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A new trend: School of Dragons hack

School of Dragons Hack and School of Dragons Cheats were not a thing people would be looking for a few months ago, but recently School of Dragons has become a very popular games after being constantly updated by the developers, so today we are bringing you a fully functional School of Dragons Hack.

You don’t only learn how but you also get to do it as if watching it was not enough. The How to Train Your Dragon saga has extended its successful franchise in movies and is becoming a lot more ‘interactive’ with its fans. The HTTYD makers partnered with well-known educational game makers JumpStart to create a fun, vibrant and highly-interactive and surprisingly-interesting online game called “School of Dragons“, and we come with the School of Dragons Hack.

Probably everyone heard at least about the movie How to Train Your Dragon but not many knew about the How to Train Your Dragon Games, if it happens for you to be between those who didn’t knew about the game then you should really give it a try as it is a pretty neat game, you can check it out here (Android) or here (iOS), they even got an official page and the game is available on facebook aswell, just go and search for “School of Dragons“.

The School of Dragons Hack works on both Android and iOS devices and can be run straight from your mobile phone if you don’t have a PC, if you have troubles using it then just follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the page.


School of Dragons Hack Cheats

School of Dragons Hack

Game introduction

The game’s interface is pretty well designed and the game comes with many awesome features, not to mention that it gets kinda addictive later on. It seems to be boring at first since there is a lot of running at the initial stages to look for quests, but then it’s only in the initial stages—especially if a player already has a dragon. One can play games with, nurture, raise, and fly with one’s dragon. And the best thing about these dragons is that there are many to choose from and there are more unique ones coming out every time, so you’ll never get bored of them!
Every quest is not only interesting and fun to go through, but also, there is an educational side too: the School of Dragons teaches something about science and the Vikings with each and every quest. Some people even say that School of Dragons is a good tool to enhance a child’s reading and decision-making skills.

School of Dragons Hack & School of Dragons Cheats

If the game is already fun to play in itself, one would think how much of the games ‘playability’ will be destroyed by cheating on the game. It may be that it depends on the player, but for this game, it is actually raising the fun bar even higher.
So how does the fun bar go higher? One has to understand first that the way to get through the levels of this School of Dragons Game is through the use of gems and coins a player collects or earns in every quest that is played with one’s dragon. And it also needs to be understood that it takes quite some time (not just 2 hours or so) to complete a level. So if you are one of those boys and girls who want to get rid of both of these seeming “inconveniences,” then the School Of Dragons Hack is the right tool for you! Again, this all depends on the player, whether to cheat or not. So if you are not willing to do so, please stop reading this article now.

So one is slightly getting what are these Cheats for School of Dragons all about? Unlimited gems and coins is that what it’s about! With this unlimited number, one is able to speed up in the climb to the dragon training top and pick the dragon one wants more easily and raise and nurture it faster. Plus, this School of Dragons Hack Tool was developed using the lastest hacking techniques so one will not be caught cheating!

We’ll guess that finding this tool was an adventure in itself so far, you probably stumbled upon other tools and tried lots of different things but none of them worked. School of Dragons APK Files are inexistent and neither Cheat Engine works with this game so Hacking School of Dragons is not a easy thing but we managed to bring you a working hack anyway.

School of Dragons Hack

School of Dragons Cheats

That would be pretty much everything about School of Dragons, you now have a way of acquiring unlimited gems and coins using this School of Dragons Android and iOS Hack, a way that implies no risks, all that is left for you to do is to download the hack and follow the instructions bellow in order to enjoy the things that you never could before. There are a lot of new places waiting to be explored and lots of new dragons to be found, so enjoy your adventure!


  • Access the School of Dragons hack using the button bellow;
  • Insert your username/e-mail;
  • Select your mobile operating system;
  • Select the amount of resources that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “hack” button;
  • Restart the game after the generator has finished;
  • Enjoy the free resources you got without spending a dollar & have a happy training !

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Written by: Andrew D. Williams

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    Can someone please do it for me… I am a kid and i dont know how it works.. plzzz… My email is

  2. Cauã March 12, 2017 | Reply

    Cara esse Hack e tope

  3. TheDJGamer October 31, 2014 | Reply

    Ok, I tried this out and it worked for me, I am so glad I found this School of Dragons Hack & School of Dragons Cheats article, use it wisely guys 😉

  4. AL3XMW3 October 3, 2014 | Reply

    I can relate to the others, tested it and it works, I recommend this awesome tool +++

  5. Zachary.Mercer September 4, 2014 | Reply

    Been looking for some MobileHacks for this game for such a long time, so happy I found a working one

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