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It only takes a few minutes to generate all the gold bars and silver coins you need. Then all you have to do is to decide what robots and weapons you want to test out first. This tool is completely safe to use, and it runs online, so you won’t have to download anything. The process is incredibly simple, but if you get stuck or anything, instructions for the War Robots hack are listed at the bottom of the article.

I don’t know for how long will this generator still be around. Even though it is being kept up to date by the developers, it can disappear any day. So if you’re struggling with the game, you should make use of this awesome tool as soon as possible. All the resources generated are permanent and are bound to the account.


War Robots gold bars

A peek into War Robots

War Robots (previously named Walking War Robots) is a third-person shooter on the Android and iOS platforms. It was published by Pixonic and was launched in 2014. Although it has become quite popular among mobile gamers, one question remains – Is it worth your time? Surely, given the limited space on your phone and the bandwidth restrictions imposed on your data plan, you’d want to know whether it will meet your expectations. Read on and maybe; you’ll find out.

War Robots hack

The best thing about this tool is that you’ll be able to pilot robots like Fury, Galahad, Griffin or any other top robot. And that, without having to spend real money or grind for months to buy them. The generator takes care of everything, while all that’s left for you to do is to enjoy the game. While there are many versions of War Robots cheats around the web, not all of them are working. So finding something that gives you gold, is a pretty hard task. All the tips and tricks that you’ll find will only get you a couple of gold bars when you need thousands to buy all the best weapons and robots. So make use of this while it lasts.

War Robots hack

Gameplay and Progression

The game is played in a real-time, team-versus-team basis. The objective of each six-player team is to eliminate opposing players. The team that has defeated all opposing players or has fewer mechs eliminated once the timer runs out will win the round. Given the importance of team play, it’s good to know that players who get disconnected during a game will be automatically replaced by the game’s matchmaking system. By the way, War Robots isn’t just multiplayer as it also features a solo mode and even has boss fights.

Each player has his rank and will be able to purchase his battle suits, robot parts, weapons, and other items. Customization options are quite robust, enabling players to come up with their unique combinations. Much like in other games, rank promotions automatically come as the player progresses. And again, as what’s commonly seen in many mobile titles (specifically those that follow the freemium model), progress and various items can be gained faster using in-game currency. That is why the War Robots hack gives you such a great advantage. By having unlimited gold bars you essentially have free access to everything.

On Audio-Visual Prowess

Graphics-wise, the mobile shooter does quite well. While it doesn’t have the best textures, its movements and landscapes are detailed enough to give a sense of realism. The game doesn’t look too cartoonish, setting it apart from most games on smartphones. Aside from that, the maps and game modes differ regarding ambiance and scenery. The sounds effects are also sufficiently good. Of course, not having the best visuals and sounds does come with one significant advantage – phones with average specs can run the game.

Developers probably opted to go for not-so-impressive visuals for one other reason – a round typically involves a dozen players, and that includes all sorts of smoke trails and other effects. Cranking up the visuals could have led to subpar performance even on higher-end devices. Maintaining such fast-paced gameplay and number of players without lag is already a great feat. Players only need a stable internet connection to enjoy the game and avoid disconnections.

Customized to Perfection

The game features 24 different robots that a player can use and customize. Note that these mechs come with different pros and cons. So, it’s important to find that one option that meshes well with your play style. Still, resilience and speed are the main factors to consider in choosing among the mechanized suits, which can also be upgraded to get better specs. Also, do note that the in-game currency needed for these upgrades can be gained simply by playing, although using real cash is always the quicker option.

Speaking of money again, you should know that even though the generator may be associated with the War Robots apk, they are completely different. The apk is just a sandbox version of the game for test purposes; you can’t play multiplayer with it. While the War Robots hack is an online tool that generates silver and gold, and all the resources that you get are permanent, there is no turning back, all you can do is spend them.

War Robots gameplay

There are multiple types of weapons for each of the battle suits on War Robots. A player can choose to attach plasma guns, energy guns, ballistic missiles, and much more. There is a broad range of suit and weapon combinations to choose from, making it possible to achieve various play styles or do specific roles for a team. Despite its focus on improving individual mechs, the game also has clans to promote interaction among players. A player can either join or create his clan to get more missions.

2.4.0 Update and Features

Aside from having improved anti-cheat systems, the newly-launched War Robots version 2.4.0 features a limited event for the Christmas season. For every battle, players will be able to collect snowflakes which are required to unlock chests that contain different prizes. These snowflakes can also be given to clan members. Golden items could also be had as players fill their individual event bars. The most important part of the game is the limited Wild West robot packs, which can only be obtained through the use of snowflakes.

A player can choose any of the three packages. Among those packs is Butch, a massive machine with 155k HP, cool down of 46 seconds, and 30 km/h movement speed. A medium mobile suit, named Doc, is also available. It moves at 45 km/h, has a cooldown of 16 seconds, and has 145k HP. Jesse, on the other hand, is for players who prefer light robots. It has 85k HP, a movement speed of 57 km/h, and a 20 second cool down. This event will run from December 20, 2016, to January 5, 2017. Hacking War Robots is still possible even after this update because the generator got updated as well, so nothing changes.

For beginners, the update and the Christmas event is crucial as it can help them get significant progress in-game, especially with the support of the free robots. If you are looking to try War Robots for the first time, you should not miss this rare event.

Other Noteworthy Changes

The re-launch of the War Robots game also adds one skin each for three mobile suits – Lancelot, Boa, and Gepard. As for Rhino, it will have two new paint jobs. The game also got a few updates to balance the robots. The stats of AC Molot and GAU Punisher have been adjusted in version 2.4.0. They now match the reload and fire rate of the Molot T and Punisher T.  Do note, however, that there are no tweaks done for their DPS (they already have enough firepower). Below is another preview of the War Robots cheats in action, you can see how the tool generates the requested resources.

War Robots cheats

In addition to implementing other minor bug fixes, the weapon descriptions, especially those long-range ones, have been revised on the latest update.

Discussing the Bottom Line

The game can be played without making any in-game purchases but if you want to evolve faster just use the War Robots hack. Despite that, this multiplayer third-person shooter is fun and can easily pique the interest of any player with its massive metal clashes. You might want to keep in mind, though, that this game isn’t appropriate for kids. Young minds might find the game a bit complex (with its customization options).

All in all, this mobile title is perfect for gamers who love robots and action. If you are looking for a new game or you just want to another challenge while on the go, you should probably give War Robots a spin – besides, it’s practically free.


  • Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the e-mail linked to your account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Choose the amount of silver coins and gold bars that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;

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