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Vainglory hacked

Vainglory game talk


When Super Evil Megacorp developed and launched the multiplayer game Vainglory, they knew one thing: gamers will definitely like it. The mobile-only title may look like just any other MOBA game, but the players are in for quite an adventure.

Since Vainglory is categorized as a multiplayer game that is set in an online battleground, its developers created a virtual world replete with creatures and castles. Three players from opposing teams should fight their enemies and gain extra supplies to extend their lives. In 2014, the game was launched for Apple devices, while the Android smartphone version was launched the year after.

As for the Vainglory hack, it was developed by an anonymous team of hackers for those that cannot spend money on a game  but want to fully enjoy it. If you want to learn more about the Vainglory hack and Vainglory cheats then you should keep on reading, we’ll get back on it later on in this article.

Vainglory Hack

The game

Newbies won’t have a hard time feeling their way around the mobile MOBA, for it is very much like DoTA and League of Legends. The two groups of players defend their base while infiltrating and destroying their foe’s base at the same time. In the middle of the battle arena, there’s a path that connects the base camp and the enemy’s camp. Within these areas, enemy creatures are captured or destroyed. The players, on the other hand, are given their freedom to choose an avatar to represent them. This avatar then becomes the hero who acts in their point of view.

Meanwhile, there are so-called minions or weaker characters. Unlike the heroes, these minions are (as you’d expect) controlled by the computer. They fight off enemies and help heroes defend their respective lanes. They also help the heroes destroy the Vain Crystal found in the enemy camp.

Modes and heroes

Vainglory can be played in two ways. The first is the Battle Royale, in which the battle ensues only within the lane. The game transpires quickly, though. If you want the whole battle arena for yourself and you want to use the map of the entire area, you may play in the Standard mode. In such mode, you may or may not choose games that could affect your game ranking. Casual Standard games, in which your rank isn’t affected, last for about 20 minutes, while the ranked Standard play lasts for 25 minutes.

Vainglory hack tool

Heroes (or players as themselves) likewise have a lot of options. Until 2016, Super Evil Megacorp kept creating and adding more heroes, but with various and diverse skills. There are heroes who are great fighters but cannot ascend the ranks, and there are heroes who can inflict great damage, but whose movements are quite limited. As a player, you have to choose wisely which upgrade you’d like. You may be surprised to see that a hero’s abilities have not changed for months, and there are heroes who get regular tweaks. Players may communicate with other players — usually their team members — with pings and emojis.

Should you play the game, you have the option whether to pay with money, otherwise known as the Immensely Concentrated Evil(ICE), or pay with Glory, a currency that can be earned as you play the game. You can use both currencies to choose and unlock characters. Here’s where the Vainglory hack app comes in play, use it whenever you feel that you’re tired of grinding for new characters.

What’s so special about Vainglory?

One of the founders of Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian Segerstrale, is no newbie in the MOBA scene. When he helped create Vainglory, he hoped that it would help players become more organized and strategic, instead of becoming passive players. Ergo, the idea is not to merely develop another game, but to make players become smarter in their choice of heroes and mode of communication. The title thus merges teamwork with strategic play.

The team dedicated almost two years in developing the touch MOBA and turning it into what it is now. The game engine itself is special because of its superb, fast-action animation and graphics. Likewise, it wasn’t easy to achieve a fine balance between quality and performance. Segerstrale’s team used the game to practice their creativity, and their efforts were not left in vain. The result was vivid and captivating visual effects, all rendered in fluid 60FPS.

Moreover, Vainglory was indeed designed for hardcore gamers. Unlike most mobile games, the battle lasts for 20 to 25 minutes, making sure that the players use all their mettle to defend their camps. There are real controls for gamers, and not those gesture controls for noobs. The touch title has also been designed to test your dexterity, so you will have to rely on your ability to tap fast with your fingers. How you control your fingers determines to a large extend how your heroes attack and fight.


Another thing that is likeable about Vainglory is that you can measure your progress in the game. You can check your rank and make important decisions in the arena that may or may not affect your rank. Essentially it is all about taking risks. Super Evil Megacorp notes that players all over the world are getting more hooked in the game. Sadly for some, neither the Vainglory hack android or Vainglory hack ios can help you when it comes to this aspect.

As with any game, creating Vainglory took years to make, and it could take another set of years to see the bigger outcome. The team has made the initial move, though, of making players a part of the community. It takes patience to oversee the community grow and become a better piece of the jigsaw that is the video gaming community.

Vainglory hack and Vainglory cheats

There was no doubt that a Vainglory hack would rise as there was a huge demand for one. But I’m not sure if everyone was expecting something just as good. This Vainglory hack and Vainglory cheats that have been recently released have nothing to do with the Vainglory apk or Vainglory apk mod, this Vainglory hack generates real resources that you can use when you go online.

Hacking Vainglory probably wasn’t an easy job, but these guys did it, and it probably made many people happy. Even though the Vainglory hack and Vainglory cheats are able to generate unlimited amounts of free Vainglory ICE, you should try not to abuse the Vainglory online generator, use it just as much as you need it, no more.

Vainglory cheats

There are plenty of Vainglory hack apks but the problem with them is that they only work offline, unlike the Vainglory hack online. Any changes you make with the later will be permanent, so take advantage of the Vainglory hack free and unlock all those heroes you always wanted to play.

The verdict

The so-called “MOBA perfected for touch” may sound and seem ambitious, but it is easy to learn yet hard to master – making it exciting for newcomers and veterans alike. That’s the kind of balance that only the very best titles manage to achieve and maintain.

The images and technology are impressive and could give other MOBAs a run for their money. The ranking and strategies are also effective in developing the player’s decision-making abilities, though a lot has to be improved in in-game communication. For example, players cannot simply talk using emoticons and pings; there could be a separate chat room or a specially designed chatbox where players can discuss their strategies. Developers may also add incentives for players, instead of the usual “divide and conquer tactic”. While it may seem farfetched, real money or tokens can be added to motivate players to win, or players go the easy way and use the Vainglory hack generator.


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  • Enjoy the free Vainglory ICE and Glory!

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