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Just when you thought you don’t need it, you actually do (the Piggy Boom hack)! The resources will always be the primary feature of any freemium game such as the one we talk about today. This one features spins and gold as the main resources. Generating these has never been easier. The generator will not create any problems with your accounts, just so you know. Everything is safe as it can be since nothing is modified at the game server.

Solve more puzzles and also hunt for more treasures. Gain more reputation, steal more often from your friends, build a better island. A customised island to show off if you want since you can edit it as much as you want! The spins and gold you will receive through the hack are going to help you a lot! To begin your new journey press the button below and enjoy the magic.


Piggy Boom is a casual and social game inspired by the Wheel-of-Fortune. It is continually gaining popularity worldwide. Based in London, the game follows United Kingdom’s timezone.

The game was released by RAFOTECH in 2016. The developer has also published Cutie Riot and Casual Warrior.

Piggy Boom hack

Game Features

Using advanced and colourful graphics, Piggy Boom features different gaming components for a group’s enjoyment:

Island Creation

Hundreds of fantasy islands are waiting to be unlocked and built. You must build one island at a time. Each island he builds or upgrades rewards him with a star. Avatars can also be customised.


Adorable pets help players protect their islands. A pet elephant helps you defend an attack. And on the other side, a puppy helps in locating the Cashking. While a meow helps retrieve stolen gold. If properly fed, these pets can level up pretty fast.

This game has lots of social features so players can team up and compete with others on a global level.

Magic Wheel

It also features a magic wheel that offers different prices. It can be spun for free once a day. Offered prices include free moves for an attack, steal, spin and shield. Different amounts of coins may also be won. As mentioned earlier you can get unlimited spins through the Piggy Boom hack.

piggy boom spins

Mining System

Money may also be acquired through a mining system. Players are invited to dig in a gold mine that can make them millionaires right away. Hiring miners can also reward you with bonus gold on a daily basis. Moreover, each miner provides a star.

Leader Board

The leader board shows the ranking on a global stage, as well as between friends. It also provides a status on attacks and steals. Be prepared for any attack with shields from the magic wheel!


The store contains different pet items, spins, warrant, VIP upgrade, and golds. You can get as many things as you’d like if you have the right amount of coins. Using the Piggy Boom cheats will get you all the coins and spins you need!

VIP Players

You can purchase and enjoy the perks of being a VIP player for thirty days. Automatically VIP’s receive thirty spins, along with ten spins daily. You will also get to enjoy two more free spins than a normal player every hour.

As a VIP, your name will be displayed differently with a special icon. Moreover you will be included at the top part of the gift list.

The Objective

In this game, players must gather more gold in order to create and upgrade their islands. With more gold, they could also hire piggies on their islands. Acquiring gold also entails rewards. The rewards change when you reach the second island.

How to Play Piggy Boom

To start the game, you can spin the Magic Wheel. Ordinary players will receive six spins per hour, while VIP gamers enjoy eight spins hourly. No normal players have reached the top leaderboard so let’s go for it. Get out of normal and be a top ranking player! If you want to see how it is to be a top player, you can always download the Piggy Boom apk mod and test it out offline.


If the magic wheel pointer lands on a spin move, the player will get more free spins. Players may also receive free spins from friend invite, call back, activation code, recover and friend gift. Other spins could be purchased from the store.


Using a steal move, you can guess who the Cashking in Piggy Boom is. If guessed correctly, the player will get the Cashking’s displayed gold. He or she may also steal from other players. Other players would have between 17% and 50% of the Cashking’s gold.

piggy boom cashking


An attack move enables you to battle another or to execute a revenge. If an attack is shielded by another player, the attacker will receive 100k gold. While successfully destroyed buildings will award the attacker with 300k gold.


From a defender’s stance, an unshielded attack will cause the buildings to be broken. A separate attack will cause building destruction.

Repair can be purchased for broken buildings, while rebuilding will be required for destroyed ones. The number of stars flashed on the upper part of the screen, is also drop when a building gets destroyed.

Using a warrant, you can ask five players to execute a move. The warrant is considered as valid for forty-eight hours. The player will be awarded 300k gold, regardless of the attack’s outcome.

Pet Care and Upgrade

When entering the second island, you will receive a pet egg. The pet egg will hatch upon your entry into the fourth island. Keep in mind that the pets have a resting time. They must also be fed regularly. Players are given a free snack every day.  The pets also keep a skill level. It increases with a pet’s level. A skill upgrade requires certain points. A pet receives one EXP in a draw, and fifty EXP in a heart. The Piggy Boom hack is very useful when it comes to pets, as leveling them up takes a lot of time and resources.

Finding a Wild Boar

You may visit a friend’s island through the leader board. In doing so, he or she may find a wild boar.

Finding a wild boar, you must hit the boar ten times within ten seconds. This will reward the player with golds, spins, snacks or hearts. In the case of challenge failure, the player can repeat the island task on the next day.

Collecting puzzle pieces

You may check his or her puzzles by clicking the windmill icon. Puzzle pieces may be retrieved from item builds, miners employment, task completion and friend exchanges. Collecting puzzles will give a gift box with free spins, gold or snacks.

Killing Nicholas

The Piggy Boom casual game’s villain is named Nicholas. He can be battled by clicking the monster icon. You can win by targeting him with a canon. The game’s help section gives more details on killing Nicholas. Beating Nicholas will award you with a big amount of golds, spins, hearts, bombs, snacks and speakers.

Inviting Friends

Ten free spins are given as a reward to the player who invites all of his or her Facebook friends to join the Piggy Boom game. Invitations are considered as valid for fifteen days. A maximum of 300 friend invites is also allowed. Players can make a friend invite to the same person once a day. A successful invite will award the player with twenty spins.

A successful invitation must meet the following conditions:

  • the friend that enters the must play once within seven days
  • the invited friend wins twenty blue stars or reaches the 20th level
  • he/she needs to downloads the game from the player’s invite.

Piggy Boom hack

Now that you know the basics about the game, it is time to talk about the Piggy Boom cheats. By using this tool you expose your account to no danger, getting banned is pretty much impossible. Out of all the tests that have been conducted in the alpha and beta phase, no account has got banned. The team behind this amazing tool is very experienced and clearly knows what to do. So stop searching for tips and tricks on getting Piggy Boom free gold and make use of this generator that gets you exactly that.

Piggy Boom cheats


Piggy Boom captures the interest of players interested in social, adventure, and casual gaming. It has efficiently used the Facebook platform as a distribution and marketing channel.  The gaming features and challenges also present players with several enjoyment possibilities. With a simple and comprehensive system, Piggy Boom is expected to continue climbing the leaderboards of popularity in social gaming.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of cash and coins that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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Written by: Andrew D. Williams

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    Just finished playing a round, and something is wrong. 3 times I landed on steal, yet when I picked my planet, it just went back to the wheel. Also, when I got attacks, and I chose what to attack, it kicked me back to the wheel without the attack taking place.

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    Won’t let me log into the site. To download the game. Tried the three different games. Each time I got the same thing happen to me. Please help
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