Brave Frontier Hack and Cheats: Get Unlimited Gems, Zel & Karma

The More Gems You Have, The More Fun It Gets

Brave Frontier, a Japanese role-playing game originally designed for Apple IOS, as well as Kindle Fire and Android devices, was built and initially published in Japan by A-Lim before a worldwide release in December 2013 by Gumi Asia. Brave Frontier is based on a mysterious location known as Grand Gaia which possesses hidden powers for those who can defeat the strange creatures inhabiting the land. However, this land has been closed off by a few fallen gods. And by using the Brave Frontier hack I’ll be sharing today, you’ll be able to destroy all those “fallen gods.”

In Brave Frontier, you come in as a Summoner with great promise with access to Grand Gaia through the Gate of Lucius. Tilth’s guide is saddled with the responsibility of introducing you to fundamental ideas such as summoning units, fusing such units together so that they are more dominant, and leading them into battle. It doesn’t take a lot of time to start making things right, and this involves fighting with various creatures in battles that are turn-based.

There is a five-unit squad for each quest along with a helper sent by another player for fights with several throngs of enemies in the lead up to a huge finale. It’s a winner-takes-all situation once you start, even though you can come along with consumables that can guarantee your survival.


Brave Frontier Gems

Why Would Anyone Need A Brave Frontier Hack?

The Brave Frontier cheats are a must-have for this game. During the Brave Frontier gameplay, certain elements you amass become very vital when you’re in battle with opponents. These are Karma, Gems, Arena Energy, and Energy. Gems are essential for powering up, but they are tough to come by, so the only way of accumulating a large number of gems is to play all the time, or by buying them from the in-app store with real money.

Players that buy gems or use the Brave Frontier gem codes will find it very easy to conquer those that are unable to locate or earn any free gems. That’s actually not fair because the game is free, so no one should be expected to spend loads of money to stay on par with everybody else. That’s why a lot of users resort to Brave Frontier hacks, or else players that can afford to buy these gems will defeat them. This is where a resources generator comes in handy. It provides for an even playing field that allows you to go into battle with opponents in a fight that is fair without having to spend a dime. Just as it was the case with the Marvel Contest of Champions hack, which allowed players without money to stand against those with money.

Brave Frontier Hack

The Elements

There are six elements; Earth, Fire, Water, Thunder, Dark, and Light. The first four are based on a rock-paper-scissors connection, while Dark and Light are resilient against each other. Taking advantage of elemental match-ups is ideal for combat situations, and the concept is to use a strong element against the monster you’re battling to do further damage while shunning the use of weak elements for an attack. The environment you’d be doing battle in would give you a clue. For instance, if you’d be fighting in a fiery cave, you won’t be using a team of Earth units. This is one of the information that Tilth provides. By using the Brave Frontier hack, you’ll be able to recruit all types of heroes, so you’ll be prepared for any situation.


The battle is turn-based, even though it lacks a lot of real alternatives. Everyone on your team attacks first, so you only need to tap a target before tapping on the unit you want to carry out the strike. If there are any enemies left standing, they attack in turn, and the battle continues. There’s a twist in between, known as the Brave Burst, which could be single target or multi-target special attacks. They are activated by pressing down on a unit before swiping up.


Brave Bursts come with some cool animations, which makes combat a bit more exciting than with comparable games. Enemies that have been defeated drop currencies called Karma and Zel, and to survive till the end of a quest entails payoffs through XP and additional units, usually converting those you just battled to join your cause. One question that people often ask is how to get gems in Brave Frontier. One way to earn gems is to complete entire zones or buy them with real money. They are perfect for rare summons and other varied bonuses.

In between quests, you have a town equipped with numerous facilities for the collection of materials, crafting potions and buffs known as Spheres, and handling units. The process of fusing follows the standard game mechanic where one unit is sacrificed to make another unit stronger, and Zel is used as a form of payment. Karma is usually expended on leveling-up the numerous locations in town, giving the player more crafting options or more resources.

Game Currencies

  • Gems are the premium currency for Brave Frontier. They are usually used in a variety of ways, including to increase unit and item inventory space, friend list space, and also in the Rare Summon Gate. To obtain gems, you’d need to go through a Brave Frontier gem hack, and sometimes through a lot of the gameplay, moreover there is available online information covering how to do this. Such useful contents are Vortex Dungeons, Quests, Frontier Hunter, Grand Quest, and a host of others. The free gems Brave Frontier thread is another great source of information on how you can get free gems.
  • Brave Points are acquired through daily tasks. They are exchangeable for different rewards, especially summon tickets. You’d also get milestone rewards for amassing Brave Points.
  • Zel is used for evolving units and fusing them into one another. The more elevated a unit is, and the higher rarity it has, the higher it will cost to fuse into them and evolve respectively. You can also convert your Zel into Merit points, which are useful in the Exchange Hall.
  • Merit is a currency utilized in the Exchange Hall which is situated in the Admin Office, where you can buy a range of items from Spheres and Raid items to evolution units and EXP fodder.
  • Summon Tickets are occasional rewards that are normally obtained from events. They are items for one-time use that let you cash in on a Rare Summon without using Gems.
  • Karma is used for the creation of Spheres and improvement of the buildings within the town. Similar to the Zel, it is also convertible into Merit points. Asides from gems and zel, the Brave Frontier hack can generate karma as well.
  • Raid Medals are acquired during a Raid. They can be used in the Admin Office’s slot machine to receive an assortment of rewards.
  • Honor Points are utilized in the Honor Summon gate. For each Honor Summon, you’d require 200pts.

Brave Frontier Cheats

Why Is Brave Frontier Such Great Fun?

What makes Brave Frontier such a fun game is the wonderful art style coupled with the simplicity in the game’s control. It’s not a game that is complicated to the extent where you need to devote your full attention to it and require both hands to control everything. It’s just a straightforward tapping or auto-play game. Which is a great thing as a lot of the other games require you to spend more time, which some people might not have based on their schedule.

One other thing to consider is the strategies that are available on meta and new units. It’s true that a majority of players select the same compositions, but that is not cast in stone, so it’s usually fun to be able to get cheats for Brave Frontier and to see what teams one can build.

One other reason why this game is fun is the ability to own some of the units. While it’s not really unusual to use a Brave Frontier hack tool to achieve this, some people view owning a couple of units as similar to being the owner of a piece of artwork with the extra special feeling of creating your own rather than buying them. So, it’s always a great motivation to collect units, strengthen them, and assemble a countless number of different teams from these heroes. We encountered the same situation when we talked about the War Robots hack.

Graphics And Art Style

The visuals on Brave Frontier are amazing. They are one of the main reasons why a lot of people study all kinds of guides and search for tips and tricks on how to get gems. The animated sprites, the character art, the UI, the animated backgrounds, these are all well put together. The music, which is good, also does not diminish the experience, but usually, adds to it.

Brave Frontier is free. Of course, using a Brave Frontier hack or buying gems assists you in progressing at a faster rate, this is a game that is ideal for players who do not want to or who cannot afford to pay for them. And even if it were a paid app, it would still be popular.

Also, the story behind Brave Frontier is refreshingly amusing. So, you would find players who spend a few bucks just to get units because they think it’d be great to have them.

Using the Brave Frontier Cheats Changes Things

Without Gems, you’re virtually powerless in Brave Frontier, so unless you’re disposed to spending a lot of money, you’d require Brave Frontier cheats; otherwise, you’ll be battling against adversaries with a limitless supply of gems. Gems allow them to carry out Rare Summons of considerably powerful units that you and your units can’t withstand. With Brave Frontier hack apk you will not only be allowed to acquire precious Gems, you’ll also have the ability to peg your Karma, Zel, Energy, and Arena Energy before going into any battle. So you’ll end up being stronger than anyone, irrespective of the number of gems they are able to buy. And the great thing about it is that it runs online on both Android and iOS and it requires no download, so enjoy it!

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