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Assemble the biggest fleet and crush your enemies

Everybody wants to feel like a real viking. I mean, conquering other villages and territories sounds like a lot of fun but what about when you get slaughtered by others? You lose most of the resources you gathered during the day and your village starts to get on fire. Keep yourself on top of your competition by using the Vikings War of Clans hack to generate unlimited resources. Get enough gold to boost all your building time to zero and get back in the game in matter of minutes right after an attack. Show them who is the real Jarl by building the biggest empire in the whole kingdom!

As the editor of this article I feel responsible to present you the whole deal about this trick that can bring you any resources. This tool or online generator as I like to call is able to provide you with unlimited food, lumber, iron, stone, silver and gold. All of these will make your advancement in the game 10 or even 100 times faster. Basically only the unlimited gold alone will make you a God between peasants. You can upgrade your VIP status until you reach the biggest level (15) with the biggest bonuses in the game, and all of that by simply using this Vikings War of Clans cheats. If you want to learn more about the game then keep reading, otherwise you have access to the generator and the instructions for it at the end of the post.


vikings war of clans hacked

A new way to be a Viking

Introduction to Vikings: War of Clans

Developed by Plarium, Vikings: War of Clans takes on the world with a new style of game set in the vikings era. The players take the role of a might Jarl set on conquering everything as “There is no place for fear and weakness in the North.” You have to overcome everything to become the ruler of the seven kingdoms and if death comes, well you know, you get to go to Valhalla! This is the way they advertise their game, pretty smart considering the TV show Vikings is on fire at the moment.

Tutorial to become a Jarl

So, that is the story, but how is the actual game? Well, let’s start from the beginning. You start as the new Jarl of a small village. The introduction is by a nice viking lady that is going to guide you through the basics of the game and get your village ready for the first raids. At this point you don’t need any Vikings: War of Clans cheats, so don’t bother with that.

Building an economy

First off you are going to build a farm and since it is the begging of the game you are not going to wait for the building time to pass. At first you can finish up your buildings if their building time is less than 5 minutes. Once you level up a bit you can do that for a time less than 10 minutes and so on, advancing with 5 minutes at every 10 levels.

After each upgrade or new building you construct, the game will reward you with resources. You can claim those from your “quests” tab and also see the recommended tasks. Next off you are going to build a lumber mill that will generate you lumber. Continuing you are going to have an upgrade suggested by the game. They will make you upgrade the speeding process of buildings. At this point you have gotten to level 2 and see that you are rewarded with a few things that I’ll mention now but talk about them a bit later:

  1. Skill points
  2. Influence
  3. Gold

Before you get to know these things you were rewarded with, the game goes on and makes you build another 2 buildings that generate resources: stone quarry and a mine. From this point on, using the Vikings War of Clans hack is perfectly normal.

Building an army

A strong and numerous army is the best way to ensure that you have a peaceful and quiet land. You will build the first barrack and as the game recommends you will hire your first ten mercenaries. Now even though the army is composed of only 10 men, including the leader, you’ll be going for your first attack.

vikings war of clans city

After our first successful attack you’re rewarded with the level 1 VIP status. That means you’re resource production will be boosted by a very small percentage for as long as the VIP status is active. Now, the catch is that the only way to upgrade your VIP status is with gold, gold that can be only acquired with real money. This is where the Vikings War of Clans cheats come into play, as they are able to generated unlimited gold. To reach the highest level of VIP you will need over 1 million in gold which is A LOT. But do not worry, having access to the online generator means you won’t have to spend four digits just to reach that VIP status.

Making the village and the heroes stronger

You kick off by building a forge that is able to improve the materials you collect during raids and create armors and weapons for our heroes. Even though this is being built later, you’ll be going for a manor that provides the city with silver.

The next step is a pretty big one as the palace will be upgraded to level 2, which raises the level cap of every building you have to 3. After this upgrade, you’ll have to take a little break from the tutorial as I am going to give you two tips that you should take in consideration before upgrading other buildings. The first one is to upgrade your wall! Always upgrade your wall to the highest level possible since it’s main characteristic is to provide your town the defense it needs against enemies. Also, it is minimizing the damages of an attack if the enemy is successful. But I really doubt anyone will dare attacking you if you decided to use the Vikings War of Clans hack tool.

Now, the second tip is upgrading the watchtower. This one might seem a bit odd as it doesn’t have a big impact at the beginning of the game, but you’ll realize how useful it is as you progress. It allows you to search locations on the global map by showing you the exact location of the places you want. For example, we want to raid on a farm to take its resources and we have to go to the global map and search it in the manual way. By having the watchtower upgraded you can automatically tap the eagle icon and look for a farm, tap on it and attack it directly. Every watchtower upgrade increases its range by 2km. That means you can reach more resource places and enemy villages by tapping on the eagle icon.

Vikings War of Clans Hack

How can you use the tool? Well, it is pretty easy considering we only request your in-game name and then you press the generate button. Damn, I’ve said it already in one sentence. That is how you use the Vikings War of Clans hack to generate unlimited gold. With gold you can go anything, buy any other resource in-game, raise your influence, buy boosts, raise your VIP level and so on.

As the described process is easy, the actual software that runs the code is much more complex. To create the best hack available, the team behind it went through a rigorous test session with over 1000 accounts to make sure none get detected and the gold adds up perfectly. So I can assure you that this thing is as safe as it can be.

vikings war of clans hack

I bet you thought that hacking Vikings War of Clans is way more difficult, but because of this program, it isn’t. By using this, your game doesn’t require a different apk or modding, all you have to do is simply access the generator.

Stop looking for any other generators for Vikings at this point since you are at the very best. This Vikings hack not only allows you to generate all the resources you want, but you can also share this with your friends to spread the word and the joy of using it. Or you can simply mock them after they get left behind, all thanks to the power of cheats.

Hero skill points and influence

Hero skills

The hero skill points can be used on 2 different types of skills. First off there are the main skills which will boost your warriors and village. Those can reduce the building time, the learning speed and boost up your resources production and total army damage. This is where you have to be very careful about spending your points.

Secondly there are the “against invaders” skills which as its title recommends are special skills that will help you fight off enemies. When you get invaded (attacked) by other players they are considered to be an invader. These skills weaken the invaders, starting from decreasing their armor and then boosting up your hero that is prepared to defend the village. These also minimize the damage of an attack just like the “wall”. Boosting these skills can take quite a time if you’re not using the Vikings: War of Clans hack.


This is your calculated power in-game. This is being increased by your progress in the game. Progress means your village level (each building level) and army capable to fight. You can also increase it by successful attacks on other players. You can check on the statistics tab to see how the buildings, troops, knowledge, hero and quests boost up your influence. I also have to remind you that you can lose influence if someone else lands a successful attack on your village. Make sure you leave some army at home while raiding for resources or attacking others.

Clans among vikings

Creating/joining a clan is extremely beneficial in this game. You will help yourself while also helping others. Each “helping hand” given to others or to you will decrease your building/training time by 1 minute or 1% (whichever is higher). You may not notice at first but in a big clan where 100 members can help you, the building time is almost zero for anything. Your evolving will be faster with their help and with our Vikings War of Clans hack.

vikings war of clans cheats

Besides the time reducing factor there is a special store for clan members. The clan leader can buy different items based on the loyalty gathered by the members towards the clan. Players add loyalty when they help each other of course. The items can vary from name changers to village relocation items (which are very hard to get in-game, well except if you are using our Vikings hack).

Events throughout the kingdoms

Events represent another interesting thing about this game. Since it is based on war among kingdoms, players fight to win events for their kingdom. These events boost up the production, attack power, defenses and so on for a week once the event has been won. Fight well with your clan and you along with your mates can be featured on the official Facebook page of the Vikings War of Clans!


This game is the perfect balance between a free game and a premium one. It seamlessly brings the paid elements into the free world. Working hard can get you almost as close as a player that pays for its items. This is what we love about it. There is no secret that using our Vikings War of Clans hack will always keep you on top but still, you can enjoy the game at every moment as a legit user. And don’t forget that the only other method to acquire gold is by spending real money.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert your username;
  • Select the operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of gold and experience points that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free gold and experience points!

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Written by: Andrew D. Williams

Passionate gamer since I was just a little kid, when I'm not playing something or writing about the latest news in the gaming industry I watch movies, lots of them.

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