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Hacking Clash Royale is not as complicated as it sounds

Clash Royale is the newest addition to Supercell’s game repertory, it is a mobile strategy game, both published and developed by Supercell. If you’re familiar with the game and you’re only here for the generator then hold tight as we are going to discuss it a bit later, if haven’t heard about the game yet, then I invite you to read our review and come back later if you feel like you need a little boost and you don’t want to spend money on the game, as this tool will help you do exactly that.

I’ve put the links to the Clash Royale hack below, made by the team that also worked on the Clash of Clans generator. I’m starting out the article with these because many of you requested them, but as I said above, if you don’t know what this game is, then you can read the review and then come back for the Clash Royale gems whenever you feel like you need them. This thing runs on all of the mobile platforms, ranging from Android and iOS all the way to Windows and it can be used straight from your mobile device.


Clash Royale Hack Gems

Clash Royale brief introduction

Starting out

Even if you are not hooked up to any of the current free-to-play games, you will get hooked to this one and before you even realise it, you’ll start checking your phone every few hours in order to collect your free rewards and unlock your chests. It’s that good and that addictive that you just can’t stop playing it. The game was first soft launched on iOS in January and a month later on Android, with only a few countries having access to it, both these platforms received global release as of March 2 2016. Clash Royale can be described as Supercell’s attempt at a Hearthstone-type card game with a spin-off, as the game has real-time battle mechanics.

It is a real-time strategy game in which you go into battle with a deck of cards (8 cards) out of which 4 are in your hand at any given time, each of these cards have an elixir cost and in order to play them you need to have the required elixir. The elixir recharges over time at the rate of about one unit per second, this rate doubles in the last minute of the battle, other than that it can only be increased by playing a specific card. There are a number of different types of cards which include melee units, ranged units, spells, defensive structures etc. and each card has a rarity:

• Common (blue cards)
• Rare (orange cards)
• Epic (purple cards)
• And the newly added Legendary cards, which are signified by a crystal.

How to get more cards

You can acquire more cards by opening chests, either free or paid ones, if you choose to go for the free ones it will take you some time in order to build up your deck, if you choose to invest money in the game you’ll soon find out it can empty your wallet really quick, so the best way to go about this is to use the Clash Royale hack presented on this page in order to enjoy the game and also keep your wallet safe.

In order to level up you’ll have to acquire experience points, by leveling up your buildings get increased health and damage, two things that can decide a battle. You gain the experience by either upgrading your cards or donating cards to your clan members, the second option will also give you some gold, now, other players can do the same for you as you can ask for either ten common cards or one rare card every eight hours. Now here’s another use that Clash Royale cheats have, you can open as many chests as you want, get the cards you need and donate everything else to your clan. I’m sure that will make plenty of members happy, as some of the cards are rare, so these can help other players as well and not only you.

Clash Royale hack


Your units can be placed anywhere on your territory, however they will move towards the path of the enemy towers which, in order to win, you must destroy. Once the battle starts, the units charge into the enemy’s territory by crossing the bridge and duke it out. One losses control over the units after they are placed on the screen and in order to make them work according to your strategy, you need to know each one’s tendencies. It is quite interesting that the battle’s take place for not more than 4 minutes.

The game has two crown towers and a king’s crown tower; one can win instantly if he destroys the crown tower. The game ends after 3 minutes if one of the players has destroyed more crown towers than his opponent, the last minute of the fight providing double elixir generation, you get a crown as a reward for each building that you destroy which can be used to unlock a crown chest every 24 hours. In case there is a tie between the players as to number of crown tower destroyed then there is a sudden-death match between the players which is a 1-minute round and ends whenever one of the players destroys a building.

There is also a ladder system where you lose or earn points accordingly to your performance. The game is however not only about attacking as in order to win you also have to defend your own buildings with your troops. During the battle you have to decide whether you want to attack or defend your buildings with the help of your troops, before we move on, I’ve forgot to mention that you can learn more about the game by checking out the Wikipedia page.

Streaming your matches

Another interesting feature that the game has is the “TV Royale”, which is where the best battles in the game are being displayed in order for everyone to watch them and you can either do it for fun or to learn new strategies and such. Now, probably every Clash Royale player wants to have his name and epic battle exposed over there, but that can only be achieved by either spending some vast amounts of money or using the Clash Royale hack can guarantee you a spot there, considering you have the necessary skills.
Given Supercell’s involvement with clans, the game received this feature right from the start. It’s a radical new measurement for rivalry and cooperation – you can talk, give cards, demand cards (once every eight hours), and brawl with other clan members in order to train.


The clan component is feeble at this stage however, as it doesn’t open new territories to fight. Clans kept on developing in Clash of Clans, managing to be an enormous part of the game, and I’d anticipate they will advance here as well, ought so the diversification be prominent enough.

The chief impetus to play it at this moment is that it’s super fun. It makes an uncommon showing to consolidate the best features of CCGs with the best parts of MOBAs. The cards that you can use for summoning your troops have a cluster of assortment, and you can play to your own particular system as you advance and unlock a greater amount of cards. The battles get serious very fast, as it’s feasible for one shrewd play to alter the tide of fight. Counter an adversary’s Giant and Mini P.E.K.K.A. with something like a skeleton armed force, then drop a prince to prevent them from countering since they came up short on elixir, and it feels extraordinary.

I personally incline toward playing protective; in the event in which I go on to win 1-0, is very much acceptable by me as I’m not too focused around in trying to attempt to take out the lord’s tower. You always need to examine and monitor what your opponent has in his deck and what you’d anticipate that their elixir check will be. Playing brilliant in the initial 2 minutes is vital, yet then the diversion gets insane during the last moments when the extra time kicks in with two fold elixir. This is just one of the many reasons people are using Clash Royale cheats, the level of your cards matters more and more as the game goes on.

Why is it so successful?

Clash Royale is guaranteed to wind up a tremendous success. The 3-4 minute amusement structure is ideal for mobile. I considered Call Champions had this made sense of, yet this may be a far better version, it’s very straightforward so you can get into a little battle at any time. The instructional exercise teaches you the basics of the game, yet doesn’t keep you tenable for a really long duration of time before throwing you straight to the arena where you have nothing to do but to give your best. What’s more, the session length is flawless: at a particular point, I coincidentally began to have fun, and didn’t feel awful playing it since I knew I didn’t have a colossal responsibility. Furthermore, the amusement’s mid-section framework makes it with the objective that one win’s regularly goes far, as it is something that will eventually give you a reward…some day.

Clash Royale gems

Having played it pretty savagely and being ex-Clash of Clans addicts, we’ve assembled a few tips for you. Luck is a dynamic component in the diversion, where on the off chance that you happen to locate an uncommon or exotic card at an opportune time, your matches will be less demanding to win. Finding a Knight (a chap on a stallion) makes you a fearsome rival right off the bat, and the more uncommon plus fascinating cards you locate, the better you’ll do.

Tips and tricks

The name of the diversion is to obliterate the adversary’s towers, and it’s best to just assault one side of the arena. Watch your arrangements – once you pop your troops down they have their very own brain, so you can just control them at the introductory position. As far as assaulting, more units at the same time is a sheltered strategy – let your solution work to almost max before dropping anything, then attempt to get three very much adjusted troops down to assault together. Even if you have hacked Clash Royale, no amount of gems will help you when it comes to strategy, it all comes down to your skills.

It’s likewise valuable to sit tight for the adversary to make their turn, retaliating rapidly to wipe out their first assault and wage attack fighting on their towers. Contingent upon what they drop, you ought to have the capacity to gather the right units with a thoroughly stocked bar of elixir to invalidate them – despite the fact that it is possible for you to lurch into air-assault with just ground troops, you will battle. With more regular cards, great fundamental methodologies seem, by all accounts, to be utilizing Giants as a part of mix with Bombers, sending in the goliath to assimilate harm and the ranged units in his back.

Clash Royale hack

Why would it be advisable for you to get in now? All things considered, there’s as of now a decent crowd playing it, with a group of players and factions set up from everywhere throughout the globe as of now. This feels like it’s in the early phases of being the following marvel like Clash of Clans [Free]. On the off chance that it interests you, why hold up? The diversion matches up advancement by means of cloud-based records; you don’t lose anything when you reinstall on your home record so you can purchase IAP later on. The diversion feels like a completed item, shy of whatever gameplay and adaptation equalization it will get. The amusement could discharge worldwide at any minute. Also, having this Clash Royale hack at your disposal, can save you a lot of money while providing a lot of fun.

Another enormous motivation to play now? You can figure out how to play with other people. Not at all like a MOBA, you’re likely behind different aficionados who are acquainted with the class in general. Clash Royale utilizes a great deal of commonplace components, yet it’s a radical new invention. In the event that you get in now, you can play while individuals are as yet learning and finding the secrets to how everything functions and how procedures ought to work out. It’s sort of like playing battling online comfortable – you’ve really got a shot at doing admirably! The matchmaking as of now benefits a vocation at putting you with players around your expertise.

Clash Royale cheats

Another motivation to get in is this that it can convince you that allowed to-play recreations can be fun even when not paying. I have been putting in, beyond any doubt careless endeavors to get iTunes credit, but this only applies if you’re not looking to get into the leader boards, as getting there requires you to either put money into the game or use the Clash Royale hack, I cannot see any problems with opening more chests to get more cards to experiment with other uncommon and exotic units and get more match makings, beyond any doubt. Be that how it may be, the match making any ways guarantee that you’re surrounded by individuals of relative abilities.

Truly, as practically any CCG, the people who will be spending money, the ones who sink in heaps of cash will be the top players since they’ve gotten the most chances to get the best stuff by opening Giant Chests, Magical Chests or Super Magical Chests which have way better loot than the regular bronze, silver and gold chests. Furthermore, figuring out how to min-max the amusement is fun all by itself. In addition, in the event that you make sense of what you are doing with your deck and join a cool clan, they can connect you with what you require in case you’re willing to give back.

Bellow you can find the instructions for the Clash Royale Hack tool, the generator doesn’t need them as it’s user-friendly interface can’t cause any problems. Please note that this online generator is all that you need in order to generate unlimited gems.

Clash Royale cheats

The conclusion

Overall Clash Royale is a simple and fun to play game comprising of enough elements to make it interesting and which are easy and quick to learn and master. It is a very addictive game you will end up checking your phone every hour in order to collect your rewards and do a fight or two, even if you have never been a huge fan of such games. One of the major issues holding people back is the chest system but that’s why we’ve decided to share the Clash Royale hack.

It is quite an addictive game which requires strategy and team work by adding yourself to different clans according to your needs and thus an attractive option for a wide range of gamers who like strategy games as it is one of the best available out there. The game is a ton of fun in the end am sure that people will be talking about this game all around the globe in near future and the game is destined to gain success. I strongly recommend anyone to install the game right away and give it a go as you have nothing to lose. And then why not be the one to play it and then boast about it before it becomes famous. As a side note, this does not invole any Clash Royale apk mod, every change made by this tool is permanent.


  • Access the Clash Royale generator using the button below;
  • Insert the email linked to your account or device;
  • Connect your device to the PC (if you have downloaded the hack on your mobile, then skip this step);
  • Select your mobile operating system;
  • Insert the amount of resources that you want to add to your account;
  • Press the generate button and restart your game;
  • Enjoy the resources you’ve got without spending a dollar!

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