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Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game by Two Men and a Dog, an app and game developer based in Helsinki, Finland. Just by the game’s title alone, it seems that it has a theme that is so overdone by now; that’s right, a zombie apocalypse. However, Two Men and a Dog were able to put a new twist on the classic (or cliché, for those who are just over the whole zombie apocalypse by now) that makes this game completely addictive, fun and entertaining. In fact, this game is so good that even zombie haters are guaranteed to like it.


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The premise

The premise is simple: Players play as two intergalactic zombie catchers, Bud and AJ, who came to Earth to make lemonade out of the humans’ lemons. Incidentally, Bud and AJ, both alien entrepreneurs extraordinaire, discovered that zombies, when squeezed, extract the sweetest juice that their taste buds have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Hence, these two geniuses took it upon themselves to catch zombies, and squeeze them until they produce enough juice to make Bud & AJ’s Original Fresh and Squeezed business grow into a juice conglomerate. Just as Bud and AJ, the masterminds behind this tool took upon themselves hacking Zombie Catchers, and they succeeded!

With flavors like Fruity Cotton Gangrene (now that is some delicious-sounding zombie juice, isn’t it?), players can grow the business by sending these two aliens to scour the Earth’s zombie-infested beaches and swamps. In these places, the zombie catchers try to find these delectable monsters, along the way earning coins that players can use for upgrades.

Zombie Catchers review with style


So, the game is about 1) catching zombies and 2) selling their juice for profit. The fun part of the game is mostly catered by number one, with Bud and AJ roaming around, throwing brains as bait all over the place to try and catch zombies. (Oddly, the supply of brain does not seem to end, so this is one less thing that players have to worry about.) And then, when the zombies come out of their hiding places, trap and grab them with items like a spear gun, some nets, some tranquilizers, and whatever else is available to the player. All available for “free” if you use the Zombie Catchers cheats.

Intelligent AI

Zombies know how to avoid being caught though. They do not just wait for the zombie catchers to come and give them the squeeze. Low-level zombies know how to run away from Bud and AJ, while higher-level zombies protect themselves by using random items such as surfboards, garbage cans, and barrels. A few of them also have weapons of their own, and this makes the game a bit more of a challenge for the players. Sometimes, zombies even hide underground where the players can’t capture them.

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Timers kill the fun

Take note, however, that the hunting, baiting and catching part of this game has a running timer. Players can only catch zombies at specific periods of time, mostly about every ten minutes or so. If someone wants to look for zombies more than the allotted time, they will have to pay with alien currency, which is plutonium, to gain access to the hunting grounds.

But if the player is willing to wait for the hunting grounds to open up again, they can visit the juice shop for the meantime. Here, the captured zombies are squeezed for their delicious juice. Then it’s sold by Bud and AJ to people who are yet to be turned into the walking dead. (Yes, humans will be obsessed with zombie juice during the world’s end. It will be the Jamba Juice of the future. Hell, it might as well be the Starbucks of the apocalypse. But, anyway…)

Players can build their business by selling products to its loyal customers, and then by upgrading the store’s equipment. Typically, higher-level zombies yield more juice and more money, which means better business and hunting for buddies Bud and AJ. Even though, this wouldn’t matter if they already had all the plutonium in the world after using the Zombie Catchers hack.

The “free to play” concept

Aside from Two Men and a Dog’s innovative and creative take on an otherwise tired concept that is the zombie apocalypse, the good thing about Zombie Catchers is that it is totally free on Google Play and the App Store. This game is so well-received by the audience that it became part of the top ten games in the App Store in over ninety countries. At the same time, it became part of the top five action games in the App Store.

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The only negative thing about this game is, ironically, its free-to-play concept. It doesn’t allow players to keep on playing whenever they want. The game uses drones to search for zombies. The two drones that a player can get takes ten minutes to locate zombies. To wait for ten minutes just to catch zombies may be tedious to some, especially when the game targets a wide range of young audience. Children’s attention span is very limited, and even some adult players complain about waiting for zombies to appear on the map.

It does not help that buying a new drone costs 180 plutonium. The price for 160 plutonium costs about five dollars in real money. Yes, players can acquire plutonium by leveling up characters and juice stands in the game, but this will take a lot of time and work. Not everyone has the patience for that. The Zombie Catchers cheats have been designed solely because of this thing.

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Begin now and generate unlimited coins and plutonium to start killing zombies easier. The Zombie Catchers coins are designed to help you upgrade your fighter faster. Although you can just play the game 24/7 and hope for a better Zombie Catchers hack than this one. We believe that everyone should be able to play the game at its full potential. That is why you can get unlimited plutonium and coins with the online generator

In no time, you will be hooked by what this thing can do. It is fast and easy to use. It is just a simple click of a button that keeps you away from an entire world of resources. Generating coins and plutonium using a Zombie Catchers apk mod might be a solution, but that only works for single player, that is why this tool is bound to take its place. We encourage all of our readers to join the master race prevail using this program.

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Overall, however, this is a game that will keep players entertained for hours on end. Although simple in its most basic theme, it still makes up for that with its original game concept. Not only that, the sound effects and background music make the game’s world whole. Also, the art and graphics help in selling the game to a lot of people. In the end, the thirty-three different juice flavors just tickle the imagination.

So, if anyone is interested in helping clean the Earth of these brainless, brain-loving monsters, Zombie Catchers is the right game. Players will not only save the world one spear gun shot at a time. They will also have the opportunity to sell zombie juice to equally brainless (in the metaphorical sense) human beings. Enjoy the hunt!


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