Bigger and better titans in the new Titanfall 2

They are back into the field of action once again

The news that the first-person shooter video game Titanfall 2 is being developed is music to a lot of people’s ears. Titanfall was great but it lacks some important aspects like customization and “unlocks”. This sequel hopes to address those issues. The trailers are already out and some lucky individuals got a chance to play the game at EA PLAY 2016.

Here is what most of them said about the game.

The Visuals

There is a slight improvement on the original though the lighting, for example, is much better and the texture seemed more detailed than the first game. The animations were also much improved. In fact, the animation for getting in and out of the Titans and the takedowns were very well done that really added to the immersion.

Player Loadout

Sure, they were cool in the first game but this time, they just felt a lot smoother. It was all contextual depending on what angle you came at your Titan and they were all very flashy indeed.

The Map

The Domination star map looked similar to a Titanfall map. The buildings and the way the map flowed were almost identical and if it wasn’t for the new Titan abilities and the Grappling Hook, you may think that you’re actually playing a Titanfall expansion. Still, that doesn’t have to be a negative. It can also be something very good.

Grappling Hook

To most people, the addition of a grappling hook can make the game even better. If you’ve seen the gameplay trailer during the E3 2016, you may have noticed the grappling hook at the end of the video. It was the scene where a pilot is in mid-air and grapples the enemy in front of him. He then glides towards the enemy before kicking him in the face.

Well, the grappling hook is one gadget you need to access in Titanfall 2. It also enhances the already solid movement. You can still wall-run and build up speed moving around the level just like the original but now, you can access this grappling hook. You can use it to swing around corners, get to hard-to-reach places, or as it would seem, latch onto enemy Titans in mid-air.

Titanfall 2 Gameplay

There is another new mechanic which is the Slide. You can now hit ctrl or Crouch while running to engage a Slide, which gives you a small speed boost on the ground. This is similar to the mechanics applied in the card series for the last few games. Now, while the grappling hook is available, it’s not given to everyone.

The Pilots

This is a big change in the game design. It’s based on what pilot class you choose. This time, each pilot that you pick has certain abilities. In the first game, you can either create a custom class or pick from a preset. It wasn’t a class really though as you can change the abilities and weapons as you saw fit. This time around, there are specific pilots for you to choose from. Based on the pilot you choose, you get different abilities.

There is a space for 6 different pilots. One pilot will give you the grappling hook. Another is a pulse blade, which sends out a sonar pulse. Lastly, there is the Holo Pilot. As seen in the trailer, the Holo pilot deploys a hologram to where his last position was, to trick enemy players. In Titanfall 2, it looks like each pilot is going to offer you something different depending on your playing style. The same can be said of the new Titans.

The New Titans

From what we have seen in the trailer, there are 6 new Titans at your disposal. This has way more choices compared to the first three that were initially offered in the first game. Some of them are also pretty damn cool. Remember that sword-wielding Titan that we saw from the early teaser? Well, that is called the Ronin. He resembles the Stryder Titan from the first game, except that he has a giant sword.

Titan Loadout

The other 2 Titans that we know so far are Ion and Scorch. Ion has a rapid-fire energy rifle called the Splitter and Sorch has a Thermite Launcher firing off “thermite” projectiles. They also have different abilities.

For instance, Ion has trip wires and a vortex shield like in the first game, but Scorch has Incendiary Traps and a heat shield that liquefies incoming artillery fire. It seems like there is a lot more depth and choice in this game and you can definitely choose a playing style that suits you, your pilot and your Titan.


There is not really that many in the first game and that was the real issue. Well, the developers said that there will definitely be more weapons in the first-person shooter video game Titanfall 2 and some of the old ones will be returning as well.

Single Player

On top of all this is also a single player campaign in the new game. Remember the way that they went about telling a story in the first game? It was sort of a multiplayer game mode mixed with small cut scenes. It was a bit odd and didn’t serve too well as a way to tell the story of the law behind the game. This time, we get a full story campaign and from what we saw, it looked really good.

Titan Gameplay

The trailer can certainly pique your interest in the game. The story seems to be about the connection between the pilot and his mech 2, pulling at the emotional human-robot heartstrings. Respawn Entertainment has always done good campaigns before when those developers were on card so a lot of people may be interested to see what they’ve come up with.

More News

The play account will vary based on the game mode. So it is 5v5 up to 8v8, which is different from the first game that was limited to 6v6. No word on what game mode will use the larger play accounts, but that will be pretty interesting. The AI is still in the game even though a lot of people didn’t like it. Also, clan support will be provided but it’s not clear what that will entail just yet. The big one here is that all modes and DLC (Downloadable Content) will be given out for free.

Titanfall 2 has everything that it’s predecessor lacked

If you like the first Titanfall, you will probably like this sequel too. The movement is similar with a few new additions, but the core of the gameplay remains the same. Visually, it’s definitely updated but it still has the same look and feel of the game. The gunplay was solid as you would expect and the Titanplay was extremely similar but with some new Titan “toys” thrown in as well.

From initial impressions, the game promises way more customization and “unlocks” than the first one. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of that over the next few months and a look at some of the new game modes.

The lack of game modes really hurt the first game and within a week, most people were saying that they were done with it. Respawn realized that a lot of people wanted more options, customizations, freedom to unlock things, and progression. In the end, they added these all together and combined them with an already solid gameplay to make the first-person shooter video game Titanfall 2 one of the best new game for 2016 and beyond.

Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry, I watch movies, lots of them.

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