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Yu-Gi-Oh hacked

The impressive Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links Review mobile card game

It’s a bummer that today’s technology still can’t recreate the epic battle scenes and advanced card holders that you saw on TV way back in the early 2000s. Thankfully, the developers from Konami gave fans the next best thing – a mobile game called Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links.

If you thought that you’d seen everything this franchise has to offer, give this app a try. Most of the elements that you love like chain attacks or surprise trap cards are still intact. However, the game has a fresh set of rules and new cards that’ll challenge veteran players to invent better strategies. Making it online also makes the battles more convenient and fun.

Here are the things that you will expect in the all-new Yu-Gi-Oh online trading card game and how hacking Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is possible.

Major Changes

One of the biggest changes to expect from the Duel Links online is the number of cards you can place on the field. Before, you can put up to 5 monsters and 5 magic/trap cards. On the app, there are only three slots. Decks are halved to just 30 cards per round. The number of cards on your hand, meanwhile, is still the same (5 at most).

Your starting life points were also reduced from 8,000 to 4,000. At first, all these reductions feel like Konami has taken the fun out of the game. But once you play it, you will realize that it works well with the medium. Shorter games feel more natural when played on smaller mobile devices.

Yu-Gi-Oh Gameplay

It only takes around 20 turns or less to win, allowing you to compete with more players in a short amount of time. Konami also took into consideration the battery life of your devices. You can finish a duel, even if your battery life is only at 4%. Shorter battles also mean it is easier to squeeze one or two games while commuting or during your break.

The challenge here is to come up with shorter chain attacks that deal massive damage per turn. This is why having the right deck matters more than ever. But that won’t be a problem with the new Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links hack.

Nostalgic Graphics

The newer Yu-Gi-Oh anime adaptations have impressive graphics, but you can’t argue that the original is still the best. The developers were generous enough to feed on the fans’ nostalgia cravings by bringing back the original characters from the first anime. In the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links app game, you can fight Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, and other epic duelists you adored when you were a kid! To cater to a newer generation of players, there are touches of 3D for the background art.

The design of the cards is spot on and the monsters “pop out” when you unleash them. The special effects when activating magic/trap cards or when the monsters attack are also decent. However, you’ll still wish that some genius will invent a device that can make the monsters come alive in the real world – just like on your screen.


The game’s user interface is mobile friendly. Reducing the number of cards on the field helps make the UI cleaner and easy to organize.

In the Duel Links mobile game, the world is set in a virtual environment called Duel World. It is littered with NPC duelists, and it is divided into several regions – Duel School, the newbie boot camp; Portal, the realm where you can battle the elite duelists (Kaiba, Joey, Yugi, etc.); PVP Arena where you can test your deck against real players. Last is the Card Trader where you can shop for cards. There is also a Card Studio where you can decorate your deck. This means you’ll need even more gems, but you’ve got the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links cheats for that, don’t you?

The character designs are accurate, and their voice actors also added life to the drawings. The only thing you’ll complain about is the repetitiveness of the dialogue.


The game follows the same rules as the original. Duelists will unleash monsters, lay traps, or use magic to reduce the enemy’s life points or increase their own. The first player to hit 0 hp loses.

During the first few levels, the NPCs are fun to play with. Destroying them is just a walk in the park. If you’re lucky, you can defeat some NPCs in less than 9 moves without losing HP.

After a few levels, things become more difficult. The difficulty curve gradually increases, and when it does, you’ll be in for a surprise. The other NPCs, especially the elite ones, can be tricky. There is even a mysterious duelist called Vagabond who is so tough and smart; he’ll win without losing any HP. This character’s deck is filled with powerful magic and trap cards, so destroying his army won’t be easy. Plus, Vagabond can impose special rules such as avoiding all monster effects during the round. Below you can have a look at the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links hack, the only thing besides real money that can grant a chance against this guy.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links hack

PVP Arena

If you’re tired playing with NPCs, enter the PVP Arena. Thankfully, there are no crazy rules to follow here.

The PVP Arena is fun because there are a lot of players to duel with. It also captured the excitement of a real-world contest. It’s even more exciting because of the 3D special effects!

There are two things to take note of during the PVP phase. First, you can’t choose the turn order. In the Duel Links strategy app, winners of the virtual toss coin will be the first to place their cards on the field. In real world battles, toss coin winners can be the second player to place a card. If you’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh before, you understand that being second in the turn order has its advantages.

Another change is that there is only one Main Phase that you can use for setting traps or activating magic cards. Your turn ends after the Battle Phase. The Main Phase 2 was a vital aspect of the original game because it let you inflict extra damage or prevent trap cards from getting destroyed before using them.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Hack

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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links cheats


Despite the major changes in gameplay, the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links app is the must-have game for card geeks and fans of the franchise. The graphics are decent, and it will sure take you on a pleasant nostalgic trip. The AI enemies are surprisingly fun to play with, especially Vagabond.

The new fast-paced duels work well on mobile devices. Plus, there are also a lot of cards to choose from. Even if you do not use real currency to buy powerful cards, you can still win the duels using your wit.


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