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Asphalt Xtreme Game Review: The Virtual Race Never Gets Old

If you grew up in the 90’s, you’re probably wary about any product that is slapped with the word “Extreme.” From Ninja Turtle Toys to pancake mixes, the term was so overly used that it became a joke.

However, don’t group this game with the lame trash that haunted your childhood days. This free top play racing app is filled with extreme racetracks, new rides from big brands, and other exciting things that will raise your adrenaline levels to the maximum!

Despite having multiple sequels, Asphalt’s formula never gets old, especially now that they added an online racing mode that pits 8 players together.
Since the game is more competitive than ever, an Asphalt Xtreme hack tool is always useful for any gamer.

Read the review below to learn more about the new Asphalt Xtreme for mobile!

Over the Top graphics

With the advent of more powerful mobile devices, the new asphalt game is made with impressive graphics. Everything is rendered in detailed 3D, which makes the death-defying stunts look more realistic.

Just like in a movie, the slow motion capture of cars flipping through the air is something that’s interesting to watch. The racetracks, meanwhile, are vast and detailed. Even if you are competing with more than two players, the road doesn’t feel too cramped. Some of the best maps that you can try are the emerald forest, old ruins, Thailand beach, and the desert.
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Since this game has rich and detailed graphics, it can also put a great toll on your phone’s battery and performance. If you do not have enough internal memory and graphics processor, the game might run slow, especially if you are connected to the internet.

User Interface

Upon opening the app, you will be redirected to a screen showing the different game modes. Afterwards, you will be transported to a different section where you can select your car. There’s a large 3-D model of the vehicle, along with its name and stats. Before going on further you will notice that our Asphalt Xtreme generator has been made by experts.

If you are aiming to win, don’t just select the car with the coolest design. Instead, read its stats carefully as these can affect your performance during the actual match. Or, simply upgrade it with the latest tech with your credits. Get unlimited credits by using the Asphalt Xtreme hack at any time.

As the game is loading, players will have a sneak peek at what the map looks like, which is a similar technique with racing games from bigger consoles.

To control your car, you simply have to tilt your phone to the left or to the right. The only button that you will see is the speed booster located on the lower right. On the upper middle section of the screen, there is a bar indicating the remaining booster power you have left. There is also a mini map on the left side so you can see the cars near you. Aside from tilting the screen, you can apply the brakes by tapping the left side of the screen.

The minimalist layout is a great way to help players appreciate the beautiful graphics of the game. With that being said, Asphalt is better played on a tablet rather than a 4.5-inch smartphone because you get to see the details better.

Smooth Gameplay

Just like Asphalt 8, another positive remark about this game is the smooth gameplay. The controls are intuitive and responsive. You don’t need to tilt your screen twice in order to make a sharp turn. The brake system is also accurate. If you need to accelerate, you can do it manually or automatically. Although letting the AI handle the acceleration for you, it’s still recommended that you do it manually to get the timing right. After all, you don’t want to suddenly accelerate while driving towards a cliff, right?

Career Mode

Before entering the multiplayer arena, it’s best if you try the career mode first. This mode has five levels: Rookie, Amateur, Semi Professional, Professional, and Master. Each mode has different levels of hardness. As you traverse each round, you will be exposed to a variety of maps and cars.

The game may seem easy on the first difficulty level, but as you progress towards master, you’ll realize that you need something like the Asphalt Xtreme hack apk.
Sadly, the racetracks for each mode are all similar, so your level of excitement might diminish as you become used to each map.

Thankfully, there are still other things to do after completing the career mode. The Asphalt Xtreme cheats for iOS and Android are replete with several in-game events that will further test your skills on the road.

Multiplayer Mode

As mentioned earlier, the multiplayer mode can consist of up to eight players each round. And as if the competition is not tight enough, the off-road terrain can also be a pain to newbie racers. Newbies that may not know about our application. The maps are always full of sharp turns and there’s a big chance that you’ll fall off or crash. Huge boulders from canyons can also fall randomly to impede your progress.

Bigger vehicles can plow through some barriers, but it will cause your vehicle to decelerate. If you frequently play the career mode, you may be used to the obstacles around here. However, the challenge is that there are a lot of skilled players online. Don’t be complacent if you are already leading the race because other players can easily snag your place if you let your guard down.

Gameloft also holds limited online events where you can win rare in-game items and bragging rights.

In-App Purchases

Aside from mad driving skills, you also need tons of in-app purchases in order to win. You can upgrade some components of your car by using real money. Some of these items can be bought with the virtual currency you earn after each match, but the best equipment tends to be more expensive. For those who do not have the patience go ahead and try Asphalt Xtreme hack and Asphalt Xtreme cheats and you will be just fine. Don’t bother spending your hard earned money.

Asphalt Xtreme Hack

The main reason you need this tool in your life is because you want to be a top player. A top player always spends a lot of money on online games. It is understandable though, it is very hard to the best in a mobile game. Every game requires either your time or your money. By using our Asphalt Xtreme hack you will gain your time and money back. The hack gives you the ability to generate unlimited tokens and credits. Buy, customize, and play as much as you want.

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All you must do is add your username, select your device type and the amount of Asphalt Xtreme tokens and credits you want. Your job after you submitted those details is done. After the Asphalt Xtreme online generator finishes its process you’ll have to prove you are not a robot. You will do this by completing a short survey since most of the captcha systems can be bypassed by bots.

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Final thoughts

Overall, the Asphalt Xtreme mobile gaming app is truly worthy of its “Extreme” title. It promises a lot of cool racing action, splendid graphics, and tons of events. The replay value is high in this app, thanks to the fun but challenging multiplayer mode. However, it’s recommended that you play it on a more powerful mobile device to avoid lags. And if you want to win, you may have to spend real money for equipment.


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