protected by two towers. Each territory connects with two lanes – this is where your battles usually occur. As the game goes on, you can keep deploying heroes and utilising power-ups as per your strategy.

Titan Brawl hacked

The game developers took inspiration for Titan Brawl from the current mobile MOBA situation. They wanted to create something that was highly accessible for everyone. Because the genre is relatively new, there is a lot of improvement that can still be done. Sure, there are a lot of MOBA games on mobile right now, but they wanted to come up with a game that is specially crafted for these devices.

The goal is to produce a game that can prove to the world that you don’t have to own an expensive gaming rig to participate competitively in eSports. Your phone or tablet is enough. And since a “great” is free to play, we decided to make hacking Titan Brawl an easy thing the these Titan Brawl cheats so that anyone can enjoy the “full” game with all of its content.

Titan Brawl Strategies

To be victorious in this game, follow these tips and tricks:

Create a well-balanced lineup

There are three main categories of champions: offense, defense, and support. You are given three champion slots, so use them to have a balanced team. Pick an offensive champion to land damage to opponents.

Include a defensive champion to use as melee front liners. They protect other characters and act as living shields. Even if they are slow and inflict little damage, they have high hit points.
Finally, get a support champion. This will concentrate on providing utility and buffs for your other heroes. Take caution, however, to not deploy support champions on their own. Send out minions or other heroes ahead, because support characters generally fall quickly if they are unpaired. Strategize to make the most of their abilities to heal, shield, and buff the rest of the team.

Collect boxes

These can be good sources of champion tokens and materials you’ll need for upgrades. Get these by finishing campaigns and missions. Every few hours, there is also a free bonus box which you can collect. Once you level up to a higher rank, you’ll be rewarded with a box as well. Finally, your final rank as the season ends will decide how many boxes you will receive as a reward (for instance, if you are in the Bronze Rank III, you will get three bronze boxes at the end of the season).

Alternatively, you can buy boxes using magic gems (the game’s premium currency). But that’s only for those that do not know that hacking Titan Brawl can be so simple and getting unlimited Titan Brawl free gems is actually a thing.

Never stick to just one strategy

The game lasts for only a few minutes. What this means is that you’ll need to make quick actions. You need to be assertive. Play the offense, not just defense. Otherwise, you’ll never get the upper hand. Here are a few strategies you may want to try:

hacking Titan Brawl

  • Do the even-split push. Here, you need to deploy champions on both lanes together with minions. This gives an equal amount of pressure against your enemy on two fronts.
  • Do a single-lane push. This is a lot riskier, but if done right, it can be rewarding. Simply deploy all champions on one lane. Think of it as a huge army. If your opponent is caught unprepared, he may start to panic and lose the game. It can even end in a “fastbreak” victory. The risk is that it can go the other way around. Since one of your lanes is essentially left open and unguarded, your enemy can easily take advantage of the situation, especially if your massive-army-push fails.

The important thing to remember is that your enemy gets available champions at the same time you do. The exciting challenge is that you have no idea which one he’ll play, and when he’ll play it. There are various strategies that can be applied in this game, and the possibilities are endless. Being smart can guarantee more victories.

Titan Brawl Hack

So, you are going to ask yourself: why do I need this? As in any other MOBA you want to be a top-ranked player. The Titan Brawl cheats will help you to build a perfect team of heroes. It won’t make you the best player but you are going to be in the top 1% for sure. So stop thinking about buying gems and get on this Titan Brawl hack iOS and Android and fill your account with real gems for free.

Titan Brawl Hack

With the fastest growth of players, hacks like this are now much more downloaded than before. To make it easier for everyone we have a small step you need to pass before you can get the free Titan Brawl gems. You must complete a quick survey in order to make the full use of the tool. All the gems you get using the Titan Brawl hack tool are there forever.

Titan Brawl Cheats

Final Thoughts

The ever-changing strategies make the game addictive and popular. And with more updates on their way, Titan Brawl is one title to watch for in the MOBA genre. You can start a career in it and of course, boost it with the Titan Brawl cheats.


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